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Pan Female Submissive, 55,  ##############, Ohio
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i am a submissive woman, i have two men/masters,one is my husband of over 30 years the other is my lover,(my husbands best friend) both have injoyed allowing other masters to use me in their sessions,
on 01-21-09 i spent the day with master S, as his servant,
on 2-26-09 i was used by master S,
i begged for his whip,his cuffs and his cock
thank you sir
on 3-17-09 dee was given to master S for the evening, she was used as his slave,Master S "opened" dee and used her analy, master S used his whip to mark her back, dee was told to choose the whip and she chose well

on 3-28-09 dee was given to two men, she was used as a pet,she was collared by her husband and he led her to be tied for display,
master D was happy to give dee a special drink, master S also allowed dee to drink from his "fountain" all three men sodomized her and "marked" her with a whip of their choice, master S has ordered me to tell everyone that he held my hair and that i willingly opened my mouth and i swallowed his urine, D
tonight, 4-03-09
i was told by master D,(david) to lay over a chair and to open myself, master David chose to sodomize me and leave his cum in my ass,
he told me to beg him to use my ass, i sperad myself for his cock,
thank you sir
an -up-date!
master D has told me to post again, i am told to tell everyone that i crave his ropes and that i need to be whipped by a strong master, i am a slut
on 5-02-09 i drove to meet David, he took me to a motel, he had me strip for him, he had me open my legs and ask him to use me, he wants me to tell everyone that i begged him to sodomize me, and that i was so greatful that i offered my mouth to "clean" his cock,
on 5-10-09
my husband away, he told david to "take care" of me, i drove an hour to his home,(as he told me) , when i arrived he had me strip" for him, D took me to his patio and hancuffed me on a chair, he told me to tell him how i have been used in the last few years, i told him everything i could remember, he asked me "who was the best" i told him that he was, he called me a slut" he told me to tell, on here, that i am a slut, so here i am,,
when he whipped me later, he told me to say the name of a person that had fucked me, with each of his strokes
on 5/16/09
dee hosted master "Douglas" dee wore his collar,dee was told to tell everyone that she was a "pet"
dee was told to "open " her ass for use,
thank you ,,,,,
5/26/09 another "update"
at a weekend "gathering" my husband wanted me to be used by as many men as poss, and thank you to all who attended our party, and thank you sirs,to the men/masters that i were able to serve'

another "update" on 5-31-09
dee was used by a master, she was given to the "masters" friend, he used her ,untill he gave her his cum ,, my husband has told me to tell all,, that i begged to be whipped thank you "sunday"
thank you sirs
thank you Sir Douglas, and thank you for your "guest" 6-2-

master Douglas has told dee to report,that after an evening of "puppy" training, she still needs more work,

6/08/09 master Douglas has requested dee for 24 hours to further her "skills" as a doggie for his pleasure,

10:00 am, Steven, from Columbus, O, had this slut dee, lay on her back,and he "whipped" her from top to bottom

on 6/28/09 master Douglas led dee naked to a campsite in a woods,she was marked with his whip,sodomized,and used as his dog,for the night
on 7-05-09
i am told to add an "update"
master Douglas has told me to tell that i removed my clothes and i was locked in his metal cage,and i "pleased" him
thank you sir
update: on 7/23/09 at 9:00 d was waiting nude, as the master wanted,on her knees,outside, at 9:15 the master arrived,the master clipped a leash on the collar and took her to his truck,she was taken to an open field,her hand were cuffed behind her,she was told to bend overthe leash was fastened to the bumper,she was told to ask for his whip,she did, he used it to make her scream,she did,she was told to lay on her back in the truck,he pulled her head over the back and he used her mouth untill he gave her his cum,
thank you sir S

another update,
master douglas used his doggie girl, he was pleased the way she responded so well, dee was tied and "caged"
thank you sir
up date, 08-2209
my lover gave me and all of my "holes" to two of his friends, (staying with my l;over while my husband is away)
my husband "loaned" me to a friend, i was his "display" at a, i was told to open my mouth,at one session,and i was very happy to please,
thank you sirs,

9-12-09 Master Douglas was permitted to spend sat.and sun.with me at our home, i have been told to write that i could not satisfy him,anally,i begged him to please stop, his cock was to large, i have been instructed to say that i will be glad to allow him to work on that problem,he has said that he will streach me and train my ass to "take" all,,
another "update" i was able to "take" master Douglas
Master Douglas has told me to write that i have given my ass freely,and often to him ,and he is pleased

yes master Douglas, i will
and bow wow sir

another up-date,
i was given to master Douglas, for the weekend, he allowed two men to view me while tied, i was told to orally service them,
another 'update" 10/24/25
master Douglas has told me to say that i am a good pet, and that i was able to obey and be of service
master Douglas has told me to say that i was very "willing" to be used by "anything" he wanted,
thank you sir D !!!!!!!!!!!
Master Douglas has told me to say that i have opened my mouth and that he used it to piss in
i was told to tell everyone that Douglas used my ass for two days,
he allowed his friend to watch
dee was tied,and whipped by a master that was new to her,
hello, i have been instructed to write that on 11-21 i will be given to Master Douglas, and that i will agree to be used in anyway he wants, i will beg him to sodomize me and i agree to be displayed for viewing by who he chooses
my lover has told me to tell everyone that on 11-17-09 in a bar,i danced with men and i removed my top,
on 11-28-09
master Douglas will drive dee to his friends home, she will be stripped and tied,Douglas will watch his slut whipped with a cane, because it is her least favorite,
an up-date_
Master Douglas drove dee to his friends home, dee removed her clothing and went with Douglas, to his friends garage, she was told to lie face down on his table,her arms were tied and her legs were tied slightly open, she was ask if she would recieve the whip,she agreed, he used a cane to mark her, she screamed with the last few strokes,
an up-date 12-5 09
i was taken by my lover to a private gathering, i was given to a master, my wrists were tied together as well as my ankels,he pushed a bar through my binding and i was lifted from the floor, as i hung, he inserted a metal rod into my anus, he pulled my head down and he put another in my mouth,he called it his "roasting spit" he allowed his guests the pleasure of watching as he used his whip,
thank you sirs,
thank you Master Douglas!
Master D has said he will open my ass farther,that i may serve him better,

on Sat. dee will be taken to a place and she will be tied, her arms and her legs will be pulled,,, she will submitt her body to myself and another master, the slut dee has agreed to this.
Master Douglas

another up-date,
sunday 2-14-10
i was tied by my husband and master douglas, they continued my anal training, and both were pleased,

i have been told that i will be tied and my arms and legs will be spread and pulled open, master douglas said he will have me on display he will whip me front and back
i will serve whoever he tells me to
my husband has told me to tell everyone,
i am a black cock slut!
i love to serve black men,
and,,, he is taking me to be fucked by three men this evening
an up-date,
i have been ordered to say:
my master Douglas will use every opening i have this weekend,
thank you sir!!!!!!!!!!!
thank you master Douglas, for your ropes,your whips, and your cock,,

my Master Douglas has told me to write,
on 3-13-10 i will be used in a private club, my body will be his to use as he needs,
an update,,,, i have been told to say;
i will beg to be whipped as i am sodomized by whoever,
on 3-18 i was taken by Master Douglas to meet a Sir, i wore Master Douglas's collar and i was labled as his, i was inspected by the Sir, and found worthy, i will be willing to be used by him on 3-20

Master Douglas has told me to tell that he owns me, he has me untill 3-28-10
i will do anything he wants,
master Douglas has told me to write: i was his "pet" and used as one, i agreed to everything he wanted from me,
my master has ordered me to tell everyone that for the next two weeks i am Master Douglas's property, i am to be sodomized and used how ever he wants,
master Douglas has told me to tell everyone that he had me bend over and expose myself for his friend
i have been told to write,
Master Douglas, has just finished whipping me,he marked my back and my legs this evening, he has replaced his plug inside my ass with a much larger one,
i am his, he owns me for three more days
i will be used by any thing of his choice,
thank you sir D
Master Douglas has told me that on my last evening with him he will take me to a private home, he will tie me, and allow four men to use me,
on 4-23-
i dee will be tied face down, Douglas has told me that he will streach my ass wider ,
on his last night owning me,, master Douglas took me to a motel, he had me open my legs for three men, i was his slut
a new up-date, on 6-16-10 i serviced master douglas's cock and he allowed his friend the pleasure of whipping me, i am to be master Douglas's prop. untill wed. next week
thank you sir,
a sub,slut

my master Douglas has told me to write again, on 7-11-10 in the afternoon, Douglas took me to an open field, he had me lay naked on the ground and he told me to spread my arms and legs, he drove four stakes in the ground and he tied me to them, as i was tied he first used a whip and much later he sat over me and put his cock in my mouth
hello every one,, lol
on friday night, i am driving to a masters home, i will remove my clothes, and go in his home, he will tie me as he chooses and whip me, i have agreed to his whip
thank you Greg

Hello again,, tonight my Master Douglas said he will have me tied and whipped,when he returns, he told me to write this,

my husband used two whipps on my naked slut body he said i was a nasty gal because i let Master douglas and two other men fuck me,
on 9 12 10 i agreed to be taken by my lover, to a bar of his choice,wearing almost nothing, he ask if i will do what he wants,i said yes!
my Master Douglas has ask me if i would submit to two friends of his to be tied and whipped very hard, i told him yes,
more on that later,
ok tomorrow at 2:00 i am going to go with master douglas's friends, they are going to tie me and use no more than two different whips,
i have agreed to be with them, they will follow master douglas's rules, when they use me

thank you master Douglas, and also greg,,,for using me,
tonight Master douglas took me to our tree, he tied my hands over my head, he struck me 125 times with his flogger,(he made me count each stroke) i am his for another two days,
master douglas allowed me to bend over for his friend,, it was a long time sc he has made me post,,here,,,,,
i get to be whippped! i am going to ask the master to whip me,

i have been told to post again,, my husband has told me to say that i was taken by master douglas, to a farm, i was used in a horse barn, a group of folks watched me being used by two different masters, i was harnessed, and hung for a masters pleasure,
dee another up-date, my master Douglas, took me out to dinner! he and i met another couple, after dinner we all went to his friends home, and i was their desert! i have been told to tell everyone that i was a very good slut,,, (thank you greg and linda) dee here is another up-date,,,,,,, wed. 12-8-10 douglas let a man cum here ,,, he wanted to fill my cunt with his cum, they know i can't get preg, butt his friend wanted me to be full of his cum, in about two hours he came inside me three times, he used a plug to seal his cum inside of my cunt, he said he will be back,,,,lol dee i am with my master Douglas, he had me meet a man,(i have been with him in the past) he had me kneel for him, he had me hold his :"balls" as he jacked his cock, he gave me his cum,all over my face, thank you sir's slut,dee an "update" 1-12-11 my master Douglas tied me this afternoon, i was to have a session with one of the masters that i am used by, master Douglas had me set in the hot tub for a long time,untill my skin was pink,,lol he took me to our "play room" ,, he had me lay on the bench on my belly, and he tied me spread wide and he pulled my limbs hard, (the way he knows i like it) he put a gag in my mouth and then he blindfolded me, he plugged both of my holes, (he used a big plug in my butt,lol) he used a crop to give me a few good "smacks" he told me he wanted my friend to see my back marked",,, my friend was happy with the way i was displayed, he gave me a very good whipping, and i was able to have his cum in my mouth when he was finished with me, dee master Douglas, just allowed me to have a session, he let me suck his friends cock, and he allowed me to be whipped by his friend, 2-17-11 2 24 11 my master Douglas has told me to tell everyone that he told me to kneel naked in frount of two men, and beg them to cum on my face, and that i told one of the kind gentelman that i would be happy to be a doggie girl for him, i am owned by the master Douglas and i will do anything he wants sub,slut,slave dee 3-4 this evening, Douglas told me to kneel for a very nice man,, i opened my mouth and he pushed his cock in my mouth, he pulled my ears and my hair, i did swallow his cum, thank you master DOUGLAS, my husband has made me write, and say,,, i am a very nasty,nasty,nasty, slut, i was told to be a very good "pet" and i was,,,,,, i am theirs,,,,,, bow wow dee my master douglas has told me to write, ,,,,, he wants everyone to know,,,, i had my mouth and my slutty ass streached, i begged his friend to sodomizzzzzzzze me,, when he did,,,, i thanked him, a,slut, dee 4-17-11 my master Douglas has told me to respond to a few men,, by saying,,, bow wow, he has taken me to be used as/like a dog over the weekend, i am his dog slut,,,,,,, thank you my sir! subd hello everyone! my master douglas has instructed me to write, again,,,,, on sunday evening, on the 5-8-11 my master douglas and i went to an adult store, he had me "drop my top" and i was told by him to kneel on a dirty carpet in a hallway in a adult theater,, i had my mouth on three different cocks,,,,, and i liked it dee again,, its me writing, my master Douglas, and another man, wished to see me on my knees while another man fucked me, the two men kept thier clothes on, and the had a nice young man fuck me from the back, ( he did wear a condom) dee douglas gagged me a master has told me to write: thank you master greg< for allowing me to have your cock in my mouth, i loved his balls slapping my nose as i sucked his cock untill he gave me his cum 5-24-11 6-10-11 another up-date,, i am with my master Douglas this weekend,, he is taking me out to dinner,,, and then to an undisclosed place or friend, he says to "have me bred" douglas has just put a plug in my ass, he will have me wear it untill after dinner i will ask to be used,and whipped,, my master Douglas wants me to prove my love by asking two men to use a whip on my bare skin, 7:45 --- i have just finished with the first man, he was handed a whip,,, he used it on my breasts, and between my legs, he bent me over and fucked me while he pushed my head onto the floor, as he came inside me he told me that i was a good whore,,, 8:35-- the second man has just finished ,,, he whipped my breasts and hurt my nipples,,, he told me to lay and he said "pull your legs open cunt" and he got on top of me and fucked me untill he squirted his cum inside me, master Douglas told me there would be 3 more sirs, to use me,, things change,, he told me there would be two earlier,,,,lol waiting for another......................................................................... 10:04 the third man has finished with me and he has left, i have been told to tell whoever is interested, that this man has left me with my legs quivering,,, he has just fucked the holy crap out of me, need a few min. to recover,,,,,wow, thank you sir! 10;30,,, number four has left,,, a very large man,,,,, i was only required to spread my legs,, (as he said) the man was huge! thank you sir,,, 11:50,,, number five, has finished with me, he whipped me, and he made me crawl to be able to kneel for his cock, my Master Douglas told me to tell everyone that he hurt me the most, Douglas wants me now,, thank you dee thanks for all of the (feed-back) 9/15 D took me out to dinner last night, after we went to a very cool bar, he told me to be very slutty,,(and i was) dee 10-25-11 my Master Douglas brought a very nice black gentelman here and he let him fuck me without a condom, dee on 11-611,,,, douglas has had me "service" three men, i was tied for the first two, the third, untied me and put me on my belly, he called me a whore, and he wanted to fuck me like one, later in the evening, i had the pleasure of two of the men in my ass, at the same time, thank you master steven, (and friends)..... sub,slave,slut, dee and an up-date,, on 11-18-11 at around 9:00, douglas has just told me that, He and Steven are planning on taking me to an "adult" store, near Pitsburg, "slut;dee" hello all,, i have just been told to do this up-date,, i have been staying with my Master Douglas, he has given me to his friend,, Greg, on this past weekend, they allowed many men, the use of me,,,lol,,, i was told that ther was 21 men,, that had me,,in the many hours that i was told to be their slut/slave,, and to master JIM,, alot of them did fuck me,, in my ass,, loving slave/slut dee it has been a while between updates,,, i was told this evening to tell that , i am going to a club later this evening with my master Douglas, he wantd me to dance with any man that wants , and be very nice tou our friend Richard, that owns the club dee












 Submissive Female



 5' 4"

 140 lbs






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 Pony/Puppy Roleplay




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 Breast Play

 Canes and Crops

 Obedience Training

 Outdoor Bondage


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Journal Entries:
8/13/2010 12:49:53 PM
hello to anyone  lol i am sitting in a motorhome in the woods, my collar is locked to a table, my friend master Douglas owns me for the next few days, he told me to post that he has made me his "pet" for the weekend,,

8/11/2010 4:37:33 PM
i am with douglas untill Sat. (when my husband returns) i will be used, (they say)

8/2/2010 3:20:06 PM
hello all!
   my  husband and i went to a swingers resort this past weekend, he told me to write that, he had me as  his  SLUT!   he  told me to be very,very  naughty,  and i was,,,,lol

6/5/2010 12:09:10 PM
  hello to all,
   my lover has told me to write here, and let anyone that is interested  know;    that last night i raised my dress to allow his cousin my backside, he used a leather paddle,he made it quite diff. for me to sit later,,  thank you D, and thank you Greg,

5/30/2010 11:01:07 PM

 i have been told to write:
   i willingly gave myself to Master Douglas and who he chose to use me at our "gathering" today,i have agreed to everything that was done to me,
    thank you sirs,
      a sub,slut, dee

5/7/2010 2:29:31 PM
meeting my lover later this evening, going to hear his friend play in a band, a nice local bar that he likes, dressing sexy for him, been a long time sc i have had the pleasure of  HIM!

4/30/2010 3:54:24 PM
   my husband has "ordered" me to say that later this evening, i will be tied spread eagle, he wants me "open" and he will whip/beat me,

4/20/2010 8:40:40 PM
Master Douglas has ordered me to write and say that i have agreed to go with him on his last night with me, and dthat i agree with his use of my slut, whore, body. i belong to him for three more nights, he has made me his slut,
      dee, 4-20-10

3/19/2010 1:54:46 PM
meeting my Master Douglas tonight, (again)  he has told me to post an entry, he told me to wear his collar and nothing else, he said that i will beg for him to "rend" me

10/14/2009 2:15:04 PM
Hello  i was told to write and say that i have a session this evening with Master Donald, he has told me to say that he will whip me and i will suck his penis untill he cums in my mouth,

4/18/2009 3:56:58 PM
just finished a session with my husband and a "friend, master "Douglas" told me to post on the journal and let every one know that i was very well whipped into shape, and that he likes a good puppy

1/2/2009 4:11:18 PM
hello,,   a few days befor x-mas my lover allowed me to meet with a new master, we three met for a nice lunch and after i was taken to the masters hotel room,
        thank you  Master c

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