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Talk to me if you want to. That is how it starts.

That is in fact how it must start.

( You can also talk, even if you do not want anything to start.)

To me these profiles should offer a glimpse of who is behind them. They should not put everything on the table to be viewed by anyone, including non members. To quote a profile I read here (sorry I cannot remember who or I would give the well deserved credit *edit*- found her Lilyx3 and I am paraphrasing.) I could write a million things here and it would not complete the picture. I whole heartedly agree with that. I also believe that profiles can be carefully crafted over much time, tailored to the way one wishes to present ones self. This is an inaccurate representation of the true person, therefore I believe that conversation will reveal the person behind the profile far better than words on a page. That said I have been criticized for having so little in mine. So to appease those who think it necessary, let me say I have been into this for over 30 years. I am incredibly well educated, but perhaps a bit out of practise. I did not come to this recently. I came back.

Reading profiles makes me want to move to the UK. Can we start an exchange program of sorts ?

Does anyone know what happened to the message boards ? The tab is missing for me. -12818

I read a profile that said hard limits show tunes - thats it.

I think they did not see American Psycho on stage, moments of it definitely spoke directly to members here.

If you update your profile with some time sensitive ination, please consider putting a date on it.

Like Happy New Year - 123017