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Lesbian Female Mistress, 47,  London, United Kingdom
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Bigger is more beautiful........ NO MEN

1 You want to cum? Thats unfortunate.... for you at least. 2 Lay down and spread your legs. Are you going to be a good girl or do I
need to handcuff you? 3.It hurts? Well yeah baby, spankings are supposed to hurt. 4 I want you fully naked and on your knees. 5 Dont try to hide the fact that you were humping my leg. Keep going, Ill tell you when you can stop. 6 Whats that? Youre embarrassed? That makes no difference to me, do it anyways. 7 Do you need to be punished? 8 What did you just say? 9 Whos in charge? 10 Who owns you?

Ok so, Are you the kind of person that focuses on the positive or the negative?

This last week Ive been thinking about posting about how great 2020 has been for me, and I held back because I thought - ya know, fuck, 2020 has been a bad year for so many people and maybe it would be insensitive to talk about how great it has been for me.

But then I got to thinking, and realised that on some measures 2020 has also been a bad year for me. You know. *Whispers*pandemic. I spent several months shielding at home because I am extremely vulnerable to rona, seeing nobody, and sort of lost my mind a bit from the loneliness. Just like everyone else, so many of my plans have been ruined by restrictions.

My love life is fucking shit, and I have had barely any pussy at all this year. Seriously. I am dire need of a good licking down and its unlikely to happen any time soon.

My health has been meh, with awful, awful hormones and my Crohns disease flaring. Pain. OMG, so much pain.

But the way my brain is wired means that I have to really, really think to remember those bad things. My brain always presents the good stuff first, and I have to dig to find the bad.

So first I think about how well my business is doing, how many new opportunities Ive found and created, and how many new social connections Ive made. I think about the projects I have on the go and my plans for the rest of the year and next year. I think about the progress Ive made, the things Ive learned, the books Ive enjoyed, the lovely dinners Ive cooked, my amazeballs bonfire, the walks Ive been on, and the new skills Ive developed.

I have to wade past all of that to find the bad stuff in my memory, and usually I stop when I remember a gorgeous dog I met on a walk that day in July and dont bother pushing past all the mini joyful remembrances to find the bad.

This isnt by accident. I spent years pushing away negative thoughts and finding positive ones instead, training my brain as though it is a doggo to the point where it goes to the positive automatically.

In my own way, Im kind of intolerant of negative nellies. Yes, yes, yes I know. I try to be sympathetic, and make allowances for people going through horrible times, and all that jazz. But nevertheless I still cant help but think - if you just focused on the good stuff, on the things you do have, maybe youd be happier?

My writing doesnt have a point, really. I suppose I just want to say that 2020 has been great for me, and if you think about it a little differently, maybe it has been great for you too?










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