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Pan Transgender Submissive, 40,  Orlando, Florida
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Submissive ladyboy on hormones for 5 yrs is looking to be turned from a shy conservative asian into a mindless, sex crazed, feminized ladyboy by having him dominate me, seduce me, train me and fill me up with chems to turn me into his unresisting mindless slut. Looking to have him turn me into his fulltime feminized ladyboy slutwhore by having him shoot me up with hormones including big does of progesterone so that my tits not only grow bigger but the nipples enlarge n the progesterone start to make me lactate. Looking to have him control m and turn me into his mindless, sexcrazed ladyboy by making me smoke something really really nasty like crystal til I become totally mindless, the only thot in me is to have my tits licked, sucked played with, my mouth n pussyass constantly filled with cock as he turns me into his ladyboy crystal whore. Am now looking for a generous matured daddy to take me in, femm me totally by shooting me up with hormones, train my pussyass to be constantly in need of big cocks by making keep a huge vibrating plug in me all the time, have my tits suctioned n kept in vibrating cups to make the nipples grow n make me do so much progesterone that i lactate for daddy. Have upped my dosage of hormones n am on on antiandrogen, estrogen n progesterone and the increased dosage have made me long to be turned into a totally feminized ladyboy slut impregnated by her man n have him keep me filled up with his cum the whole day long with a plug all the time.












Last Online:


 Submissive Transgender



 Willing to Relocate

 5' 7"

 136 lbs






Actively Seeking:

Dominant Male

Mascdom Couples

 Lives For:

 Anal Play

 Breast Play







 Fine Dining

 Flea Markets







 Mental Bondage

 Pantyhose Fetish

 Role Playing



 Online Chatrooms

 Web Surfing

 1950s Lifestyle





 Garage Sales



 Gas Masks



 Masks (Wearing)

 Needle Play

 Obedience Training




 Role Playing Games


 Intellectual Discourse




 Auto Racing



 Curious About:


 Medical Play

 Sensory Deprivation

 Speech Restrictions


 Theatrical Scenes


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Journal Entries:
6/15/2017 6:18:41 AM
Have just started weekly estrogen injections and wondering how long before I see some results both physically and mentally..  Love to have a masculine top help to turn me into his feminized sissy

9/15/2014 1:55:54 AM
Love to be turned from that shy girl in her headscarf and conservative dress into a sexcrazed ladyboy slut by having me man lick, suck n play with my tits as he 'forces' me to hit the glasspipe and turns me from that shy, conservative asian tg into his sexcrazed ladyboy slut whose only thought is to have her tits licked, sucked n played with nonstop as her mouth is constantly filled with cock or ballgag and pussyass toyed, plugged and fucked all the time.  Love to have him feminize me even more with bigger dose of hormones and biggest turnon is to have him shoot me up with hormones which are even more effective than oral hormones.

7/31/2014 1:48:40 AM
The hormones have not only made my tits grow even more but have made them very very sensitive and totally connected to my mouth n pussyass.  Long to have my tits licked, sucked n played with all the time and when they are licked, sucked n played with, it makes my mouth long to be gagged with cock and pussyass spasm with need to be fucked with a big cock.  Long to have my tits licked n sucked as my man works a big toy in as as he tells me how he is gonna turn me into his ladyboy slut.  Love to have my man lick n suck on my tits as he slowly slides his cock deep in me, the feeling of my man licking n sucking on my tits as he fucks me, makes me long to have him cum deep in me and fill me up with is cum b4 making me lie next to him as he continues to lick n suck on my tits as he slides a big vibrating plug in me to keep his cum in me til he is ready to fuck me and fill me up with even more of his cum..  Have him plug me n fuck me til i am completely flooded with his cum..

5/7/2014 10:50:06 PM

Just added 2 latest pics of my tits n i must say that the hormones have really done their job.  They are now much bigger and much more sensitive.  Long to play with them the whole time and when they are played with, it makes me think of nothing else but to have my mouth gagging on cock and my pussyass stretched, plugged, toyed and fucked and fisted as my tits are licked n sucked. 

6/22/2013 12:40:54 AM

The increase in my hormones dosage has made my tits even more sensitive.  Am now constantly playing with them cos it feels so nice.  The breast size has only increase slightly but the nipples are now much larger n constantly erected so much so that it is quite embarassing to wear my shirt without an undershirt as they stand out so much.  The increased dosage has also seem to have feminized my brain even more as i now have this constant urge to have my man take me like a woman, push me on my back, lift my legs up over his shoulders n as he teases my pussyass with his cock, he is licking n sucking my tits n telling me i must beg for his cock if i want it.  Juz feel so feminine and submissive to feel my man on top of me as he licks n sucks on my tits n slides his cock deep in me before pulling out completely n repeating it, all the while telling me that i am now his total ladyboy slut and my only thought is to hv him deep in me and filling me up with his seed.  Of course even better if he can make me do tina as he does that so that i associate the high from the hit with me being used til i am totally addicted to both tina n being fucked n filled all the time..

4/7/2013 5:30:33 AM

Going to be visiting London towards end of april.  Hoping to meet up with masc doms there who are into what i am looking for...

3/16/2013 9:35:55 AM

Just posted latest pic of my hormone grown tits with the nipples much longer after 4 hrs of suction.  Will keep using suction daily nc if they can grow even bigger..

1/15/2013 1:17:38 AM

 Update on my hormone regime.  The hormones seem to be working as planned cos i can feel that my testosterone level is dropping n my cock is even more limp than before n the estrogen n progesterone has started to have effect on my tits making them feel sore n slightly painful.  Hopefully it wont be too long b4 they start to make me lactate tho i have the feeling it is gonna be a long while b4 that happens... Looking for someone to suck n lick them all the time to hopefully encourage them to grow faster..

1/15/2013 1:14:26 AM

Have been chatting with a thai TG who is now in boston and very worried for her cos she met up with someone who has been training her, making her drink his home made version of cum from an ejaculating dildo, training her with mind control tapes, n not sure what is in the drink she has to drink everything day but it has turned her into his mindless slut n from what i gather, she has been having her mouth n pussyass fucked the whole nite long for a while and am starting to get worried cos the guy controlling her has stopped her from going on yahoo to keep me posted on what is happening.  I think she is now hooked on whatever he is giving her cos when he is not around to give her the drink she starts to shiver n once she has her drink, she juz become so sexcrazed all she can think of is cocks filling her up.   H'mm long to meet someone like her master n have him turn me into his mindless, sexcrazed ladyboy slut as well.. 

10/17/2012 6:50:42 AM

Have just started on a new hormone regime, that include cyproterone, estradoil and progesterone.  Will up date the changes especially of my breast size.  Still looking for someone to be the one to feminize me with these hormones rather than me doing it myself. 

8/26/2009 2:35:36 AM
Looking to fulfill my fantasies that i have posted on the link

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