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Hetero Female Submissive, 38,  Louisville, Kentucky
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I've never been really good at talking about myself, so if there's something specific you'd like to know, just ask. I am submissive and have been in the lifestyle off and on for over twenty years. I have never been, am not now, nor will I ever be slave. I will explain my defination of slave for those that want to know. That's just me. I enjoy meeting new people in the lifestyle and learning new things. My interest vary and depend on my mood. But if you ask those that know me well, they would call me a sensation or edge player. The mental is as important if not more than the physical. I also need to add that I am only looking for people who are local. I don't mind talking with people out of the area, but that is all it would be. I am not looking for anything online. It just doesn't do it for me. My hair is also different now. I do have recent pictures that I will share with those that seem truly interested.











Last Online:


 Submissive Female



 5' 4"

 160 lbs






Actively Seeking:

Dominant Male

 Lives For:



 Flea Markets


 Musical Theater



 Horseback Riding


 Local BDSM Community

 Knife Play

 Mental Bondage



 Country Music

 Eighties Music


 Amusement Parks


 Fine Dining

 Garage Sales



 Hair Pulling



 Rock Music

 Show Tunes


 Art Galleries

 Bar Hopping


 Curious About:


 Renaissance Faires

 Hard Limits:

 Needle Play

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Journal Entries:
3/28/2009 2:02:44 PM
I am in the process of moving back to Kentucky.  I should be there by the middle of the month.  Looking forward to going home and meeting new people in the area.

11/17/2008 3:36:54 PM
All the things that have transpired the past couple of months have gotten me thinking. Dangerous, I know but... I guess what I have come up with is almost comical. The people who send emails without even looking at your profile. The ones that contact you and want to meet up. That is until you let them know that you don't screw everyone that you meet, so they don't even bother to show after they have set something up. Those who say that they are looking for that something special. That tell you how compatible you are with them. Then disappear without so much as an explanation. I know that there are fakes and players who try to prey on those in the lifestyle thinking they are easy marks. But all of this has left me wondering if there is anyone out there that really does take things serious and who is genuine.

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