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Apply Within
Love thy sister

I am twisted because I want a slave girl to own.

Do I really have to explain myself to you?

So who are you?
Just a special girl.

First you are a submissive woman and wear the label slave.

Second you are bisexual or will submit to female homosexuality, if you are considered heterosexual.

Preferablely you are naturally submissive and not playing a role, and if you are a role player, you do it very well.

How old are you? Probabley in your 30's, maybe in your 20's, possibley in your 40's.

Do you have to be a beauty? Yes, indeed you do. A beauty to me. And you never know how a person comes together, so a picture and my standards will determine if I find you a beauty.

My preference in body type is from super thin to healthy and well fed, but not fat and sloppy. Lots of estrogene is good. Don't worry about the breasts, any size is wonderful. Same with hair color, eye color. Hair, the longer the better, and its not a problem because it grows.

You will need to be driven by your libido, be lustful, kinky, and fully enjoy sexual activity.
You must be very open minded and willing. You should be an exhibitionist, and comfortable in groups and public, or have a willingness to venture.

You have more than a need to be under control and subject to corporal discipline and punishments of humiliating and degrading nature. You need to be owned. You truly want to be property. While you seek to serve domestically and sexually, ideally you want to obey in all things and in all ways.

Beyond your need to live life daily as a slave, you have other interests. You have a job or a career, or other ways to productively occupy yourself, while I am at work.

So that's who you are more or less.

You are not the kind of slave that responds well to bullying, nor do you have a desire to create conflict, nor challenge my authority.
You need my guidance. You seek my direction, and you seek my approval. But you also need to exist as property, and you count on me to make that your reality.

We will talk for a while and get to know one another. Then we will meet. Then take things from there. But if we go from there, then I will execute my authority, and you will be bound.

Send me a detailed letter about why you want this and how far you are prepared to go to be part of a twisted family!