Vertical Line




Intelligent, successful man has a strong desire to meet the needs of a Dominant yet sensitive and caring woman. I am a creative individual who is looking for an adventurous Domme who I can commit to. I would like to explore my nature in a safe, patient yet challenging way. You must be spirited and Strict. I am looking for my One to guide me and nourish the nature that I have hidden so well for so long. Please take my hand. In return I offer loyalty, sincerity and a strong desire to learn your inner workings. Perhaps you might give me serious consideration.

I am looking for a strong woman to have a positive influence on my submissive/slave side. If you are open to possibilities, tired of disappointment but still have a positive outlook on life,then please take my hand, open up my mind and peel away my many layers.

I am presentable, willing, self-confident and ready to provide an environment over time which will address your long term need for adoration and security. please help me to grow.