Vertical Line



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Im a sub looking to experience the lifestyle. Im interested in latex and rubber and wonder how it feels to wear it.

I really enjoyed being mummified in clingfilm and wonder what other people experience are of it and rubber.

Anyone know this video?

Wondering if there is more of it out there?

Oh how I love this video. Wish it was me being strapped in all this latex. Looks wonderful.
Boxed,whats it like being boxed? Just placed inside or in bondage inside. What different feelings do you get from it? What are the best boxes to try it with, obviously with supervision?
Would love to chat with people about being put in a box/cage and enclosure fetish. It Would be nice to hear of your stories and experience about being boxed and caged. It is something that has been running through my head and I would love to try it someday.
New Photo added. Take a look :)

Seeking to try rubber/latex and be encased in it. Any offers?