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Back home... was a great trip, Brought back a new toy.... :)

There are many reasons an "indepth" profile is not posted here. I am not trying to hide anything, but would rather answer direct questions from those who are sincere. If interested, feel free to drop me a line asking for my inner most thoughts on a particular issue. Please, as a better way to also get to know you, include your own feelings/thoughts on the subject. Trust me, I rarely bite on the first encounter... only when the situation calls for it...

I will say I'm single, unattached, communicative to a fault, sincere, intuitive (probably due to life experience, afterall I am an old bastard), passionate, warped sense of humour, intelligent, a professional in the energy field (conservation rather than proliferation), sports minded (playing as well as watching.. skiing SOON!!!), playing on the water, Sturgis... and finally... getting myself back into the game of "life". I am a complete "child of the 60's", so to speak. Understanding how the world "can truly be" is such an empowering force within me.

I wrote to someone here with regard to her indecision on her submissive feelings. In a nutshell, here are my thoughts...

"The wills of totally opposite dynamics should also be complimentary. Both hold the key to the other's "id".

Communication... the understanding of goals within the dynamic... and did I mention more communication? Fear is natural in any relationship... and that can be entwined into an amazing experience. Case in point... some are deathly afraid of rollercoasters... yet they'll wait on line for hours to take the ride. Right now you're standing at the front car... wanting to step in, your heart is racing yet, you take hold of the hand of the one that you are sure will take you through the entire experience. It's real scary... but I think you will already know the answer within your soul on this point.

The key for me is time... and the timing when the submissive takes that first step. A dominant can't havest the desires of a submissive until he fully cultivates it from a seedling."

Just my thoughts.... your mileage may vary...

The following quote is one I try to base my daily thought process over...

"They must find it difficult... those who have taken authority as the truth, rather than truth as the authority." - G. Massey

Only accept the truth... no matter how bitter the pill is to swallow.

One more...

“Live with intention. Walk to the edge. Listen hard. Practice wellness. Play with abandon. Laugh. Choose with no regret. Appreciate your friends. Continue to learn. Do what you love. Live as if this is all there is.” - M. A. Radmacher OK... I lied... one more...

“May you never forget what is worth remembering, nor ever remember what is best forgotten” Irish Blessing


Remember, explore your mind.. then let it guide your heart in life's journey.

Be well and enjoy!


Profile pic was taken this past sunday (08.23.09) floating on my summer "toy"..... Was tied up with 10 other boats in one of the many coves on my lake... had a great time. More to come.. (For what it's worth... Savannah is a pet... nothing more... nothing less. Some have entertained the idea there were other interactions and passed judgement, thus this statement. Why..?? I don't have a clue, other than the limited grey matter between their ears can comprehend.)

2nd pic is my summer "toy" up here on the lake. The first mate position is still available. (Excessive party skills not necessarily required, but will most certainly help in dealing with the morning after-effects.)

3rd pic is of my new family member. Savannah is a 17 month old (as of Dec. 2008) female Boxer who is just a pleasure (inquisitive too!!). Pic 5 is her at 21 months taken by a very talanted local photographer at what I call the "doggie speed dating park". More ass gets sniffed there in one day than a full week at Hedonism.

4th pic... damn blurry... but you get the drift. 10th pic was taken at a formal I went to many moons ago. And no... that's not a "skirt"!!!

PS... Just found out from a friend that kissing is an activity.... who I am to disagree with genius? (Pardonner mes lèvres, comme ils trouvent le plaisir dans les endroits les plus peu communs.)

PPS... 99% sure I'll be relocating to Arizona. Pics 6-9 is the house I am VERY interested in.

Pics 11, 12 and 13 are of my new puppy, R and G's Rocket Man aka "Duke". I am in the process of finishing him to "Champion" status. It killed me to do it, but I did have his ears cropped for the ring. I know... shoot me now ,but it is a necessity in the show world.

You'll see the new toy also...
Tomorrow morning.... The "Elvis Run" to honour living and fallen firefighters in NJ.  Rockaway, NJ to downtown Newark, NJ.  If you feel the need or inspriation smacks you along the side of your head, take a moment to think about those who risk everything and say a prayer for those who've lost their lives doing the job they love.