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Submissive male looking for a Dominant Female for a FLR. Have much to offer and looking to serve and be trained. To serve You to make Your life easier

2/27/2023 6:16:11 AM

I moved to NH around a year and half ago.  I grew up here but lived in the Pacific NW for 30 years.  I returned to be a caregiver for my mother after my father died in 2020.  When I first returened I put some effort into finding a Dominant Women to serve.  I was unsuccessful and eventually my commitment made it impossible to continue that search.  So for most of the past year I have just lurked here, looking at profiles and contemplating what could be.


I now find myself without commintment and wish to again search for a Dominant to serve.  I am free to live where I choose though I have many loose ends here to deal with. 

I am looking for an intelligent Dominant who enjoys the mental aspect of control and who is looking for someone who is ready to learn how to be that which they wish.  I am healthy, intelligent, creative and in good shape.  I am financially secure.  I enjoy being service oriented and wish to please my Dominant and make their life easier.  I enjoy travel and learning new things.  Helping others and being a good first mate to my Captain.


I welcome any correspondence and will also be initiating contact with the profiles I admire and dream about.  I hope every one has had a great 2023 so far and who also has not lost hope as to what could be.

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 Age: 30
 Avon, Ohio