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Pan Transgender Submissive, 56,  Manassas, Virginia
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i am a 57yo sub-bottom BIWM, 260lbs, blue eyes, brown hair , i love to serve and be of service. will love to be turned into someone's girl-wife-sub-slave, i identify as an MtF, but since i don't have the funds to transition, i accept sissy, CDTV... i have a fem and slave mindset when in the presence of a Dominant, be He male or She female, or Trans. my body recognizes the situation, and my mind follows. i very much want to be feminized and emasculated, turned into a woman, im prepared to undergo hypnosis, take hormones, surgery, modification, piercing, get tattooed, I have a VERY open mind so i am open to much more,i want to be molded and shaped, i want to be taken as far as You want. i will love to be a live-in sissy-maid-slut...i love hypnosis, would love to be hypnotized to serve, brainwashed, totally mind fucked, BDSM, bondage, toys, gags, leather, rubber, latex, floggers, whips, canes, wartenburg wheels, violets looking to be feminized permanently, hormones, implants, or SRSGRSi want to be turned into someones girl-wife permanently...i love to suck and be fucked... i love BDSM, leather, lace, rubber, gags, toys. i want to be a toy for my Mistress or MasterBeing watched - i love to show off and look good for you Anal - oh yes Chastity - love to feel controlled Oral - I have been told im very good at it! By both sexes (Wink) i am into BDSM, leather, lace, latex, rubber, fetish wear, nipple clamps, collars, toys, gags, I want someone to turn my brain into a squishy, slippery, melty mindless mess. I want to stare up into someone's eyes with a happy empty stupid smile, I want them to program me so I can feel a piece of them inside my mind, I want to be so completely irretrievably fucked up that ill never be able to disentangle my thoughts from their commands, I want my mind fucked until there is nothing left but a hollow helpless shell to be discarded or used as furniture or a vacant fuck pet or the frame for a whole new personality, one built from the ground up to be obedient and needy and perfect, a perfect reflection of my owner's desires.













 Submissive Transgender



 Willing to Relocate

 5' 11"

 270 lbs






Actively Seeking:

Dominant Transgender

Dominant male

Domme/Dom Couples

Male Dom Couples

A Poly Household


 Amusement Parks


 Coffee Shops

 Fine Dining


 Renaissance Faires (Expert)



 Blindfolds (Expert)


 Canes and Crops


 Crossdressing (Beginner)


 Local BDSM Community (Expert)

 Rear End Play

 Being Massaged

 Erotic Hypnosis (Expert)

 Erotic touch

 Gags (Expert)


 Masks (Wearing) (Expert)

 Munches (Expert)

 Public Play

 Lifestyle BDSM






 Body Worship

 Electrical Play (Beginner)


 Hoods (Beginner)

 Massage (Giving)

 Obedience Training (Beginner)

 Rubber Fetish (Beginner)

 Sensory Play (Beginner)

 Spanking (Beginner)





 Ice Hockey

 Curious About:


 Behind Worship (Beginner)

 Breast Play


 Chastity (Beginner)

 Corner Time (Beginner)


 Eye Contact Restrictions (Beginner)

 G-spot Stimulation (Beginner)

 Genital Punishment

 Domestic Service

 Fire Play

 Foot Worship

 Gas Masks

 Hair Pulling

 Housework Service

 Humiliation (Beginner)

 Masks on Partner

 Medical fetish play

 Mental Bondage (Beginner)


 Orgasm Control

 Rituals (Beginner)

 Sensation Play (Beginner)

 Maid / Butler Service (Beginner)

 Oral Service (Beginner)

 Outdoor Bondage

 Plastic Wrap Bondage

 Pony/Puppy Roleplay (Beginner)


 Speech Restrictions



 Suspension Bondage (Beginner)

 Vacuum Stimulation (Beginner)

 Watersports (Beginner)

 Wax Play (Beginner)

 Whips (Beginner)



 Hard Limits:


 Modern Primitivism


 Sky Diving

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Journal Entries:
8/9/2022 3:29:16 PM

Hair Update!: I have a hair appt. in about 2 weeks, i am going to get a Shampoo, cut, blowdry and color! I am going to get about the last 6" colored Pink... as bright as I can get it. Whatever she has.........

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