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Pan Female Slave, 25,  Colorado
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thaliadarkstar - photo 1

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Currently, i am searching for a gift to show my Master how much i appreciate Him. The gift...a dirty lil slut to use! i'm looking for a subbie girl with few to no limits, an open mind to some very unique forms of play and of course, DD free. If you think you just might fill this tall order, please contact me! When i first entered this lifestyle i tried it as a Domme. It only made sense to me, as i exacted precise control over every aspect of my life that i possibly could. While i certainly enjoyed the Top role, i found it lacking. Then, purely by chance, i found that i kinda liked being told what to do. Huh. Never would have thought that. i wondered if, perhaps, i might find that missing piece there, maybe i needed someOne to take the weight of that constant control off my shoulders. So, i pursued my new found curiosity about bottoming. i searched for a Master or Mistress that could help me explore and teach me. i certainly found that but, i also found much more. i met the Man that would completely steal my heart away when i was not offering it up. Oddly enough, anything close to a LTR was the very last thing He sought, as well. And so, with each of U/us pointlessly fighting the urge to fall in love…W/we did so anyway! i am now a happily owned slave that adores her Master more than she ever thought one person possibly could. my heart, body, and mind are completely His. He understands me completely though, and lets His girl occasionally indulge that Dominant/Switchy side. So, i believe i found my perfect balance, my kinky zen if you will. Now, i mostly bop around on sites like this to find comradeship and to learn. i'm always open to new friends to blather over randomness or have deep philosophical discussions with. But, please show both my Master and me the respect W/we deserve, as any couple does, and do not contact me if You are a Dom/me. Truly, i am happily owned. Currently, i am searching for a gift to show my Master how much i appreciate Him. The gift...a dirty lil slut to use! i'm looking for a subbie girl with few to no limits, an open mind to some very unique forms of play and of course, DD free. If you think you just might fill this tall order, please contact me!










 Female Slave


 5' 2"






Actively Seeking:

Submissive female

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Journal Entries:
8/12/2011 8:37:26 PM

Once the plug is firmly in place You grasp my hair and pull me into a completely upright position. my hair securely wrapped and twisted into Your fist ensuring i cannot move an inch, You kiss me roughly, passionately. As i am swooning You wrap Your arms around me and hold me close. i collapse into my Daddy's arms, breathing deeply of His scent. A sense of peace, love, and security washes over me as i lose myself in Your embrace.

W/we linger there simply enjoying O/one another for a few minutes. You feel me coming back down from my post orgasmic bliss, my muscles tightening as i begin to hold my own weight once again. i can feel the energy coming off of You change, go from my nurturing Daddy to my devious Master. i feel You snatch up my dangling leash once more. Huskily, You command me to kneel and clean Your cock. Quickly, smoothly, and quietly i drop gently to my knees. i am careful to take care of Master's property. i am not hesitant in taking Your growing cock into my mouth. As i swallow down the entire length of You, my tongue twisting and twirling around You all the way, i think of what Your cock was just doing. my nether regions begin tightening and throbbing while i suck on Your cock, knowing that it was just fucking my ass, cumming and pissing inside me. Now my mouth is diligently cleaning off every trace, every remnant of my ass juices mingled with Your heavy load and hot piss. i begin to moan as i get lost in the pleasure of cleaning my Master's cock.

Without warning You tug swiftly on my leash. i gag a little but rise, pushing up with my legs, my hands never leaving their slack position at my sides. You move ahead of me, teasing me by brushing the head of Your rock hard cock against my side as You pass. i shiver as i feel the soft tip caress my skin. You lead me out of the shower, Your voice thickly reminding me to step up at the lip. my feet step up onto a rubber mat. i swallow hard as i wonder what my Master might have in store for me next. i try to get a sense of how big this room might be, how much of the room is crowded with Master's implements and toys. You stop abruptly but i stop with You, feeling the slack in my leash.

Quickly and surely You lift me by my hips and swing me over to a chair. my ass and cunt now sitting pleasantly at hip level for You. The seat is comfortable in the sense that it is covered in a soft, malleable rubber but my hips are being constrained by the edge of the rubber padded chair rising at an angle on either side of me. You command me to raise my legs. as i obey You grasp my ankles and swing them onto the gently rising, spread legs of the chair. You place my ankles in leather cuffs at the base of each leg. i lean back onto the also angled back of the chair, displaying my heaving breasts. i feel arms reaching out at the shoulder of the the chair, in the manner of the top of a cross. i assume what they are for and reach my arms out on them. At the end of each arm i feel a leather cuff. Your strong hands strap me in at wrists and ankles. Now i am bereft not only of my sight but of the use of my limbs as well. Master's pet is displayed, exposing my most intimate parts. my plugged ass telling of the fun You have already had with me.

You pull away from me. One moment O/our bodies are pressed against O/one another, sharing in the heat emitting from them; the next moment i feel nothing but the cold empty air hovering around me. my ears strain to hear some hint as to Your location. i extend my hearing as far as i can but come back with nothing. Then, right before the strike, i hear the soft rush of the falls of Your flogger. my hips jolt lightly as the falls gently kiss my cunt, dancing above my swollen and eager clit. You pick up pace, keeping a steady rhythm as You begin to test me. You ask me what flogger You are using on me. i hold my body still for a moment, feeling the intricacies of this particular flogger's kiss. i feel the different sensations as the falls move from my cunt to my thighs, wander up to my calves, and finally reach my sexually charged feet. i moan as i answer that it is the one that a girl of Yours once made for You. You laugh and give me a succession of hard and fast strikes as a reward for my correct answer. W/we continue this game with each of Your floggers. As each flogger kisses my cunt just above my clit i ache for it to venture lower. i raise my hips slightly showing my earnest.

You taunt me, asking if Your dirty slut wants to have her clit beaten on too. i whimper that yes, i do. You stop and tell me to speak up. i clearly and concisely inform You that yes, my clit does ache for a beating. You lean over me, snap up my collar and yank me up a little with it as You slap my face then kiss me. You breath into my ear that of course Your dirty little whore's clit wants beat. You pull back again, leaving me to pant and adjust to Your sudden absence. i brace myself for the kiss of the floggers once more. i have a second to register that the sound of the implement rushing toward my swollen clit is not is not the falls of a flogger but a more slender object. my hips more than jolt this time as the crop stings my eager clit, they jump a little off the chair. my hips begin to writhe with pleasure as the crop slaps my clit, encouraging it to peak out from underneath it pink little hood. As i near cumming You ask me which crop You are using. i practically scream that it is my favorite one. You fiercely slap my now exposed clit with the crop, counting down from ten. As You reach one i frantically bed to cum. You allow me on the condition that i gush. my cunt pushes forth a surge of hot juices as i cum, soaking the chair under me. You quickly take Your other crops and dance them up and down my legs and clit, counting down from ten and making me gush with each one as i identify it. Each time i gush for my Master i am reminded of the plug holding in His heavy load and hot piss. i clench down, ensuring it stays firmly in place with each orgasm. Master has not yet said it may come out.

With the last crop You dance back up to my feet after i have cum for You. Rhythmically You tap it against the soles of my feet, first one then the other. i moan lightly, giving over to the stingy pleasure of my feet being struck. You ask if Your dirty lil whore wants to cum with her feet. This time i am sure to enunciate and speak up as i reply that i would. Your laughter following my answer now has me nervous, curious what You are going to do to my feet. There is a seconds pause that seems to last forever before i feel the bite of a cane across the ball of one foot. my hips jump off the table but You do not hesitate, You switch to the other foot and crack the cane across the ball of that one as well. Quickly and efficiently You alternate feet with each crack of Your cane. With each strike You build the intensity, going just a little harder each time. Soon i am moaning and writhing on the chair. You turn it up again as You move a little lower on my foot for the next strike, the cane biting into the arch. Again my hips jump off the table. You begin to count down from ten as You ruthlessly beat the arches of my feet. i am struggling against my restraints now, mixed moans and cries are escaping my throat. You demand to know which cane You are using and i immediately reply You are using the thickest one. You give me a thunderous yes and one, demanding i cum. As i cum You strike the cane up my calves to my thighs, leaving long, beautiful welts all the way up. Seamlessly You switch to another cane, start at my feet, and begin again. W/we cycle through all of Your canes, heating and decorating my tender white flesh. As You approach one with the last cane tears roll down my cheeks, i can hear and feel You moving closer. On one You command me to cum and i begin gushing while being abruptly reminded to clench my ass so as to not let loose the butt plug and the hot liquids held within.

Before i am even done riding the orgasm i feel Your hard, thick cock plunge into my pulsing cunt. You pound me hard and fast, bringing me again so quickly that i barely have the time to ask permission. You slam furiously into me, bringing orgasm after orgasm. i am soaring with the pleasure when You pull Your cock from my cunt, roughly grab my breasts and push them together. i feel You lean back a bit as You shoot Your hot, creamy load up my stomach reaching to my breasts. You continue cumming for a few seconds, leaving a nice little pool of cum in the crevice of my cleavage. i am spinning with delight as Your husky voice commands me to clean up the mess on my breasts, but to be careful not to swallow so much as a drop. i eagerly obey, blindly reaching my tongue for where i can feel Your cum pooled on my chest. i lap it up like the good little cum slut i am then open my mouth to show You that i have obeyed and not swallowed. You tell me to slowly let it slip out of my mouth and back onto my chest again. my saliva mixed with Your load slips back out of my mouth and onto my chest, making a bigger pool in the crevice of my cleavage. Without having to be told i lick up that mess as well, lavishly lapping at the pool. Once i am finished i show my Master my mouth brimming with spit and cum. You tell me what a good girl i am and grant me permission to swallow.

As i swallow down Your gift i let my body go loose on the chair and sigh contentedly. i feel You step away, hear the gently splash of water. i listen to Your footsteps as You come to my side. i startle a little as the warm, wet washcloth touches my chest. Gently and lovingly You caress my torso with the cloth, washing Your baby girl off. After i am free of all trace of Your gift You lean into my ear and tell me how much Daddy loves His baby girl. As Your words brush my ear, sending a chill down my spine, You reach up and undo the cuffs around my wrists. my words come out in a trembling sigh as i tell You how much i love and adore my Daddy. my arms fall limply to my side, robbed of all energy to lift them. You caress my cheek with the back of Your hand before moving between my legs. You press Your lips to my inner thighs, one at a time, and begin kissing down my calves towards my feet. You gently kiss each and every welt left behind by the bite of Your canes. When You reach my ankles You release them from the cuffs and cover each one with kisses. You step between the legs of the chair and bring my feet down in front of me again. Gently You tug my leash and i giggle and moan a little as i lift myself to You, mustering every bit of energy i possess to do so. You pull me into Your chest and i let my body collapse into You. i listen to the steady beat of Your heart as i again breath in the scent that is my Daddy, my Master, my One.

7/30/2011 10:49:31 PM

W/we are in a fairly large basement dungeon. There is a shower in the corner. The are no walls to provide privacy for the shower. The only thing present to keep the water from flooding the basement is a lip along the edge of the floor, which is a medium size grating. The shower head has a hose extending from it that ends in a thick metal cock with a sizable hole in the tip for the water to come shooting out of. i am nude excluding my collar and the leash attached to it, by which You are leading me blindfolded. i have never seen this place before. i am trembling slightly with my nervousness. Despite being in a dark basement dungeon i am comfortable being nude, it is cool but not cold. my Master takes such good care of me. You are dressed in a deep black from head to toe, Your hair long and flowing freely. The floor is a cool cement beneath my feet.
As W/we approach the shower You give a gentle but quick tug to my leash. i immediately understand that this means You wish for me to stop and i obey. You inform me there is a lip to step over. As my foot reaches the grating on the other side of the lip i jump a bit, startled. i hesitate only a second though for You have given me a command. i stand at the edge of the shower, afraid to step any farther. i cannot see under me to see that there is only a one foot drop beneath the grating. i am paralyzed with fear as i imagine this cavernous drop beneath my feet. i hear Your voice break through my moment of terror, telling me to take two steps to the center of the shower. i immediately obey. Simply hearing Your voice reminds me i am with You, i trust You implicitly.
You tell me to reach out and grab the rubber padded bar on the wall. i do as You ask, gripping tightly to the bumps and grooves in the rubber. You turn on the water, keeping the pressure low for now. You wet my body, teasing Your horny little girl with the metal cock that is warming with the water pouring through it. You start at my shoulders, letting the water run down my back. You command me to spread my legs and i quickly part them. The water runs in a stream down the middle of my back,  down between my ass cheeks. i feel the warm water slide across my eager pink hole. i let loose a sigh of pleasure. You ask if Your dirty whore would like the big metal cock to fill her ass and clean her out. i am torn. Yes, i would love the feeling of that thick cock shoved in my ass, filling it up. But for my Master to clean me out? It is such a disgusting task. i am horribly embarrassed by the idea of it but want nothing more than to please my Master. i manage a meek "Yes, Sir."
 You slowly trail the cock down my spine. You use the tip and Your other hand to separate my cheeks. As the water flows across my asshole i moan. You inspect Your property, ensuring that i am perfect. You slide Your hand down the inside of my ass cheeks, Your finger circling my tight lil hole. i am trembling again, but this time it not from fear. You take the head of the metal cock, still pouring water,  and tease my eager little hole with it. i let loose another little sigh of pleasure as i feel the tip begin to push it's way in my tight hole. i rock slightly, pushing my ass onto the cock. You tell me to quit being a greedy lil whore and stand still. i do as You ask. You begin telling me that while You fill my ass You want me to think about the fact that i am going to have to let all that loose with You standing right there. Right as You finish the sentence You slide the cock all the way into my eager ass and turn up the pressure on the water.
As the water surges into my ass thoughts of the coming embarrassment race through my mind. i think of the water forcing everything inside of me out. i turn a deep red as i think the smell and sight. i feel the water reaching high inside me as i realize why the floor in the shower is grating. You slowly remove the cock and tell me to hold the water in. i keep my tight little hole puckered and You turn off the water and lean into me. You whisper in my ear how proud You are of Your dirty lil whore. my stomach begins cramping, the water eager to come surging me out. You ask if i'm ready to be Master's nasty lil whore. Again, i manage a meek "Yes, Sir" You command me to let loose. As i let it all out You turn the shower on full blast, soaking me with water. As i let the last little bit out You quickly shove the cock inside me again. i moan as i feel it blasting the water inside me. For a moment i forget what is happening and just feel the pleasure. Once more i am full to the brim. You have me release as again You soak me.
W/we do this until i am shooting clear streams from ass. You ask me again if i am Your dirty lil whore. As i reply that i am You hand me the cock shower head and tell me to show You what a dirty lil ass whore i am. You tell me to fuck myself with the cock. The water is off now but the cock is still warm. i am very eager by now and slam the cock into my ass. i moan loudly and it echos in the dungeon. Just as i really start getting into it You tell me to stop and remove the metal cock. You take it from me and let it dangle on it's hose. Suddenly You are behind me, hands on my hips, and Your hard cock is thrusting inside my eager lil hole. i begin to buck wildly and You pull on collar. i hold perfectly still as You slowly remove Your cock from my ass. You press Your tip into my waiting hole and hold. i whimper eager to feel you inside me again. You wiggle Your hips slightly. i whimper again and You slam inside me mercilessly. You fuck my ass hard and fast. i feel Your cock begin to twitch inside me as the rhythm picks up pace. my ass tightens around Your cock as i think of Your hot load shooting inside my now clean ass. You begin cumming inside me and i frantically beg to cum with You. You grant me permission and W/we soar together, giving over to pleasure.
As i tremble in post orgasmic bliss i feel a warm sensation begin filling my ass. You see the confusion run across my face. You smile as the realization that You are filling Your whore with Your hot piss as well registers in my expression. i moan and ask to cum again. You grant me permission and my ass grips Your cock again, as though trying to squeeze out every last drop. After You are done filling Your girl up You slowly slide Yourself out of my ass and slide a sizable butt plug in.

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