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I have decided to update my entire profile here. I have been here a long time, and for the most part the experience has been enlightening and entertaining. But it is time to get serious
and bring this search to its eventual conclusion.

Over these last years, I have experienced a lot. I dare say much more than most.
On the BSDM front, I have played heavily on both sides of the whip. On the emotional side, I have dived deep into both sides of those psychological rabbit holes. On the sensual romantic plains, I have explored and participated fervently in those arenas also. (In many places far away from this lifestyle) It has been like building a puzzle, assembling little pieces that at first dont look like they could possibly fit together, but actual do and very well.
And this is what I have discovered. I am a dominant leaning switch.
1.I am a sensualist, in the broadest sense of the word.
2.I am a romantic, by the most basic definition.
3.I want, need, and will have a long term relationship with a woman of real depth which will incorporate the trappings of bdsm, rituals of ancients, and a higher plain of emotion than either of us dare dream possible. And this will happen because with both believe in it and need it to happen.
A co-creation through communication and dedication to each other.
4.And this will be the foundation which will fuel a very fruitful vanilla lifestyle filled with fun, travel and adventure.

If you believe that this is BS, then you are not the woman I am searching for. However, if you believe as I so that anything is possible, well take the next step. Or the first step as it might be!

1/31/2017 3:02:32 PM
 Walking Home

Dinner was over. The music that they have danced to was winding down. Friends were heading in small groups towards their cars.  A gentle warm breeze blew in over Lake Pontchartrain and across the parking lot.  THEY have been offered a ride home, but tonight they have chosen to walk.


SHE stops by the door and waits as HE pauses to ask the waiter how his young daughter is doing. She loves how he connects so easily with everyone he meets.  She once said that she felt his vibrations long before she ever met him. He assured her that he had known hers first. 

And tonight he was walking her home.


As attractive as she was outwardly, it was her inner beauty that drew him to her.  It was her soft,  yet confident manner that drew all others.   If she was ever aware of their obvious attentions, she didn’t show it. 


Her focus always seemed to be on him. No, she was not a trophy or his arm candy. No one would accuse them of stooping so low.  She was part of what defined him and he was constantly aware and appreciative of her. It was obvious to all that they adored each other, but only they understood the depth of the passion that existed between them.

Tonight he was walking her home,

They said their final good-bye's and as they turned he took her hand, moved it slowly across her back and held it tightly to the her waistline while drawing her closer under his arm. It was a jesture he had done a hundred times before. It was the jesture that closed the door on all of tonight's previous activities and opened the door for what was to come. There was a sudden urgency that rose within her, but he was in control now and that urgency would have to wait allowing it to slowly simmer to a high boil.  

Yes tonight they would be walking home.

There were no word spoken, only the slow walk and that powerful arm pulling her ever closer. All energy or vibrational disruptions of the night (not that there were many) would be washed away and the two of them would soon be vibrating as one. Had she been allowed to wear panties tonight they would be soaked long before they reached the their door. 


Because Tonight they would be walking home. 



4/9/2013 5:56:18 PM

Once I created a vision. The vision crossed over into fantasy.

Now the fantasy begs to become reality.

4/1/2013 3:19:33 PM

If they gave Olympic Metals for Rockin All Night Long....I would have won them all until I turned pro........

                               Jimmy Buffet


8/2/2012 9:13:36 PM

You will never fully appreciate the fantacy until you get it out from between your legs and place it squarely betwen you ears.

10/7/2010 12:45:21 AM
There was once a guy who walked up to a very large cactus in the middle of a small town square. He took off all of his clothes and with a running start jumped right up into the middle of it.
While the local doctor was pulling out the massive amount of needles in him, a small crowd had gathered and the question was asked,   "Why did you do it ?"

His answer was short, "I am not sure, but at the time is seemed like a good idea."

The crowd began to chuckle, but they all knew what he was saying as each had encountered their own catus of one sort or another.

After a pause, the man sat up and looked at them and said, "I really didn't have any choice, did I." The small group of people all shook their heads and agreed that he didn't have a choice. There was something that he had to discover about himself and jumping into that catus was the only was to do it.

I have been jumping into a bunch of cacti lately and you know what I have discovered?
The jump is a lot more thrilling than the landing?

But I live to jump again and there are so many cactus trees out there.
If you understand what I am talking about and want to join me, You have my permission and my encouragement to write.
Never a Dull Moment:)
 Age: 21