Vertical Line



Hey, Experienced sub here, addicted to humiliation and seeking a male Gay Dom or trans / female Domme. Available to serve online and possibly IRL if it suits NOTE: Can't believe I have to say this, but I have zero interest in 'Hetro' males Gay guys, Trans and Females are all welcome to contact me, especially if they enjoy submissive slutbois like me

== Results from == 

93% Submissive 

89% Degradee 

78% Rope bunny 

77% Exhibitionist 

72% Experimentalist 

64% Primal (Prey) 

61% Brat 

55% Voyeur 

53% Masochist 

50% Slave 

45% Pet 

41% Non-monogamist 

31% Switch 

26% Vanilla 

0% Ageplayer 

0% Boy/Girl