Looking for a hard working, and determined submissive? Well you found her!!!! I'm in the early stages of transition, that means I'm trans, so take that into consideration. That means I have a penis for those of you who can't read. As it says, I'm a slave but that doesn't mean I can't say no. I'm a big believer and almost all things kink, but even I have some limits. Just like everyone does. I would love a TPE situation, but that's hard to come by in this day and age. More likely it will just be kink when convenient, but with protocol still being followed in the vanilla settings.

My hard limits are:
Men: super obvious. Scat: Ew Blood: I'm fine with it, I just don't want to be injured Illegal activities: that should be self explanatory Animals: Also, Ew. Kids: see illegal activities.
Soft limits: Wax: I had a bad experience once Electricity: looks sexy, but scary Sounding: scary as heck! Extreme pain: I can handle a lot, but making it so I can't sit down for a week is so not fun. Actually penetrating someone: I'm nervous about using it
2/8/2024 2:11:39 AM

Best part about switch to a note series phone? The s pen is a wireless camera shutter, so now photos are sooooo much easier when I do shoots. 

12/25/2023 5:35:58 PM

Why am I logged in here on a holiday 🙃 

11/17/2023 7:50:17 AM

Been learning/practicing some self ties the last couple days and oh gosh am I addicted to being tied up for sure now. 

10/31/2023 5:32:26 PM

Happy Halloween! 

9/27/2023 9:21:58 PM

Get rekt. {#emotions_dlg.mrpuffy}

6/30/2023 11:25:40 AM


 Age: 36
 Chicago/NW IN, Indiana