Vertical Line


****** Serious inquires only ******* Dont waste our precious time We are seeking clients Read on if interested and then contact us: We are very particular regarding our likes and dislikes and we operate our Domain based on our specific personal preferences and fetishes. We structure sessions based on the dynamic that exists between us and each individual submissive/masochist/slave and we will not consider a session unless W/we share compatible interests. We truly enjoy a wide variety of SM, BD and D/s activities, and we are open to discussing them as long as you meet the following essential conditions: you must be a genuine submissive, masochist or slave who has displayed a sincere desire to please, serve, amuse, obey and surrender all control to each or both of Us. In addition, you must demonstrate a proper understanding of Mistress/submissive protocol. We will take great pleasure in rendering you completely helpless by means of mildly restrictive to completely immobilizing bondage. Once you are restrained, We may engage in some of the following SM arts: nipple and genital torture/teasing, sensory deprivation and overload, hot wax application, face slapping, mind fuck, and chastity control. Boot worship may be allowed as a reward for those deserving. We will employ techniques that will transport you to a world of exquisite torture where you will experience heightened levels of pain, pleasure, agony and ecstasy.
We are looking for serious inquires only, requests for personal slaves and or 24/7 will be ignored. We are a set of two BBW goddesses with a kinky twist to life. Mistress Vixen