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Bisexual Male Submissive, 37,  Toronto, Canada
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Journal Entries:
12/30/2015 2:35:36 PM
Breaking him, day 1

She was doubtful. Too many guys already disappointed her. Guys who described themselves as educated and well mannered, attentive and focussed on the Lady’s needs. In reality they lacked all of this, busy with self-expression and egocentric, not even attentive enough to recognize Her empty glass. But She did not give up hope. Once She will meet the man who really understands the concept of Female supremacy and who is ready to submit to Her. But the way seemed to be long, starting with hundreds of rude on-liners or long messages full of orthographical mistakes describing explicitly their dirty male sexual desires.

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5/14/2015 4:00:52 AM

A balanced Dharma, Mumbai

The doorbell rings. My friend Makali is greeting me with a big smile. She is always smiling. It seems she is in total peace with herself and with the whole world and I am wondering, how she could achieve this level in life. Actually I should not complain. I am married, three lovely grown up kids and have enough money to live a comfortable life. However the life of a women in India is not easy, full of expectations and restraints. It seems that Makali found a way to overcome this and I would like to learn, how she did. Today, she promised, she will introduce me to her secret.
„Great to have our tea party here today!“, she says. I stare at her, speechless, trying to understand the scene in front of me. In her right hand she holds a cane we all still know from school, a dog leash in her left hand, connected to a dog collar. The collar is applied around the neck of a Western man, kneeing besides her and looking down to the floor. The man is wearing shorts but no shirt. This is the strangest thing I have seen so far in reality. I know, this day will become strange and Makali already send me some photos about things like this, but it seems in reality I am not yet prepared to see this now in front of my door.

Makali told me about this kind of life style before. From the Internet you can order a kind of slave for a couple of hours to do your housework. She explained, such a slave will be absolutely following all your commands, whatever it is, and you have the right to punish him for any kind of failure or even just for fun. She has regular slaves coming twice a week for cleaning her house.

I was quite reserved but at the same time very curious about this. However I never took a try. Of course I often have the idea to force someone to follow my will, to domineer, humiliate and punish, to have someone under my full control, in my hands, under my feet. Every woman has these ideas I believe. Just have a look at Bollywood movies and you will find many scenes of women beating and forcing others to knee down and kiss their feet, or slapping their faces. But I always thought it is not appropriate to really do it. And where should I find someone I can treat like this? India is not Saudi Arabia where you often get these stories of house maids being mistreated. So I was quite surprised to hear about this website in India, where people offer voluntary to be treated like a slave.

Finally she suggested, we can have a tea party in my house and she can bring a slave for me to try out. So I was looking for a day where my husband is on a business trip to overseas.

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5/8/2015 5:06:49 PM

Kalesa Ride, Manila

A Kalesa is a horse cart used in the Philippines and in Manila a tourist attraction. It is usually drawn by a horse – or in this case by me.

The sun is waking me up, it must be close to 6am. i am stretching my arms and legs and my bones click, not sure if due to the poor mattress or the hard work. A skinny dog is standing besides me, hoping to get some food. i look up and see the bottom of the Kalesa, which i was drawing uncountable miles in the last weeks. From below it looks bigger than it is. It is a two wheeler with four seats in two rows, but you might squeeze in up to six slim passengers.
Edna, the horse driver is coming out of the house and showing me to get up and wash. So i crawl out under the Kalesa and go to the tap besides the house. First i fill a bucket and take a rag to wash the Kalesa for our customers today. Afterwards i must wash myself with the same rag. It is a poor area here.

i have finished my morning routine and take a rest, leaning on the big wooden wheel. After a while Edna comes out of her house. She is a beautiful Lady, mid 40, not even 1.60 in height and slim with long brown hair. There are not many female Kalesa drivers, but she is doing this job already for ten years now. It is a good source of income when you live in Tondo and at this time of the year there are many tourists in the city. She gives me a bowl with my breakfast. i don’t really know what it is and i probably don’t want to know, but it gives a lot of power for such a hard physical work i am doing. The dog gets its share from me as well.

„Let’s start“, she says after i finished. i position myself between the two bars and go on my knees. Edna is putting the strap around my neck, under my armpits and attaching the ends behind me to the bars. „Up“, she commands and i move up, brining the Kalesa into a horizontal position. There is not much weight pressing on my shoulders. Depending on the amount and weight of passengers i might change my position a little bit forth or back between the bars to find the right balance again. But now it is only my driver Edna.


5/8/2015 1:40:26 AM

Pedicure Service, Bangkok

The rattling noise of a key opening the padlock woke me up as every morning for the last two months. It is dark, hot and sticky in my small room, not even big enough to stretch out my legs. But for sure the room is sufficient for the actual purpose, which it is fulfilling during the daytime for the stuff and our customers.

Before i could move on my knees with my head down on the floor as i was expected, the soles of her slippers hit my face brutally. „Wake up!“, Pranee is shouting with a strong Thai accent and a light taste of blood covers my tongue. i prefer to sleep with my face heading the door, away from the stinky hole of the squat toilet, but i always regret in those moments. Hectically but still drowsy i turn around on my knees and carefully kiss her right foot, which was just kicking my face before. She is wearing grey wedged rubber slippers, popular in Thailand. The strong taste of dust is now overlocking the light taste of blood. Her foot is pushing my chin up while a stroke of a short whip is severely hitting my naked back. My hush moaning is responded by a chuckle followed by a strict command „Cleaning, you and shop! Fast!“. Pranee leaves to the kitchen.

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