Vertical Line


I am a 19 year old single white female. I live in southwest Minnesota and am a switch that leans more towards being submissive to men and aloud to be Domme towards other slaves. I am very outgoing and yes I can be quite the handful. (just to let ya'll know) I hold a license in the state of MN for cosmetology and enjoy my job very much. I like being a pain in the ass sometimes but, for the most part I behave. Thank You so much for Your time.


Well I have finally decided that after waiting ever so patiently to find the right "Master" I have come to discover that perhaps the reason I am not finding one is I'm not meant to have one. I am more Dominant in my own nature than expected *smiles*. I've come across some pretty weird people out there and I guess some things are a bit too extreme for me. I'm not going to be looking anymore but, if by chance someone else is looking and finds me that is perfectly fine. Thanks everyone.
Danielle XoXoXo