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Are you looking to relieve yourself from the responsibility of making decisions? Are you tired of second guessing your choices? Would it be nice to get away from the pressures of earning a living? Wouldnt you rather have a nice couple make all your decisions for you? Are you looking for a nice, safe, worry free home? A home that you will feel is permanent and enduring. A happy place where you feel you truly belong. A place where you are excited about giving up choice, in order to receive guidance instead.

We are amarried dominant couple. He is straight she is bi.We are both dominant, well educated, financial professionals. We are seeking the right female slave to make our lives more enjoyable. The right slavewill relocate and live with us in a 247relationship. We want someone that will end up completely devoted to our pleasure. You will NOT be a second wife. You will be first and foremost, a concubine, a cherished property, a sex toy, and a real slave. At no time will you EVER be equal. But we hope you will grow to feel an unequal part of a family a lasting threesome.

We are seeking a serious long-term relationship with a bisexual female slave who enjoys rules, bondage, domination, discipline, service, total power exchange, and pleasing her Doms in return for our guidance, affection, protection and care. We are strict yet understanding,dominate yet compassionate, and controlling but still caring. We practice sane and rational BSDM.We are drug and disease free, non-smokers, no kids, no mental, physical, or financial problems, and have the typical hard limits of no blood, no kids, no animals. Our use of you will always consider your health and well being.

We are more than willing to verify that we are real by any means or method you are comfortable with. Please be prepared to do the same. If you are SERIOUS, phone or webcam verification is REQUIRED at some point. However, we understand it may take a whilebefore you willfeel comfortable verifying you are real.But if you plan involves an endless series ofemails, dont waste your time trying to contact us because we are NOT wasting our time with make-believe fake people.

We are fair minded and level headed at all times. If you are seeking a couple that is sincere, real, and will provide you with a good home in the lifestyle....please contact us.

Our profile understates our true age a little as we have both had plastic surgery and look far younger than our age. We also are in good health. We would be happy to provide a photo of the two of us if you show interest but we just dont want it on the site for all to see.