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Pan Male Switch, 65,  Marlboro, Connecticut
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I have this interest in submissive men & women.... I am strict and demanding with them. I am also interested in submisision to a serious dom/domme the photos are not of me...
my experience with subs younger than 22....the girls will start their period when over stimulated and the bois will ejaculate prematurely....
To answer a question: Yes! As a slave, you will be shared with friends
.....why would I send money when so many adults are looking for an opportunity to submit... and host me...they also want to surrender to me...surrender their dignity, self-esteem, clothing, possessions, and finances.













 Male Switch



 Willing to Relocate

 5' 5"

 160 lbs






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Journal Entries:
9/20/2017 11:22:25 AM
I was at a party last weekend and mom and dad were submissive for the party....interesting dynamic their adult daughter was present ....the parents and the daughter had no idea that this was going to happen....the parents' dom realized  the dynamic ....he slapped their hands down so they couldn't cover themselves....he asked the daughter if she would like quality time with these subs...daughter smiled ...of course ...she requested that the mom and dad have their hands cuffed behind and dad stood in front of was looking red with humiliation stared at her daughter.....she slapped mom's ass...put your head down you obeyed....daughter slapped mom's ass again...daughter put her hands all over her is 5-4 about 140 lbs...40D larger ass and a bit of a tummy....daughter said damn mommy you went to seed, 50 and you have an old lady,s body...then she went to 5-9 160 lbs...small uncut cock....Gee dad you have a kid penis...she rolled the penis in her fingers...this pathetic how time daughter rewarded 2 sub men....she gave one of them mom's ass and the other mom's's hands were released so you could get on all sucked one cock and the other went into her ass.....the men came and daughter left dad restrained and had him clean mom's hole....then daughter made mom suck dad and show his cum before she swallowed...before mom and dad were taken home daughter had them restrained so she could spank them...with help from other and dad had scarlet red ass cheeks and some thick welts....the next day the daughter went to visit mom and dad...eventually she moved in with them....I always enjoy my visits to the home...there were 2 other couples that have submitted to adult couple submits to a daughter and the other to an adult son who uses and shares his parents with his friends....I am thinking that this must be among the highest forms of humiliation

8/29/2017 6:30:36 AM
I am now considering several live-in sub/slaves.....why would I send money when so many adults are looking for a 24/7 live-in opportunity...and not only will they come to me for free or host me...they also want to surrender to me...surrender their dignity, self-esteem, clothing, possessions, and finances. I am looking for a sub/slave who lives in the country and has room for a poly family.

8/28/2017 9:52:50 AM
Joan now has control of her adult daughter, Emily. A long simmering dislike when Emily left mom during the divorce to side with dad.

8/26/2017 8:40:04 AM
I now have Joan and her 30 year old daughter here......mommy and cute

8/15/2017 12:21:58 PM
Joan was here all day..naked...taking care of my home...she was then cheeks are so cute...then given enema clean outs...and her legs, pussy, and armpits were shaved by me...overall quite erotic....she is wearing sneakers with white socks  as she prepares dinner for my dinner guests....she is a very good cook...she is quite nervous about serving my guests while she is interesting to watch her as she works

8/10/2017 12:57:41 PM
On Saturday August 12 I have to go to Litchfield County. A man who had been my sub wants me to submit to him. His reason is his cock is bigger than mine (7 in thick, versus me 4 in erect uncut). He also stays hard for hours. He has a large number of instruments and toys. Making me very nervous.

8/10/2017 10:57:45 AM
I am totally intrigued by older subs. Both men and women seem to be naturally obedient. It is as if advancing age induces the type of submission that borders on slavery. I have experienced it as a sub and as a dom.

8/9/2017 9:09:59 AM
We go to the bedroom and Lisa has Joan and Peter lay next to each other. I sit at the edge of the bed. Lisa smiles at me. She tells Joan to lay down face up and put her hands up legs spread. Then she tells Peter to get over Joan in a 69 position. Joan was wet and Peter had precum dripping from his cock. In a while Lisa had Joan turn over and lay flat on her tummy.
Joan looked very sexy lying like that. Lisa then made her husband lick Joan's ass, ass crack, and hole. Joan and Peter were now breathing heavily.
Lisa made Joan kneel, head and shoulders down, hips up, knees spread apart. Then she directed Peter to get between Joan's knees and to fuck her. Peter slipped in easily. Joan was moaning. Lisa told Joan to reach back and play with hubby's cock and scrotum.
Peter is pumping fast. He starts to slap Joan's ass. He looks at his wife and asks if it is alright for him to slap Joan's ass. Lisa says to him slap her as hard  as he wishes. Joan has very white skin and her ass began to turn red and then scarlet Peter is pumping hard and slapping Joan's ass fast and hard. And then they both cum. Lisa makes hubby put his cock in Joan's mouth. Joan gags a bit but does clean him.
Lisa will not allow Joan to wipe herself and she makes her stand and walk into the kitchen. Peter goes to shower and puts on  shorts and t-shirt. Joan is kept naked and she is dripping and her thighs are a messy.

8/9/2017 9:01:39 AM

8/9/2017 8:14:11 AM
So, we are in entry way and Joan is on her knees in front of Peter. Lisa takes her husband Peter's cock and tells Joan to open her mouth and to stick out her tongue. Joan does as she is directed. Lisa rubs her husband's cock on Joan's mouth and tongue. Lisa squeezes the tip of her husband's cock and tells Joan to stick her tongue in the slit. She stops and Peter has some precum.  Lisa tells Joan to clean the tip of her husband's cock. Joan closes her eyes and licks. Lisa grabs Joan's face, and slaps her, never close your eyes like that. Lisa says, I am very sorry mistress I apologize.
Lisa holds her husband's cock, there is more precum. Take his cock in your mouth. Joan holds Peter's cock and puts it in her mouth. Then Lisa makes Joan stand up and we all walk into the living room. Lisa and I sit on a couch. Joan and Peter are standing. Joan is very nervous especially since Peter is naked from the waist down. Lisa has Joan stand in front of her. She unbuttons Joan's jeans and pulls them down. Joan steps out of her jeans. She then has Joan take off the t-shirt. Lisa rubs Joan's belly. Well this isn't too bad for an old cow. 
Joan says, thank you mistress. Lisa puts a finger in Joan's panties and Joan stiffens.
Well this isn't a bad cunt. It is smaller than I expected. Lisa tells her husband to take off Joan's bra. It comes off quickly. Lisa starts to play with Joan's breasts and nipples.  She puts her hands under Joan's breasts, well, well some saggy tits. Doesn't that embarrass you?
Yes mistress.
Lisa asks, does your ass sag like your tits?
Yes mistress.
Lisa asks, what do the lips on your cunt look like. Lisa tells Joan to turn around. She pulls Joan's panties down below her knees. Well this is a rather cute ass. saggy but cute. Now turn around and show me your cunt.
Joan turns around. Lisa makes her put her hands on her head. She spread Joan's legs. Lisa has Peter finger Joan's cunt. His fingers are in deep four fingers. Joan is started to get excited. Lisa pushes her husband's hand away. She puts the hand in front of Joan's face. She tells Joan, lick and suck Peter's fingers. I cannot understand how they got so messy.

8/9/2017 7:22:25 AM
I took Joan to dinner at a friend's home. She is a domme to her husband. They are both in their late 50s so I figured that this would be a more appropriate situation to bring Joan deeper into BDSM. I even prepared her for the session. I made sure that she was smoothly shaved and I picked out her outfit. She wore flat shoes, white panties, a white bra, a pair jeans and a t-shirt. My friend lives within 2 miles so it was a quick ride.
The domme and her hubby live in a typical center-hall colonial. I rang the bell and mistress Lisa greeted us. He husband was standing next to her. Lisa greeted Joan with a derisive smile which made Joan's face go red with embarrassment. Lisa is 60 years old. She is about 5-6, gray hair, and weighs about 160 lbs. She has large breasts, 40D, and has an athletic build. Her husband Peter is 5-7 140 lbs.  She said to me, so this is the new slut. I smiled and said, yes. this the new girl.
Lisa asked, is she obedient? she looks kind of old to be a new bitch? I was smiling, Joan's head was down, she looks older than she is, I said.
Lisa asked, is the old bitch obedient? I shrugged, ask her!
Lisa grabbed Joan's face, held Joan's chin in her hands, are you an obedient bitch?
Joan said, yes, I am.
Lisa slapped Joan's face. you impudent bitch. you always address me as mistress, do you understand? Still holding Joan's face Lisa kissed her on the lips. Open your mouth. And Lisa stuck her tongue in Joan's mouth. Lisa, said you kiss like a little girl. You will learn to kiss like a whore, understand??
Joan had tears in here eyes, yes mistress, I understand. Lisa said, well now that we have introductions over, Joan, get on your knees and take off Peter's pants. Let's be clear here, any hesitation or disobedience, you are gone. Understand?
Joan was trembling. Peter stood in front of her. Joan was kneeling. Joan loosened the belt, unzipped the pants ad pushed the slacks down. Lisa made Joan take off his shoes and socks and then the slacks. Joan hesitated, Lisa asked, what the fuck are you waiting for. Pull his jockey shorts down and get them off.
Joan pulled Peter's shorts down and pulled them off. Now she was looking right at Peter's cock. It is about 6 in long uncut and wide.

7/19/2017 10:40:12 AM
I put newspaper on the bathroom floor. I closed the lid on the toilet and sat down. Joan stood on the newspaper. I had her face me and spread her legs. I used a pair of scissors to cut away at the bushy hair. It took about 15 minutes to cut her pubic hair to the point where I could start to shave her. I rolled up the newspaper and told her to throw that in the trash in the kitchen. When she came back into the bathroom I soaped her and started to shave her. To get to the area between her thighs she had to bend over and spread her legs. Once she was clean shaven I had her show me the results. Her labia were slightly puffy and her clit was small but clearly evident. I made her bend over again so that she was totally exposed. I spread her ass cheeks. Then I told her to put towels on the floor and lay face down. I took the douche/enema out of the cabinet under the sink. She watched as I filled the bag with water. She asked, what are you going to do?...I lubricated the nozzle and then her anus.....She said, I don't like enemas and it is very private!....I said, you don't have any privacy any more!...I spanked her ass, I said, raise your hips so your ass is raised! ... I slapped her ass hard a few times....Then I added lube to her anus and pushed a finger into her....You have the tightest little hole....Then I pushed the nozzle in....then I released the clip and the water went rushing into her....She begged, can you slow it down, I'm getting cramps. She moved around and raised her hips....I slapped her ass, just be quiet now....When the bag emptied I refilled it...She was pleading with me, no more I can't take any more!...The second bag emptied into her, a bit more slowly than first bag....She raised her hips and I was able to rub her clit....After the second bag emptied, she wanted to get on the toilet....I slapped her ass and told her to be quiet....She begged me...I finally said get on the toilet...She sat down and released....She said, This is so humiliating...Can you give me privacy this is so humiliating....I stood and watched....then I told her to stand up...I looked in the toilet and then made her show me her ass...I made her bend over...then I flushed the toilet....she begged for me to let her sit on the toilet....It took her at least 40 minutes to empty out..several times I had her stand and bend over so I could wipe her... Then I put her in the shower and washed her...I told her to get a towel and go lay face down on the bed....she begged, please don't spank me. I promise to be good....I said, put the towels on the bed and lay face down.

7/16/2017 6:41:07 AM
I went up the stairs to her apartment. I rang the bell and she immediately answered the door and opened it. She said, please come in! hurry up get in here. She shut the door behind me and locked it.....this is where the dominance and submission are most important....She put a hand over her cunt and an arm across her breasts. I pushed her hand away from her cunt and told her to uncover her chest...I said, expose your tits!...She dropped her arm to her side. She was red faced from embarrassment....she had a small round tummy, very hairy cunt, and her tits sagged a bit and appeared larger compared to her body...she had long pronounced nipples and dark circles surrounding them....First thing I did, I pinched one nipple. She winced...I said, your tits look sexy in a bra and shirt but bare like this they are exquisite...there was an embarrassed smile, thank you!.. I pinched a nipple, it is thank you sir!....She said, yes sir. thank you sir!....I made her turn around so that I could see her ass. I rubbed it, fondled it, and told her that it was small enough to be the ass of a teenager.....She replied, thank you sir!....I put one hand on her crack and the other hand on her  cunt. She was wet. I put a finger on her cunt lips, so you are getting excited!.....Yes sir. I can't control that!.....I pressed a finger against her anus and pushed a finger into her cunt. Your cunt is small, tight, wet!...Yes sir!....It is hairy. Your cunt needs to be bald. A shaved cunt displays your labia and your clit!...I rubbed her clit between my thumb and forefinger. This is a small clit, I said.....She bent her knees, please sir!...She was getting wetter.....I told her to go into the bedroom and lay face up on the bed...I followed her and smacked her ass...she sat on the bed and I told her to lay on her back and spread her legs...I made her move back so her whole body was on the bed....I sat on the bed next to her..Joan, you look sexy like this, like an older whore....I had put a hand right on her cunt....she moaned and pulled her knees up...I slapped her ass, put your legs down and spread them wide!....Yes Sir!......I used one hand to finger fuck her and the other to play with her breasts and nipples.....She began to have small orgasms and was making clicking noises..... Her juices were making her cunt hair wet, making her thighs wet, and the crack in her ass was wet and slick. I put a thumb on her cunt and stuck my middle finger into her wet asshole. Your asshole is really tight. Probably virgin!... Yes sir. It is virgin....What is virgin?, I asked... She moaned, my asshole, sir! she said, as I pushed a second finger into her ass...Then I said your legs are free to do as you wish. She brought them together and humped my hand and began to cum. Finally she exploded. The bed spread was wet and she squirted some pee. I bent to kiss her cunt. I stuck my tongue into it. My, my you peed on the blanket. What an interesting taste....She started to sob and apologize, I pushed my fingers deep into her ass. You know I felt you cum with my fingers in your ass..She moaned and sobbed...Then I told her that now  it was time to shave her cunt hair.

7/12/2017 11:15:15 AM
Her name is Joan.
About an hour prior to visiting, Joan called me. She had reservations about being naked when I arrived.
I said that I understood.
She asked if it was acceptable for her to wear a robe when I arrived.
I told her that it was not acceptable.
She said that she had to rethink the arrangement.
I said that it was fine. I hope that she will be able to find another dom. And then I hung up.
About 15 minutes later she called me and said that she would do as I asked.
I told her that I don't ask subs anything, I tell them.
She said yes sir.
I asked, so you will be naked when I arrive.
She said, Yes sir.
I said, then I will be at your place in an hour. Oh and by the way I intend to restrain you and spank you at some point. This exercise was disobedience on your part. Do you understand?
Yes Sir, she said, I am very sorry.
I said you will be very sorry after your spanking. I will see you in an hour.
She sobbed, yes sir.
I hung up.

7/11/2017 1:26:48 PM
so I met the potential sub for lunch. She looks a bit younger than 60...she wore jeans and a blouse...very pretty face...she was nervous when I was asking her questions...when did you last have sex? about 4 years ago!...How often do you masturbate? at least once a day!....Is your ass sensitive? Yes!....Cheeks and hole? Yes, both!....What is the size of your breasts? 40D!....Is your pussy shaved? No, sir it is not!....Any gray pubic hairs?...Yes sir. Dark blonde and gray!...When were you last naked for a man? Four years ago, about. With my ex!...If you get naked for me what will be most embarrassing for you? Well, sir, my breasts sag. My ass is more plump than I like. I have a bit of a tummy!...Are you comfortable answering personal questions? Well, sir, you do make me feel more relaxed!....You know that I will do personal things with you? No privacy. Keep you naked or naked from the waist down. Maybe display you and share you. You will be spanked. Given enemas! Yes sir!....did your ex use you for anal sex? no sir! only a finger sometimes!...was that a no-go zone? Yes sir!....Oral sex? Sucked him but he never came in my mouth!...Your rule? Yes sir!...I make my own rules! Yes sir I understand that!...Do you want to meet me in private? at your apartment? Yes, sir!....You will be naked! Yes sir!...Are you wearing panties? Yes sir!...What color? White cotton sir!...Like your bra? Yes sir!...Is this exciting you? A bit. Yes sir!....First direction for you. Go to the bathroom. Take off your panties and bring them to me, folded  of course. Discrete!....Yes sir!...go now and bring them to me. Yes sir....A few minutes later she gave them to me neatly folded. I put them in my jacket  pocket. They are damp!  Yes sir....I paid the bill. As we left I told her to send me an email with a time to meet. Tomorrow sir. About 10!...Good I will see you tomorrow. Naked!...Yes sir!

7/10/2017 3:56:45 AM
new sub....she is recently divorced...5-5 130....60 yo...totally new to this life....

7/5/2017 9:03:35 AM
Visit on the new dom and I had had a switch relationship...suddenly he decided to assume a dom role and I assume the sub role....yesterday I arrived at his home by 9 is private, secluded...he was dressed and made me get naked when I entered.... he kissed me....slapped my ass and told me to go lay face down on the bathroom floor...there was a towel....he had the enema hanging on the shower curtain rod....the nozzle was lubricated and then he used 2 fingers to lubricate my ass....he kept telling me that I was a faggot with a fem ass....he said he wanted me nice and clean for his holiday company....he was able to empty 2 full bags of water into me...that was very uncomfortable...then he used a 1 quart bulb syringe to add two more quarts into me...I was moaning and begging him to stop and he kept saying shut the fuck soon as he forced the second dose of the syringe into me he pushed an anal toy into me that he was able to spread and prevent any fluid from coming out.....he then took my hands and pulled them behind my back and cuffed me...he also cuffed my ankles....and then he left me like that...he would check back in on me while he was setting up for the 4th....I begged him to let me relieve myself...he would just say shut the fuck up....finally he let me go...he did stay with me the whole took a while for me to get totally empty....then he put me in the shower and started to shave me...eventually I was shaved from the neck down...after the shower he kept me naked and he had me doing chores .... around noon time his first company arrived...within a half hour all of his company had arrived....6 men all gay or bi....I had to serve refreshments and the men fondled me and then started to finger men or use toys in time his guests were having me suck them and then rim them....while they were eating lunch I served refreshments and beverages..two men made me bend over a chair so that they could fuck me......his entertainment for the afternoon  was me...for about a half hour I was restrained in the bedroom face up and gagged the whole time in the that they could use me for tit torture, CBT, and he used increasingly wider sounds....after about an hour they turned me over spread eagle and started to use larger and longer dildos in my ass....they also used crops, a leather paddle, and leather belts to spank of the men lay on top of me before my hole got too wide and he fucked the time I was released my ass cheeks were scarlet and there were some purple bruises and many many welts....then while serving dessert and coffee I had to suck all of the guests to completion...two of the younger men came twice....after the company left he made me get on my knees and suck him..he unloaded a lot of cum some of it leaked on my chin and my chest...he kept his cock in my mouth after it got soft and then he peed slowly in my mouth...he gave me my shirt and shorts and told me to go home.... at home I had to explain to Beth and Emily what had happened...they laughed and took charge

7/4/2017 7:56:55 AM
Sunday...I went to the man  who switches with me...when I arrived he was wearing a short robe....naked underneath....he was more assertive than usual.....he ordered me to get naked...I did... he walked around me...fondling me...slapping my ass...he took me into a bedroom...made me get on my knees.... he opened the robe and made me suck him and rim him...he said that I was pathetic....he made me lay face down  on the bed...he tied my wrists together and tied them to the head board... he lifted my hips so my cock and balls were exposed between my legs were spread and tied to the foot board....he pinched my nostrils and when I gasped to breathe he forced and ball gag into my mouth and used the Velcro tabs to tighten the strap behind my head.....he said, I want you to sob and cry but I don't want to hear any words like begging....he said, We need to stop the illusion...see a  little boy like you has only one are a slave to real men....he compared.. my ass is small his ass is like a man's ass...his cock is long thick cut...mine is small uncut....I am 5-4 160 he is 5-9 210...I am going to be his bitch from then on....he put clothespins on my penis and scrotum.... he was naked by this time..his cock was stiff....he used a paddle, 2 different crops, and several leather belts....I though that my ass was bleeding but I realized it was welts....I was sobbing....Then he lubed my hole....he kept on fingering my hole....then he went to get a drink of water and when he returned he started to spank me again.....the gag prevented me from speaking and crying out....he removed the clothes pins from penis and scrotum ....untied my feet and rolled me over...he spent a long time abusing my foreskin and scrotum....he used different sized sounds to push into my penis...when he took the gag out he asked me what I was and I told him that I was his slave and his slut.....he hugged me and kissed and said that he was going to teach me to be his faggot.....then he took me to the bathroom and I had to lay on the floor face down....he gave me enemas twice...he did get 2 full bags into me each time and made me lay there holding the enema in...lots of cramping and he used a crop on my ass...and he told me to shut the fuck up....a third enema he got 2 bags in and then started a 3rd bag....the water was flowing in very slowly and it was painful...but his riding crop kept hitting my cheeks.....after half of the third bag was empty he let me relieve took over an hour for me to fully empty between I was on the bed sucking him...I had to ask permission to release....once I was emptied we went to the bed and he lay on his back so I could suck him....when I started to taste his precum he made turn over hips and ass up head and shoulders down.....he put a bit of lube on my hole....not too much so I would definitely  feel his cock...then he rammed himself into was painful, rough...he was slapping my cheeks, squeezing my cock and balls...he was telling me how pathetic I was...and then I felt him shoot into me...damn he said you are a good boi whore...I have wanted to abuse you like a bitch for a long time...then he said you will be the whore for my guests on the 4th...

6/23/2017 11:44:49 AM
Beth has had a heavy period all day and she has had a bad case of the runs...I have kept her naked and she rushes back and forth to the toilet...with permission...with the door open....hubby's job has been to wipe his wife and keep her clean....he is so nasty....he has had an erection all day....Beth and Emily just milked his penis and fed him his results....Beth is staying in the bed in the master bedroom....Emily wants mom to use a pad rather than a!!!!!

6/23/2017 5:35:11 AM
This morning Emily and I were laying in bed...Jeff brought us our coffee and then got on his knees .... then Beth came in a towel between her legs, sobbing.....her period had started....Emily sent Roger to get bath towels....he put them on the floor ...Emily made mom lay on her back on the towels.....Beth put her hands over her head,,,Emily spread my mom's had to kneel next to her has been flowing more heavily than usual...her pussy lips are all red..she is sobbing from the humiliation but she and dad are forbidden to speak.....this is something new for me to is getting  an erection

6/22/2017 10:09:30 AM
Emily and I have decided to get Beth impregnated...we will find a home for the baby .....the pregnancy will enlarge Beth's breasts.....and she will provide milk to the men who enjoy sucking a woman's tits....during the day we will  have Jeff provide his wife some relief....between 10 and 2 Beth's cunt is filled with men's cum....Roger sucks the cocks clean and between 10 and 4 Beth keeps her cunt filled with cum....very very erotic

6/7/2017 10:40:11 AM
mom learns a lesson #8.....Emily allowed her father to get on the toilet...then she turned to her mother...Emily said, Beth get naked right now...That command startled everyone....Beth looked shocked, bewildered, even frightened. Emily stepped forward, you are the other half of a pathetic couple....then Emily slapped Beth in the face. A red mark spread on Beth's left cheek. She sobbed, Emily why are you doing this....Emily laughed, you two are pathetic creatures. You go away on vacation and come back perverted....Beth sobbed I didn't know that we were like this. Kathy brought this out of us.....Emily stepped closer. Beth said please don't hit me.....I said Emily, what is happening here.....Emily laughed and she said, mommy and daddy are little bitches for anyone who decides to use them. Look my father is taking an enema induced shit in front of us. I just slapped this old bitch in the face. My mother....Beth stepped back, please don't....Emily said, mommy I gave you a direction. Strip now....Beth took off her skirt, blouse, panties, and bra.....Emily stepped toward her mother. Beth flinched.....You and daddy shower and wash each other. Roger had emptied out. After her parents were clean, Emily dried them. She stroked her father's cock and it was instantly erect. Emily put a hand between Beth's thighs. Oh mommy, your little cunt is wet with excitement....Beth sobbed as Emily put several fingers into her mother. Emily told Beth to get on her knees. Then she had mom kiss and give Roger's cock little licks and kisses. Roger had some precum form on his tip....Emily said to her dad, ask the old bitch if you can fuck her. Roger was hesitant, Emily slapped his ass, Beth can I fuck you?.....Beth was on her knees looking up at Emily. Emily said, well mommy I intend to beat your ass. Now is as good a time as any.....Beth said, yes Roger you can fuck me....Emily said good girl. Now let's get on the bed. Beth you get on the bed, ass up, knees spread, head and shoulders down just like a cheap whore. she said, Roger kneel behind the whore and put your penis between her cunt lips....Roger had a superior erection. Emily slapped her mother's ass. She said, Roger stick you cock into the bitch's cunt. Beth reach back and massage his cock and balls....Mom and dad were moaning. Beth was having a series of orgasm and as Roger ejaculated Beth came, moaning and grinding her hips.....Emily made mom turn over and dad kneel over her 69. Emily said, now lick up all the cum. Mom and Dad followed their daughter's directions. After, Emily and I went into the living room. Mom started dinner and dad served us wine.
Dad's ass was still red. Beth's ass looked very sexy while she cooked.

6/6/2017 12:47:44 PM
mom learns a lesson # 7...It was time for Roger to go to the next level. He was going to the BDSM club with me and with wife & daughter.....We arrived at the club and Roger was stripped and his hands were cuffed in front of him...his ankles were shackled with a 15" separation....basically he was hobbled....I led him into a large room where there were 4 boi subs and 3 women subs....The mistress of the room was a small older woman...maybe 60 yo, about 5-5, thin, small ass,  small tits...she was wearing thigh highs and small heels.....I was were Emily and Beth.....the mistress grabbed Roger's ball sack  with a force to make his legs buckle..she then stood him under a frame with various ropes and hooks....she asked a woman to come over and to restrain Roger....his hands were pulled over his head....his ankle cuffs were removed...his were legs were restrained wider than his hips....a spreader bar was placed on his ankles and then his ankles were restrained to either side of the structure....the spreader was hooked to the floor....there were toys and lube available and spanking equipment....spectators started to gather around....the fascination was that a sub's wife and daughter were also spectators....Emily looked pre-pubescent while her mom looked extremely sexy... .the mistress said, well let's start this evening off. She took a thin small crop and struck Roger's penis. He moved his hips slightly and she started to whack his penis and scrotum....he started to moan...then she had one of the women gag him.....she said to Beth, grab hubby's balls then squeeze until we see tears....She smiled and did as directed....the mistress had two other women do the same....The mistress asked Emily, why don't you beat daddy's ass....she gave Emily a thick leather belt and she said, spank his ass until it is red and has some welts....Emily smiled at mom and she said, that will be fun...first, Emily stood in front of Roger fondling his penis and ball sack...Daddy this must be so sore..he nodded in agreement...She had held his penis in her hand, Daddy, I always thought that you were better endowed. Roger blushed deeply. Emily went behind Roger. She asked the mistress, I can spank him as hard as I wish? The mistress replied, of course me dear, daddy needs discipline. Emily smiled, stepped back and started to spank daddy's ass. She started with a harsh slap and continued until Roger's ass was bright red. Then Emily increased spanking daddy's ass. His cheeks turned deep red and she started to leave thick welts on his ass. When she stopped he was sobbing into the gag. The she took a tube of lube and started to lube Roger's crack. He bent a bit when a finger penetrated his hole. The mistress urged Beth to join her daughter. The two women fingered Roger until the mistress stepped in. She made a signal that indicated his ass was ready to be used. The first person to penetrate his ass a woman with a dildo. In time his ass was dripping cum and lube. The mistress had a boi come over and serve as a urinal so Roger could pee. Roger's hole was opened wide and his cheeks were scarlet with thick welts.  He had been in this position for three hours. He was released, a towel was wrapped around him. We went to the car and he and Emily sat in the back. I drove and Beth sat next to me....When we went into the house Roger was still sobbing....I took off the towel and touched the welts on his ass. I kept a cloth over his hole and we walked him into the bathroom. I said, first thing we do is clean out his ass. Beth filled an enema bag and lubed the nozzle. She told Emily to insert the nozzle and release the water. Emily released the water. Quickly Roger started to moan and beg for his daughter to stop. She didn't.

6/1/2017 1:46:34 PM
Mom learns a lesson #6.....We went  into the master bedroom. We put a towel under Emily and restrained her face down spread eagle. I said to Beth, do you think we can come in her cunt. Beth smiled, we were all naked, she fingered her daughter's cunt. First Emily begged us to stop, Then she started moaning, please mommy this is so bad. Then she got wet, I asked, Is Emily going to cum for mommy? Emily said , oh this is so humiliating...Beth slapped her daughter's ass several times, leaving hand prints.She said, answer your dom....Emily sobbed, yes. please mommy...Beth  slapped Emily's ass, yes to what?....Yes, mommy is going to make me cum....Beth used both hands to cause Emily to have multiple and intense climaxes...Emily was sobbing, Beth said you came on mommy's fingers and in front of a stranger.... Yes mommy.... Beth got a gag from my closet and forced it into Emily's mouth. Beth lubed Emily's ass, well this is a tight little hole. Then Beth asked her daughter, you are a virgin aren't you?....Emily nodded agreement. Beth asked but you broke your virgin seal with toys? Emily nodded agreement. Beth said, well you need a dose of discipline. She went to  my closet and took out a leather belt. I watched in awe as mom spanked daughter's ass. Emily's ass went from white to pink to red, to red with welts....When she stopped, she took out the gag, Emily was pleading and crying, no more mommy. I am so sorry....Beth said, do you want master to fuck you?...Emily is sobbing, anything, please I am a good girl. Beth said, no! you are a good bitch...Emily said, Yes I am a good bitch....Mom lubed her daughter's little ass. We untied Emily's legs and raised her hips.  I knelt behind Emily. Beth knelt next to me rubbing my ass  cheeks and my scrotum. Obviously the daughter had never been fucked. She started to get very wet..moaning... cock was all the way in her cunt...that is why doggy style is sexy...I slapped her ass you are a fucking slut. You are being fucked in front of mommy....Emily was sobbing, please this is so humiliating....I slapped her ass , you are cumming...She said, I can't help it..Beth pinched her daughter's nipples. The towel under her hips was soaked....Beth fingered Emily's  asss and then I explosion.... now I turned to Beth, suck my cock clean...she said, please...I will deal with that later, suck my cum and your daughter's cum from my cock. NOW!...Beth, knelt down and sucked me until my cock was clean....Then I said, clean that cunt with your tongue...Beth said, it is my daughter...I said, so what. It is a cunt that requires cleaning....Beth knelt down beside Emily. small orgasms..and then  a series of huge orgasms.. Face on the cunt. Tongue in the cunt. Beth put her face on her daughter's cunt. The young woman extended her hips, like a slut. I said to Emily, ask your mom to clean the cum out of your cunt. And I slapped her ass.....Mom please clean my cunt...Beth put her face between her daughter's thighs. She hesitated and started to lick her daughter's cunt. As the cum was cleaned out Emily started to cum and then a series of huge orgasms....Emily was moaning, please mommy....I untied Emily. Beth was wet. 

6/1/2017 12:11:15 PM
Mom Learns a lesson #5.... the ride to my house is about 15 minutes...Before Beth put on her seat belt I instructed her to pull the hem of the shirt to expose her thighs and cunt...she just said, yes sir, and she exposed her thighs, cunt, and tummy....even though she has been humiliated she is a very attractive woman....that being said, I told her that she must be humiliated by the fact that she is an older whore...she sobbed and said yes sir. I know, I have been so humiliated by what has happened to my body....I shook my head, I can understand, especially when you are compared to younger more attractive women like Kathy.....She sobbed, do you think my husband will select Kathy over me?....I smiled, well if that happens it will be your own fault but hubby is a pathetic sub himself.. I asked her, have you told anyone? ...She shook her head, Yes....I asked, and who did you tell?...Beth said,  my daughter...and I asked and how old is she?....She is 23 and going to be 24 in July....What is your daughter's name?....Emily! Her name is Emily. ...I pulled into the garage and shut the door. We walked into the kitchen. Beth, I am going to open a bottle of wine. Go in the bathroom and use a washcloth and some soap to clean your ass and your cunt. And lose the shirt. Then come back with a towel and sit on the brown chair. Beth came back naked, put a towel on the brown chair and sat down. I gave her a glass of chardonnay. I said, tell me about your daughter...Beth said, well she is a college graduate. had a job with the state and was laid off....I am sorry to hear that. What did she say when you told her this story?....I though that she would be disgusted, but she got excited ... I smiled, like mommy. so what does she look like?.... She is not really pretty but cute. ... I said, OK and the details of her?....Beth sobbed a bit, Yes. She is 5-5, about 125 lbs. brown typical early twenty-something...Beth shook her head, I guess. But I really haven't seen her naked in years....I asked, so Emily was excited about your recent events. Has she been in a submissive role....Beth said, never. But she was so intrigued and excited. ... I said, that is excellent and you will invite  her to visit here tomorrow for lunch.... Yes, I will... I said, you are a good girl. So, we will have company for lunch....Beth was startled, I have nothing to wear....I smiled, I have shorts and a t-shirt....She said, no bra. no panties...I said, shorts and a t-shirt. We had another bottle of wine and went to sleep naked in my bed.
The next morning we woke up and I asked Beth to get us coffee. She did. I asked if she was hungry and she said she wasn't. I said, ok, here is what happens. This morning, I am going to shave you, give you a douche, and then enemas to clean you....She blushed,  that is humiliating....I responded, yes of course. I will be with you throughout.
I made a small sauce and pasta for lunch. I defrosted some Italian bread and a made a small salad with lettuce and tomatoes. Beth set the table for three. She really looked sexy in the shorts and t-shirt. I opened the wine and the doorbell rang. Beth answered the door and there was Emily. They hugged. She came into the kitchen and shook my hand.She smiled and looked into my eyes, so you are mom's dom?....I smiled, that is a straight forward question. Yes she is....Emily smiled nervously. Beth said, please Emily?....  I said, you have humiliated your mother....Emily said, I guess....I asked her, does that type of relationship excited you....She said, yes very much so....I said, so you would love a preview?...Emily smiled, I guess,....Beth said, Emily, please.....I put a hand up. So Emily before we have lunch you would like a preview?...She said, I guess...I said, well Emily, guessing is bullshit. Yes a preview or no?.....Emily said, a preview!...I said, are you  submissive?...She said, yes! yes I am....So i will expect your obedience...I said, OK Emily, here is the deal mom is obedient. You will be obedient, yes then we continue. "I guess" or no then you can leave and Beth and I will have lunch....Emily looked at me, I will submit to you....Good girl. You have wanted to be submissive for a long time?....She said since I reached puberty....She was wearing a skirt and a blouse....I said take off the skirt and blouse. She blinked and took off the blouse and the skirt. She was wearing a black bra and black panties. I said to Beth, take off your clothes. She looked at me and undressed. I said to Emily, first take off the bra and then the panties. She hesitated, I said, immediately or leave....she did as direct...her mom is shaved and Emily had a bush of dark brown hair. I said put your hands on your head. She sobbed but followed instructions. I said to Beth, your daughter almost looks prepubescent. Look at her cunt lips thin and youthful. Tits small, maybe a B cup, little nipples. Round teenage ass. So did you leave the pubic hair to show your maturity...Emily looked at me and hesitated.... Beth stepped in front of her daughter and slapped her face, answer you master you little bitch....Emily was shocked, yes I don't shave to prove my maturity...I said to Beth, let's shave Emily's cunt hair. Emily sobbed...Mom said" into the bedroom in the master bath. The two naked women went to the master bath.... Beth and I shaved Emily's cunt as we commented on her girl like physique...Then we went back to the kitchen and we served a late lunch. We all ate and finished the wine. I put another bottle out. During lunch we discussed Beth's submission and Emily's. After lunch we cleaned up and went into the bedroom.

6/1/2017 9:01:09 AM
Mom learns a lesson #4.....I met Kathy at a BDSM club in Hartford and we chatted while we abused an old faggot sub....72 yo....5-5...140 lbs...small uncut maybe 2 inches inside of 3 in foreskin....he tried to be dignified but Kathy brought him to sobs...skinny old ass very white skin when she started...then we chatted about her holiday and her new home with this couple...she was sure that she would be able to create a total slave out of Roger....she had brought the wife, Beth, to an entry level of degradation....Kathy didn't want to work any more and she felt that a 24/7 arrangement with this couple would allow her to work as their I arranged to have dinner with the couple and Kathy at the house.....The house is a very nice home...secluded property..4 bedrooms....I arrived at 6:00 PM on a Tuesday evening...Roger was wearing slacks and a shirt and sweater...Kathy was wearing slacks and a top....Beth was wearing a short dark skirt and a tight blouse....obviously no underwear...Roger was gracious...Beth was nervous..embarrassed...and acting as a servant....while we were eating dinner, Kathy, and to some extent Roger, spoke intimately of the events on the vacation..Beth did not talk...she was a good hostess....and blushed when they talked about we finished dessert and coffee, I approached the pre-planned subject of the Kathy, you and Roger have not had any time to yourselves without Beth....Kathy smiled, oh dear, what do you have in mind?....I smiled, well I could use some help around the house. I pointed to Beth, it must be difficult for you and Roger to have intimate moments. He looks like a sub or slave that you could train if you  had some privacy....he said nothing..put his eyes down...Kathy said, I love to train whore bois....Beth, go stand next to our guest and behave like the bitch you are.....Beth's face turned bright red....she did as directed and stood next to my chair....Kathy said to Roger, look at the whore bitch as she obeys....Roger lifted his head and stared at his wife....Beth stood next to me, facing me....I put  my hands on her legs and ran a hand up to her cunt...Beth's knees buckled a bit...I had her cunt in the palm of my hand and I stuck a finger into her. I looked at Kathy, wow, her cunt might be old but it is wet....Kathy smiled, that is what happens with these old married whores...I stuck two fingers in Beth's cunt and then a third. I looked over at Roger, how do you feel about this?...Roger asked, feel about what? kind of insolent....Kathy stood up and went to Roger. She slapped his face twice, you stupid bitch, you know what he is asking...Roger put his head down, eyes tearing, and displaying a high level of submissive...Roger said, yes mistress..sorry mistress....I smiled at Kathy and she returned the smile...She said, how do you feel about a man's fingers in your wife cunt?...he blushed deeply, eyes down, I'm embarrassed...Kathy smiled,  of course you are. Kathy walked over to Beth and pulled her skirt down. She said to me, the old whore is excited. Her thighs are glistening....She asked Roger, why are your wife's thighs shiny....He said, he is exciting her....Kathy said exciting what?...Roger said, her pussy. Then he looked at Kathy, he is exciting her cunt. ...Then Kathy looked at Roger and said, get naked right now....He blushed...he hesitated and stood up...Kathy said, now.... Roger stood up, took of his shoes and socks, then his pants, then his sweater and dress shirt....and last his jockey shorts...His uncut penis was now small and soft hidden behind the foreskin. Kathy slapped him in the groin, is this not pathetic...he grimaced in pain, yes mistress.Then Kathy told Beth to take off her blouse. She said walk, around the table, let's see you front and back more clearly.....Beth did as she was told. Kathy asked me if I could use Roger's wife. I replied, I am not sure. Let me see. So I made her stand and face me. I fondled her tits, these are big and saggy, old nipples. I don't know. Then I put fingers in her cunt, this is an old cunt. but it is still tight. I made her turn around, hold the table and bend over. Beth bent over. I slapped her ass hard, spread your legs wide and bend over so your asshole and whore-hole are  both exposed. She moved back from the table and spread her legs. Now both holes were totally  exposed. Kathy came over and stood next to me. Beth's tits and belly were hanging free. 
Kathy put her hands on Beth's belly, my my, this is a fat old lady's belly. Look at how it hangs. Does this embarrass you ever? Kathy slapped Beth's ass, well, bitch?...Beth sobbed, yes mistress  it does embarrass me. Kathy smiled, and look at these milk jugs. Fat brown and pink nipples. They really sag just like an old lady. Does this embarrass you?...Beth sobbed, yes mistress, very much.....Kathy said, you know your whore-hole and shit-hole are totally exposed now...Beth sobbed, yes mistress, I know....Kathy put three fingers in Beth's exposed cunt. You are wet, you know?....Yes mistress....Is that humiliating to  you?...Beth sobbed, yes mistress, very much.... Kathy took the butter dish from the table. Your shit hole is a very tight small brown flower hole. Kathy put her fingers in the softened bar of butter, well now here is a really good natural lubricant. Keep you ass and shit hole still and Kathy rubbed the butter around Beth's anus. She stuck one finger, then two, then three into Beth's hole. Beth was moaning with discomfort. Kathy said, we are going to have to share the shit hole with well endowed doms to stretch it. She took her fingers and rubbed them on Rogers lips, lick and clean off the warm butter from your whore-wife's shit hole. Roger licked her fingers, then she shoved them in his mouth. Her fingers were eventually licked of the butter, so Roger, you had butter mixed with your whore wife's cum and her shit hole. Both Roger and Beth had tears in their eyes. I said, well Kathy it is time for me to go....Kathy asked, will you take mommy whore home with you?....Beth was still bent over. I took the time to play with her breasts, and her tummy, her ass, and her cunt. I don't know, she is old and she does sag....Kathy said, of course but do you want to take her home? I said, well, yes. Kathy and I cleaned the butter out of Beth's ass. Kathy took one of Roger's t-shirts from the bedroom and told Beth to put it on. The shirt came to just below her hips. Then Kathy took a towel and told Beth to sit on it in my car. We made Beth kiss Roger's penis good night and made Roger kiss Beth's cunt goo night. The we got into my car and drove away.

5/31/2017 9:20:05 AM
Mom learns a lesson #3.....they all wake up early...6 AM....there is a strong smell of sex in the room...Kathy slaps Beth's ass...let's get you ready.....Beth asks, ready for what? ...Kathy slaps her face, do what the fuck you are told....Beth whimpers, Roger smiles..Roger is laying naked semi-hard and his wife and Kathy go into the bathroom...door is open...they each pee, Roger watches...Beth had always considered the toilet private...the two women showered and dried themselves...Kathy slapped Beth's ass and told her to lay face down on the bed....Kathy sat on the back of Beth's legs....Roger gave her a tube of lube.....Beth asked, what are you going to do...Kathy said, I'm lubing your shit hole....Beth said, stop that, I told you it is too private...Roger said he finger fucked your asshole, so it is ready to go.....Beth said, I'll scream. Kathy squeezes Beth's nostrils and she gasps and Kathy shoves a pair of panties into Beth's mouth......She tells Roger to get the hairbrush...this time the spanking is long and harsh...Beth is crying silently...when Kathy is finished with the discipline, she says to Beth, are you ready now...Beth nods agreement.... Kathy slaps Beth's ass, and uses fingers to lube her. She spreads Beth's legs and tells her to raise her hips. Roger kneels behind his wife....Kathy asks him, did you ever want to fuck her shit hole? Roger smiles, from the first day I saw her ass...and he slaps his wife's ass....he uses his knees to spread her thighs and then lifts his wife's ass by the waist... Kathy spreads the woman's cheeks, look at this, so small and tight, and shiny with lube....Roger lays over the back of his wife...Beth is sobbing...Kathy spreads the woman's cheeks...Roger's cock is over  his wife's crack and Kathy puts the tip of it on Beth's hole...Kathy kisses Roger on the lips, stick your cock into her shit hole....Roger pushed in and then forced his cock past the anal ring.....Beth sobbed and cried.....Roger pumped his wife's ass...he was grunting and saying, this is a great fuck......Beth was crying from fear and pain....Kathy said, your wife is an ass whore. Look at how her cheeks move....Kathy kissed Beth on the neck and face..Kathy reached back and fondled Rogers scrotum, empty your man juice into the bitch's shit hole....and Roger started to moan and cum, pumping harder and faster as he shot his load. Then he pushed Beth down and laid on top of her....he whispered in her ear, I should have done this the first time I saw your naked ass....Kathy lays down next to Beth and took the panties out of her mouth..You're a slut you know and you are just about a sex slave....Roger got off the bed and went into the bathroom...Kathy rolled Beth onto her back and started to kiss Roger's wife....Beth submitted to the kissing...Then Kathy lay down on her back and said to Beth, eat my cunt....Beth sobbed and lay down between Kathy's thighs...Roger came back to the bed and sat next to the women rubbing his wife's ass....great fuck here, and he slapped her ass....Kathy had been playing with Roger's cock and he started to get hard and then very hard....Kathy pushes Beth off of her and kneels down hips and ass up and shoulders and head down....Kathy said to Roger, fuck me, fuck my cunt....She tells Beth to lay next to her so they can kiss while her husband fucks a younger woman. After Roger cums Kathy sucks him so he is clean and he eats her...They then shower and dress and pack...They all live in CT...same flight....Roger asks Kathy about her living situation. She is single and rents a small studio apartment...Roger says why don't you move to us. Beth will be obedient to you. Without hesitation Kathy says, yes. of course. I can be there by the end of the is Monday...Oh you should also get a king size mattress and box spring. Beth sobs. Roger says, you will do as I say. Beth sobs again....Kathy slaps Beth and says strip. Strip right now....Beth takes off the blouse and skirt and then the panties and bra. Kathy takes the underwear and puts it in a piece of luggage. She says to Beth, put the skirt and blouse on. Roger watches and smiles. After Beth is dressed, Kathy goes behind her and lifts the hem of the skirt. Wow her ass is still red from my spanking. Then she puts a finger on Beth's crack and touches her anus. Kathy laughs, your shit hole is way wide from hubby's fucking it. What a whore....Roger says let's get going. Kathy says yes. and then takes Beth in her arms and kisses her on the lips....your old tits are sagging, too bad you don't wear a bra...let's go, Roger says again.

5/30/2017 12:16:27 PM
MOM learns her lesson #2.....Roger leads Beth into the dining room and she feels like she is on display....well the hem of her blouse only comes to the top of her the light her nipples protrude obviously not wearing a bra....the hem of her skirt is above mid-thigh and it is clear that there is no underwear. As she has explained it to me she was nervous but comfortable with the notion of submission until the evening got out of hand....after dinner Roger takes her into the bar and they sit at the bar...he tells her to dance with whomever asks...further, he tells her her body will be fondled and she should accept the attention.....fairly quickly several men ask her to dance...then a woman asks her to dance....this partner puts her hands on Beth's ass...she sticks her tongue into Beth's ear....She is almost 6 ft tall, lean, thin....she tells Beth....he is displaying you isn't he...Beth shakes her head in acknowledgement...the woman holds Beth's head on her chest  ...the people are looking at us now...they think that you and I are lezzies....she looks over Beth's shoulder at Roger and she winks..he winks back...The bar is crowded lots of drinking...the woman puts her hands inside  the waistband of Beth's skirt...she smiles at Roger, he smiles back... The woman holds Beth's bare cheeks....god you are a fucking slut.....he made you dress like this?...Beth gasps, yes he did...good for him...she holds both cheeks and squeezes them and then she very obviously spread Beth's cheeks and presses a finger against Beth's name is Kathy by the way and that is a nice little asshole for an older woman...kiss me on the lips....Beth turned her head...Kathy said kiss me on the lips or hubby and I will beat your ass....Beth turns and kisses your mouth, Kathy tongues must be late 50s...yes Beth says....I am 42....Kathy is holding her partner's bare ass doesn't sag like tits are C cup and still firm...the music changes...your cunt must be sagging...I can feel your tummy...hubby looks buff...Kathy leads Beth to a table in the back of the bar...Roger joins them...he introduces himself...Kathy said I saw you two go into the dining room and then come in here....Kathy points to his wife, she is getting soft isn't she...Roger laughs, she's let herself go a bit...Kathy asks when did she become a sub?...Roger laughs, tonight or late this afternoon....she have kids...Roger says, yes a daughter 25 a teacher...looks like her mom but younger.....ignoring Beth she asks hubby...she ever give you a blow job...he says she sucks me...Kathy says but you don't come in her mouth...he says no....Kathy asks, ever fuck her ass...Roger says that is a no-go zone. Kathy grabs Beth's face and kisses her on the lips....Kathy puts her hand on Beth's knee....the hem of the skirt is at mid thigh....Kathy tells her, spread your knees. Good girl...Her hand goes up Beth's thigh....she asks Roger, you  just shaved her cunt?...he smiles. yes that is true....Kathy reaches over and hold Roger's hand....have you spanked her?...he smile..., first time today....Kathy says bet you waited a long time to get freedom with her ass? Want to go back to your room?...He smiles and says Yes. of course....Beth sobs...Kathy takes Beth's hand and leads them out of the bar and back to their room. The door shuts ...excitement from Roger and Kathy...fear now in Beth's eye...Kathy says I want to undress the bitch...Roger says, do it!.... Beth shudders and Kathy pulls the skirt down. Step out of it girl. Beth does...Lift your hands, and Kathy takes off Beth's blouse. Roger says to his wife , do what she says or your ass will be scarlet. Kathy runs her hands over Beth's body, actually not too bad for an old woman. Roger opens some wine and takes a glass for himself and a glass for Kathy. Kathy stands up and takes off her blouse and skirt. Then she takes off her bra....firm breasts...Kathy takes Beth's hand....get on your knees... Kathy is wearing bikini underwear... she commands Beth...get on your knees...Beth shudders...Roger tells his wife, do as your told....Beth drops to her knees....Kathy is slender and buff...take my undies off, bitch...Beth puts her hands in the waistband....hesitates...Kathy says, now you old bitch....Beth takes the underpants off...Kathy has very thin  cunt lips and a thick protruding clit....she takes Beth's face in her hands, kiss my cunt. lick it....then Kathy says stay on your knees and undress hubby....Kathy takes off his shirt....she tells Beth, undress him... Roger has a nice cock 7 in uncut thick when hard. Kathy takes Roger and kisses him..his cock is hard and thick....Beth is on her knees...kiss hubby's lick it...lick his balls...Kathy says, well she has potential for an old bitch....Kathy says stay on your knees and come over here...Kiss my cunt, Beth stops....Get her on the bed...Roger put his wife on the bed....very sexy everyone naked. Sit on the back of the old bitch's legs...Kathy takes a belt of off Roger's pants... Beth is saying let me go...Roger holds tight. Kathy said, I am relentless and strict...Roger says she lacks discipline and obedience....It took Kathy about 15 minutes to redden Beth's ass and lay some welts on it....So, bitch are you going to be a good girl? Beth was sobbing and crying, Yes, please yes....Do you want my cunt, Beth is sobbing, yes, please let me have your cunt....after about 5 minutes Kathy laughed, your face is slick with my cum that makes you a lez. Then Kathy takes Roger's hand and they lay down. She says to Beth you can help.. Roger has precum on his cock, lick it. Beth did as directed. Kathy says I have cum from small orgasms, clean my cunt. Beth licked Kathy's cunt.
Then she asks Roger missionary or doggy....Oh god doggy....Kathy kneels, head down ass up.
She says kneel behind me and have the old bitch lead your cock into my cunt. Oh that is great...She tells Beth to kiss Roger while he is fucking her....After a few minutes Roger cums...Now Kathy says you do as you are told or I will throw you out of the room naked. Beth is crying, no please...Kathy says, ok this is what you will do. Clean his cum and my cum off his cock, lick it well. Then clean out my cunt and the cum that is dripping into my ass crack....Beth gags and then lays down between Kathy's thighs. While she is licking, Kathy is grabbing her hair and head and having huge orgasms. Then Kathy turns over and spread her legs, bitch clean the cum out of my ass crack and asshole, Now Beth is very excited even though she tried to control that...Roger was exhausted...Kathy had some energy...She told Beth to lay down and spread her legs...Kathy licked Beth's ass and cunt...her hips over Beth's head....Beth grabbed Kathy's ass...Kathy was busy eating Beth's a few minutes the two women had huge orgasms...Kathy rolled over .... she slept on one side of Roger and Beth slept on the other side...later that night Beth moved and slept next to Kathy and they had several orgasms kissing licking and stroking...Kathy telling Beth you are our whore...Beth saying yes I am a whore for you and Roger

5/30/2017 7:20:03 AM
MOM learns her lesson.. Roger & Beth friends of mine in the BDSM world.... this had been a conservative older couple...he is now 62 and she is 58...he is 5-10 185 ...she is 5-7 165.... married 25 years in a straight non-kinky relationship... until this past January....they had traveled for vacation to an adults only resort in Mexico.... the second afternoon on the vacation they went back to their room to change for cocktails and dinner....Roger was wearing his bathing suit and sipping wine...Beth was wearing on one piece suit and in the middle of a she pulled her suit down below her waist she told told Roger to fuck off....he said what did you just say...she said I just told you to fuck off....with her suit now below her knees Roger pushed his wife face down on the bed....he put a leg over the back of her knees and pushed her back down with a hand on her upper back.... then with his free hand I started to slap her ass...then he told her told her she was a bitch and he spanked her ass until she started to whimper....she didn't resist ...she put her face into the mattress and started to cry....Roger realized that his wife was exhibiting the perfect signs of submission...he told her to stay put...she did...he got a plastic handle hairbrush from the bathroom...he returned to the bed and he told her he was tired of her being a bitch...she apologized...she said she would be a good girl...he said I don't care we have a lesson to learn...he used the hair brush on her ass  until her very white cheeks turned very red and she was crying....he took off her bathing suit and told her to go stand against the wall, ass out.....then he said put your hands on your head and be a good  bitch...she did what she was told...then he took a chair and his wine and sat down behind her...she was sobbing...hands on her head... he rubbed his hands over her I just now find out you are a submissive girl...yes, she answers....he runs his hands over her red much do you weigh?...she says please much, he repeats and slaps her on her much?....don't lie...about 165 she says....ever been heavier?, he asks...yes, she says still sobbing....when?... last month but then I lost weight for this heavy, he asked...180 she says....he slaps her ass, that is a fat lady's weight, don't you agree...she is sobbing, yes I know.....he says to her, keep your hands on your head and turn around...she turns around a frightened look on her face, please Roger....she isn't really fat but she does have a tummy but no love handles....her breasts are 40D with thick pointed nipples...Roger puts his hands between his wife's legs...he puts a hand on her sex, no more hairy cunt. I want you to shave this cunt so your cunt lips are completely visible.....Beth is saying, Yes, Roger....then he takes her hands and takes her to the bed, he says,  lay face down. Beth, your fat ass is red. Beth's ass is red but  not in any way fat, nice small round cheeks. How did that happen, he runs his hand over her red cheeks...She sobs out, I was spanked. He goes into the bathroom and gets the suntan lotion...he pushes her legs apart...he squirts lotion on her ass crack....she realizes what is going to happen, please Roger that is my most private place....he asks, what is the most private place?....she says, my fanny...he says you mean your ass...yes my ass, she mean your anus?...yes my anus, she mean your asshole?..yes my asshole, she he says, tell me that your asshole is a private place....she says my asshole is a private place...he says when did you last shit...she says, I went poop this morning...He slaps her ass hard and says, tell me that you shit this morning...she said, please Roger...he slaps her ass harder...say it...she is crying, Roger, I shit this morning!...he says there that was easy to say....then he rubbed the lotion  on her crack and then around her hole...she said, please don't.... he smiled and pushed a finger in to her anus. My this is such a tight little hole, this will be so much fun for me. ...she started to sob, please, Roger....he said, Please Roger? Beth tell me that your shit hole is mine. The he slaps her ass over and over...Roger my shit hole is yours....he says, now that is a good girl. He tells her to go into the shower and shave her cunt. After 20 minutes she comes out of the shower. He takes the towel away and rubs his hands on her crotch. Good girl, now you have a smooth cunt....nice plump labia and my my the little clit has popped out. He goes to the closet and takes a very short white skirt and thin sleeve-less blouse and puts them on the bed. He gives her a pair of flat sandals. I am going to shower. Get dressed. After his shower he puts on jockey shorts, shorts, a polo shirt, and boat shoes. He has Beth stand in front of him. The white skirt is very short and the sleeveless blouse is nearly transparent. Roger can I put on panties and a bra? He laughs at his wife, No! of course not....But I will feel naked...He takes her hand and leads her to the elevator. The door opens and people say hello. Beth feels naked as they go down to dinner.

5/28/2017 10:31:14 AM
CASTRATION  I went to a dom's home.....he had the boi strapped to a table...face up ...naked... hands tied back and his legs tied and spread...he offered wine, beer, and snacks....the guests had an opportunity to play with his sub......he was 70 yo at the time....5-5...155......penis is about 2in soft and about 4in hard...uncut....small testicles and scrotum....when the time came...a woman began to scrub his groin with a disinfectant....then she used this tool they use on rams......he started crying heavily...which was erotic....his sack fit easily into the instrument.....then she stopped to eat and chat... about 15 minutes later.....she kissed the boi on his lips and then one snip and he was a eunuch
Yes! He is married! He and his wife gave up their old life and moved in with the dom. They met at a normal party at my home. She was 59 at the time. She looks younger. At my party they had an affinity for the dom. He is 6ft 240 lbs. Eventually they sold their home and moved in with the dom as his slaves. She is as tall as her husband but slender...5-5 120 maybe 34B...small breasts ....hubby's cock would ejaculate prematurely....the dom said the boi's sack had to come off and she agreed..hubby was given the choice of getting snipped or leaving..when the they decided on a day and time, the dom made it a social event... next event will be a circumcision... 

5/22/2017 3:29:28 AM
A letter to a sub.....a real boi-whore....I want to display him to others...preferably a woman/women...or a couple man/woman


are you proud of your previous humiliation? I like everything that he did to you. You must have behaved like a real slut for him.I don't understand why he did not spank your ass. I will restrain you face up so that I can spend time with your tits. And I will spend time with your penis and scrotum. Edging your penis will be a high priority. Your scrotum should be full because you will refrain from masturbating for several days prior to my visit. If the testicles are not as full as I expect, you should expect to be punished.  Being restrained face up means that I can put my cock in your mouth whenever I wish.

After I am  bored with playing with your tits and  penis and scrotum, I will  turn you over. You will be restrained  ass up. Your cheeks will be slapped a few times  while I lubricate your boi-cunt. Your anal ring  is probably tight so between my fingers and your toys  it will be opened for my pleasure. I will do what he did not do to your ass, spank it. There are a variety of implements that you have. I will use most or all of them. I do enjoy using the belt most of all. It makes a loud crack when it hits your cheeks and your ass captures the mark of the belt in a very erotic way. What will be fun is knowing that it has been a while since you were spanked. Your cheeks must be very white right now. During my visit your cheeks will change from white, to pink, to scarlet. If you make too much noise during the spankings then I will use that ball gag.

The enema bag should be full and hanging in the shower. Of course I will stay with you during the whole enema process. A bad boi should have no privacy.

If I have to pee, you will kneel on all fours in the shower. I will make you shower after I pee. I will wash and dry you. I think when a boi accepts his dom's pee on his body he is demeaning himself..

As we discussed previously, I will be edging you throughout my visit. I will edge you with toys, my fingers, and my tongue and lips. You will do some corner time with your hands restrained, face against the wall, bare ass available for finger fucking, toy fucking, and of course spanking.

I will let you cum at the end of the session. I am thinking that I will cum on you...your face or your ass or maybe in your mouth or ass.

My visit should accentuate your role as a boi-whore. That master called you a "faggot whore." Is that a correct assessment of you?

5/20/2017 4:48:49 PM
Mom & Dad....she is 50 years old & he is 55 years old...they wanted to submit to a dom. Nice!
I had lunch with them at a local upscale restaurant. They were nervous, as expected. She is a bleached blonde. His brown hair is graying. Submissive couples intrigue me in so many ways. He is 5-6 obviously submissive and she is 5-2 and very submissive. As we chatted I was amazed at the level of the submission and kink that they wanted to go to. I agreed to go to their home this morning.
My demand was that they meet me naked. At first they were reluctant and then I said "fine, you should seek another dom." That caused some discussion and also changed their attitude.
So this morning I went to their home. It is an expensive and an extensive home, over 4,000 sq. ft. When they answered the door they were as expected both naked. So, he is slender 5-6 140, small uncut penis, very white ass. She is 5-2, 110, small tits, small ass, furry cunt. His penis got semi-erect. I put a hand on her cunt and it was damp. I was very assertive. I was going to shave the hair from his groin and his ass...I was going to shave the hair from her cunt...although it was dark brown with gray hair interspersed in a way...I inspected them and slapped their asses. I asked for a cup coffee and I sat on the couch and made them stand before me. His penis is quite small about 3in uncut semi-erect... she has a tummy from having two children...her breasts are 34C, with pronounced nipples and sagging. Her ass is small and round...same as his ass.
I told her that her body was affected by child birth. Her ass was sagging, her tits were sagging, and her tummy showed her age. She sobbed and said she understood. He stood in front of me. His uncut penis was pathetic. I asked her how his penis satisfied her cunt. She responded that they always fucked doggy style.
I told them that all hair below the neck had to be shaved. She said that we could go to the bathroom. Master bedroom large master bathroom. I used soap and hot water to lather them. He was easily shaved. Shaving a furry cunt can take a longer time. He watched and assisted and she accepted the process....different positions as we cleared her hair away.
Then I put them in the shower &  showered them together. They both had to pee which was humiliating. Without pubic hair her cunt looked like a teenage girl. His penis looked like a teenage boi. I decided to put them on the bed in the master bedroom...king sized mattress...I restrained them face down...their asses looked extremely small...
Read my next entry for their discipline...

5/14/2017 11:13:12 AM
On Friday  I went to Jeff's home. He greeted me in the nude. He respectfully put his hands at his side, head down, eyes down. We went in to the kitchen and had the boi serve me a cup of coffee. His penis was lost under the foreskin and made me comment  that it was not very manly. He blushed. I had him face away from me so I could see his ass. There still was a slight mark from a welt he had received earlier in the week. I made him bend over and spread his cheeks. His hole had shrunk down its original size, small, tight, and pink rim brown hole. We went into the bathroom. A full enema bag hung from a hook. He had shaving cream and a razor on the sink.  I started shaving him under his arms. I then went over his torso back and front. Then I shaved his legs and his ass cheeks. Lastly I shaved the stubble around his genitals. I wanted to see his penis get stiff so I massaged it, kissed it, and licked it and the same with his scrotum. I was even able to get some pre-cum from him. I had him lay on  the floor and then pushed the lubed nozzle into his anus and released the enema. He moaned and begged me to stop but I did not. He waited 5 minutes then he released on the toilet. The second enema he had to hold for 10 minutes and the third enema he held for 15 minutes. I took him nearly an hour to finish emptying out. Then I made him shower. Before the shower he was allowed to masturbate on the floor and lick up his mess.. He was very surprised and appreciative that I did not spank him during the visit.

5/11/2017 3:51:53 AM
My visit was about 3 hours long. I was naked the whole time. He was naked under a robe which came off. I had to suck him and then rim him. He was displeased. Restrained me face down  spread-eagle. Then gagged  me. He played with my hole and spanked me with a leather belt. When he stopped My ass was scarlet red with welts raised on my cheeks. He made me sob. I had to honor his cock before and after he fucked my ass. He made kneel and accept his pee. He fucked me twice both on my hands  and knees...ass up and head down. When I left his cum was dripping out of my ass...big cock uncut....big balls....lots of cum....he wants me back ...this afternoon.....I think

5/9/2017 3:17:26 AM
Today I go to visit a dom who I have not visited in over a year. He is strict demanding and very kinky. He is upset that we have not met for over a year..Hmmmmmmmm!!!!!!

5/7/2017 10:40:31 AM
I had the new boi, Jeff, over to my house for the first time. But I had to go out for a few hours so I invited a dom I see sometimes to babysit for me.  Jeff was naked but attempted to cover up when Henry came in. Henry is 6 ft 250 and very assertive. He dragged Jeff to the couch and held him face down. He gave Jeff a spanking that made his ass red with multiple hand prints. It was severe enough to make Jeff beg and sob which Henry totally ignored. Henry was pissed because Jeff tried to cover-up his nakedness. When he stood Jeff up, Henry made him put his hands on his head. Henry told Jeff he was acting like a little girl. At that point I knew Jeff was in good hands and I left. I left around 9:30 and returned home at 2 in the afternoon. Henry was finishing a beer and told me that "the boi was shared." Henry left and I went into the bedroom where Jeff was laying face down and naked. His ass and his upper thighs under his ass cheeks were red, scarlet red, and covered with welts from a thick leather belt.

Jeff was sobbing and crying. I sat down on the bed and rubbed his ass. It is so erotic to hear a grown man sob and cry from a spanking .His anus was opened wide obviously used frequently. He was sobbing and talking and told me that Henry had 3 friends over and they stayed for hours. Henry had also invited other friends to come and get serviced. Eventually five men visited. They used Jeff for oral sex and anal sex. They also used him as a urinal, which accounted for the smell of urine and cum on Jeff. There was dried cum and some dried pee on Jeff's hair and face. Apparently Jeff spilling their body fluids made Henry's guests unhappy. Thus the strap marks on him. What was erotic was that Jeff's anus was stretched wide and it was dripping cum. The cum dripped down the crack in his cheeks and onto a towel. I held the towel on Jeff's ass and made him walk with me to the bathroom. I used a washcloth to wipe his ass. I made him lay down on the bathroom floor and I filled an enema. I added liquid ivory soap to the warm water. The nozzle slipped way in because his anus and rectum were very wide. Then I released the clip on the tube and the water emptied into Jeff's ass. He was begging me to slow down and to stop, which was n't going to happen. I only made him hold the enema for 2 minutes and watched him rush to the toilet and release. After he slowed down I made him get back on the floor and gave him a second soap enema. Eventually I gave him a third clear water enema, which he had to hold for 5 minutes. After that I made him shower and I soaped him. I dried him off and I had him lay face down on the bed so I could treat the welts on his ass. I told him the men felt that he was disobedient and disrespectful, thus the multiple harsh spankings. He started to sob again. I got a bowl and poured rubbing alcohol in it. I used a washcloth to soak up the alcohol and then I laid it over Jeff's ass. There was a great deal of moaning, sobbing, and crying, telling me how much that hurt. I told him that if he had been a good boi this wouldn't be happening. I let him have some soup for dinner and then we went to bed. Without being asked he kissed me, sucked me, rimmed me throughout the night. His ass is still very red and some bruises have formed. Most of the welts have faded or disappeared. I have been using him as my urinal throughout the night and all day today. I did display him to a woman who is my sub.
She was fascinated with his small uncut penis and also with how his anus was stretched by all of the cocks that had been in there. Interesting, she had been a student's of Jeff when he was teaching. She had lunch with me which Jeff served to us. She would make him stand next to her so she could fondle his penis and scrotum. She continuously made comments about how small his penis was. She played with the foreskin and fondled his scrotum. His tiny sack and testicles also amused her. After lunch we sat in the living room and had coffee. She made Jeff stand in front of her and she kept on giving him erections. I brought in a towel and told her to let the boi cum. She giggled and put the towel on the couch and made Jeff kneel facing her. She kissed his penis and licked it. And when she got pre-cum she used her right hand to jerk him off. Surprisingly he shot a huge load of cum on her legs. She was wearing a skirt and blouse. I sat next to her and used a finger to wipe up the cum and fed some to her and some to Jeff. I made her stand up and I pulled her panties down and I slapped her ass. Her pussy was soaked. While she stood there I made Jeff finger fuck her. I kept the panties and dismissed her.

5/7/2017 10:17:18 AM

5/6/2017 1:15:28 PM
the new boi and my second visit....he had to greet me naked...when I arrived he was shivering a bit and his penis had almost disappeared....I took him directly to the bedroom and made him lay face down on the bed. His small ass cheeks were milky white. I restrained him spread eagle. He had supplied me with a hair brush and a brown leather belt and lube. First I lubed his ass with one finger. Then I added a finger until I had 4 fingers in his little hole. He was moaning and grunting. I took my hand out and went to wash it in the bathroom. I came out and started to spank him alternating with the brush and the belt. Eventually he was begging me to stop. I told him to be quiet and continued with the spanking. His begging continued but the sobbing turned to crying. His cheeks turned red, scarlet, and welts started to form. Then I stopped and untied him. I went into the living room and made him stand facing the wall. He was still crying and shaking and his cheeks shook...very sexy... I poured a glass of wine for myself and sat chastising him. I went into his bathroom and took the enema equipment out. I filled the bag with warm water and liquid ivory soap. I made him go into the bathroom and lay down on a towel. He was still sobbing and his cheeks were bright red. I hung the bag and stuck the nozzle in his anus. I refilled my wine glass and went back in the bathroom. I got naked. Then I released the water into his ass. The warm water and the liquid soap made him beg me to stop then to let him go to the toilet.  I slapped his ass and told him to be quiet. I was planning to stay for the night...which was not part of his plan

4/30/2017 9:37:19 AM
A new boi...65 yo....5-7....145 lb....tiny uncut penis....small scrotum....widower...his desire was to submit totally....we spoke on the phone several times...he sounded nervous...scared?.... I agreed to visit him at his home...I gave him a list of items....rope for bondage, belt for spanking...lube for his anus....full enema hanging in his bathroom....and he had to greet me naked.... the morning of my visit I arrived at 9:30 and I rang the door bell....he stood behind the door and greeted me...he tried to cover his genitals with a hand...I entered the living room and shut the door. I told him to put his hands on his head....He was standing in the middle of a small living room. I put my hands on him and walked around....I went over to the couch and sat down....I made him stand in front of me with his back to me.....I ran my hands over his ass cheeks and down his crack.....he was breathing heavily....I asked him if he was excited or nervous....and he said that he was scared....I made him bring the supplies I requested, except the enema, and put them on the couch next to me. He walked in little choppy steps and brought the supplies in. I told him to turn around, back to me, and I took a piece of rope and tied his wrists behind his back. His cheeks are very small and very white, almost feminine. He had shaved his body so he was hairless...very pale white skin. I took the tube of lube and lubed my middle finger on my right hand. I had him spread his legs and bend a bit so I could lube his hole. He asked if it was going to hurt. I said you'll know in a few seconds. I lubed his hole and then pushed a finger in. His hole was small and tight. I reached around with my other hand and grabbed his penis. I pulled on his foreskin and massaged him. And at one point I pushed his foreskin as far back as I could and exposed the delicate penis skin underneath the foreskin. Then I pushed it back. His little penis became stiff but it was still very small. His full erection is not more than 3 inches. I continue to tell him that his erection is a disgrace for a mature man. Then I brought him into the bedroom. Then I got naked. I had him sit on the bed so he could suck me and lick me. I told him if he did a good job I would be lenient with my spanking. Of course he failed to please me. I made him lay face down and and I spread his legs and restrain his legs by the ankles. I took the leather belt and spanked him until his cheeks were red and there was begging and some sobbing. I made him promise me that he would be a good boi. I untied his legs and turned him over. There were tears in his eyes so I kissed him and he stuck out his tongue. That is an excellent sign of submission. I untied him and led him into the bathroom. As I had directed, the enema bag was hanging and filled with water. As directed he had lubed the nozzle. He lay flat on the floor on a towel. I did not hesitate and pushed the nozzle into his ass. His cheeks were very red and there were two significant welts. I released the clip and the water flowed into him. He started to moan. He raised his hips. He begged me to slow the water. I slapped his ass and told him to be quiet and I let the water rush in until the bag was empty. Then he begged me to let him go. I made him wait for several minutes. When he did stand up he rushed to the toilet but some stuff got on floor. I told him that spilling poop is disgusting. It took him about 30 minutes to get empty. We got in the shower and washed each other. I took him back into the bedroom and made him lie naked on his back. We kissed and then I played with his penis. I knelt next to him and I put my uncut cock in his mouth. I came almost instantly and he gagged. Then I took his penis and masturbated him. Surprise, he squirted out a great deal of cum which I fed to him. I made him stay naked while I dressed. I sat in his kitchen and had a cup of coffee while he stood next to me, still naked. He asked how he did. I told him he was adequate but nothing special. He asked if I would visit again. I told him only if he sent me an e-mail invitation specifically telling me what he wanted. Then I left him at the door standing naked. His penis small as could be.

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