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Hetero Female Switch, 43,  East Hartford, Connecticut
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stairmaster - East Hartford, Connecticut

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I do not do online or Cam, so please DO NOT ASK. And if you can not be a gentleman when first speaking to me do not leave a message it will be ignored and so will you. Just because someone is a sub you can still treat her like a lady if you expect her to respond to you at all. I love bondage and silk scarf bondage of all kinds. Silk is sensual to play with whether I am subbing or Topping. I prefer subbing but always enjoy Topping also. I am in a Switch Play Partner relationship for the last year and a half, but it is an open relationship. I have never stepped out of that the person I would do that with would have to be special, for me to even consider it.












 Female Switch

 East Hartford 


 5' 3"

 150 lbs






Actively Seeking:

Dominant Male

Switch Men

Friends Only

 Lives For:

 Amusement Parks (Expert)

 Fine Dining

 Travel (Expert)

 Role Playing (Expert)

 Sensory Deprivation (Expert)

 Horror Movies (Expert)

 Mathematics (Expert)

 Pop Music

 Seventies Music

 Football (Expert)


 Art Galleries

 Bar Hopping

 Beachcombing (Expert)

 Clubbing (Expert)

 Coffee Shops  (Expert)


 Going to the Opera (Beginner)

 Movies (Expert)


 Musical Theater (Expert)

 Renaissance Faires (Beginner)

 Shopping (Expert)


 Dancing (Expert)

 Walking (Expert)

 Anal Play


 Blindfolds (Expert)

 Body Worship

 Bondage (Expert)

 Breast Play (Beginner)

 Collars (Beginner)

 Corsets (Beginner)

 Gags (Expert)

 Hair Pulling (Expert)

 Masks (On Partner) (Expert)

 Massage (Getting) (Expert)

 Massage (Giving)

 Medical Play (Beginner)

 Obedience Training (Beginner)

 Outdoor Bondage (Expert)


 Stockings (Expert)

 Theatrical Scenes (Beginner)

 Uniforms (Beginner)

 Vibrators (Expert)

 Role Playing Games (Expert)

 Romance Novels (Expert)

 Science Fiction (Expert)

 Sitcoms (Expert)

 True Crime (Expert)

 TV News

 TV Sports (Expert)

 Aromatherapy (Beginner)

 Cooking (Expert)

 Eighties Music

 New Age Music

 Nineties Music




 Rock Music

 Baseball (Expert)




 Wrestling (Expert)



 Raves (Beginner)





 Horseback Riding (Beginner)

 Eye Contact Restrictions

 Hoods (Beginner)

 Housework Service (Expert)


 Knife Play

 Leashes (Beginner)

 Masks (Wearing)

 Orgasm Denial

 Maid/Butler Service (Beginner)

 Pantyhose Fetish

 Speech Restrictions (Beginner)

 Board Games (Expert)

 Card Games

 Comedy Shows (Expert)

 Historical Shows


 Web Surfing (Expert)


 Photography (Beginner)





 Classical Music


 Hip Hop Music


 New Wave


 Show Tunes







 Simulation Games

 Alternative Music

 Country Music

 Electronica / EDM



 Curious About:

 Canes and Crops (Beginner)

 Exhibitionism (Beginner)

 Local BDSM Community (Beginner)

 Foot Worship (Beginner)


 Public Play  (Beginner)



 Wax play


 Lifestyle BDSM (Beginner)

 Opera Music


 Ice Hockey


 Sky Diving



 Electrical Play


 Rubber Fetish







 Fire Play

 Gas Masks


 Hard Limits:


 Needle Play

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Journal Entries:
5/1/2016 6:38:16 PM

Today has been three years since I met my Sir, My Master, My Handsome MBC. It has been a great three years. I have learned so much over that time, I've had many firsts and they always brought me such great pleasure. When he ties me up, then slips the blindfold, and gag on there is no other greater pleasure, except when He has His cock in my mouth or He is fucking me hard.

We have seen each other through good times and bad times and I am glad we are always able to be there for each other. I am glad that He is a shoulder I can lean on and that He can always lean on mine also. Without Him in my life, I don't know if I would be where I am in this lifestyle.

We are so much more than a D/s, Switch relationship we are best friends. I know I can talk to Him about anything and He can talk to me about anything. We never have to be afraid of asking each other questions. We can always share anything that we like with each other.

When we are together it is just the two of us playing and talking for hours and always just enjoying each others company no matter what we are doing. When it is time to leave His house or wherever we are at, it is hard to leave and say goodbye until the next time we get to see each other. Which I know will always be SOON but not always SOON enough.

Thank you Sir, Master, Handsome MBC for the best three years so far, and many more to come. <3

5/1/2016 6:37:26 PM

When my Master told me to dress as Mrs Claus. I thought ohhh this is going to be a FUN day. He told me a Mrs. Claus lingerie, white hose and a pair of black heels with a strap. I was wondering all that time what He had in store for me. I soon found out.

He came for a visit with me. We checked into the hotel and I changed into what He told me to wear for the scene. He told me I was His "Good Little Girl and they get rewarded" He adorned me with my beautiful scarf collar. I cherish then all.

He told me to lay down on the bed face down. I was still wondering what was in store for me. He quickly put a blindfold on me so I couldn't see what He had planned for me. Next ting I know my head was lifted up by Him and he shoved his HUGE cock down my throat. He proceeded to fuck my mouth until His streams of cum were shooting down the back of my throat. He told me since I sucked His cock like a good girl he would reward me.

He then proceeded to gag me and gagged me heavily with a cleave gag wrapped several times in my mouth and then used bed linen as an over the mouth gag wrapped several times. He wanted to make sure the other guests at the hotel could not hear He had plans!

Soon I was tied up arms behind my back, my legs and ankles all tightly tied. And He knows I am an escape artist so He tends to tie things out of my reach. And He ties them all together to make it is harder for me to get out and to make me struggle more. After He had me tightly secured He started to spank me as He said I was a being a tease to Him looking all sexy tied up like that. (Little does He know I love being spanked, flogged, or paddled). After He left my ass red and with His hand prints on it. He proceeded to now FUCK me and FUCK me hard. He then added a cold steel anal hook. He said "you will be my three hole slut today!!" I always love being his three hole slut. Now as He is fucking me He demands me to cum all over his HUGE cock and I do over and over again.

Now he breaks out my best friend the HITACHI and He puts it on the anal hook... which if you didn't know feels amazing as it vibrates through your ass. He then moves it down under me finds my clit and turns it on as he is fucking me even harder now. I cum over and over AGAIN. And he also shoots His large load in me. I love the feeling of Him dripping out of me for a few days. Running down my legs.

He is still not done with me He puts me in a nice tight hogtie. He sits back on the bed having a glass of wine and watching me struggle in the hogtie. He says "I am not done with you yet you naughty Mrs Claus laying there struggling and teasing me," He now proceeds to fuck me again, I don't think this MAD MAD Santa is ever going to have enough. He fucks and rapes me until we both cum again. It was a FUN time as He promised me.

12/12/2015 7:53:18 PM

                                     Cock Rings

Know where your cock rings are when you are done having sex!

So yesterday me and my Dom are playing and after we're done he says "I can't find the cock ring." We searched the whole room for it, everywhere!! He says "I went to the bathroom, but I would of heard it fall in the toilet." It is a metal silver one. So now we have both looked all over the place, bathroom and all. To no avail. We assume now it is just lost.

I decide I now have to go to the bathroom. And me being me thinks I am going to check inside of me. Well as I'm in the bathroom I proceed the check inside of me. Guess what I find? You guessed it, the cock ring...but the story gets better. I tell him "I found it!" Well I pull TWO cock rings out the silver one we have been looking for and a blue one. And I let him know I found TWO. I said your blue one and silver one. He says "no only ONE." I proceed to show him that there are definitely TWO. He says "I haven't seen that one in months, thought I lost it." Well I said 'if it has been in there for months haven't you felt it when you were fucking me?" Nope he didn't. They were both laying flat on top of one another. I cannot believe that the blue one has been in there for FOUR months. Thank goodness I had no test done down in the pelvic area since then. I couldn't imagine a Dr pulling it out and asking what it was. Ohhh God *face palm*.

We laughed about it, and I still laugh whenever I think about it!

So moral of the ALWAYS know where your cock rings are after sex. Your girls vagina might have stolen it!!! Mine did, not once but twice!

6/6/2014 10:50:14 AM

Change of Status

Journal Entry | 1 Comment · 2 Love It | about 3 hours ago

I am changing my status to a switch, because of lately we have been switching.

I actually really enjoy topping...never thought I would...but I do.

It has taught me a lot about myself and it has also taught me about TRUST. As a sub you have to have all the trust in your Dom, that he will not hurt you or push you to far. You have to have the trust that if you need to stop He will and won't be angry or ruin the scene...just make a few adjustments. As a sub your trust has to go a long way to allow some one to tie you up and take every bit of control away from you.

Now from the other point of view I have learned that the trust that the bottom has put in me is tremendous. He has to believe that I will not harm him in any way. I hold all the power of the scene, and now it is my job to keep him safe at all measures and not push him to far. When someone is bound, gagged, and blindfolded and has all their ways of communication taken away, I as the Top need to be able to read his body and if he is in any discomfort and make the adjustments. It makes me appreciate what the Dom needs to do and learn. And it is an awful lot.

Don't get me wrong I love love being bound, gagged, and blindfolded more than anything!! But now I am also realizing I am enjoy being the one doing the tying. And having total control over the scene. So as we switch and learn from each other, it is a new journey I will be embarking on. And double switching is the greatest as you get the best of both worlds in the same scene. We double switched last time and I did not know we were going to do I still had my element of surprise....and I still got my favorite things of being totally not in control all tied up nice and tight.

4/26/2014 7:08:11 AM

What Being Bound, Gagged, and Blindfolded Means to Me...

Journal Entry | 21 Comments · 17 Love It | 5 months ago

When being bound, gagged, and blindfolded my other senses go into overdrive. I feel so relaxed and so sensual that just the slightest touch makes me quiver. My mind goes to another place and I get lost there and I love that feeling. When I feel that first piece of silk or rope or bed linen (or whatever else is being used) my body starts to tingle immediately. It is the most relaxing feeling in the world. It is like therapy to me, where I can just escape the world around me.

I have said to my Dom tying me up "that people outside of here would think we were crazy, how I just love the feeling of the tight silk (or whatever is being used) and how it takes me to new places and heights of arousal. And how Him seeing me like that turns Him on."

When rendered helpless and fighting against the ties I know I will be achy the next day, but it is well worth it in the end. In the end I feel completely at ease and enjoy the aches as a remembrance for later.

I love a huge ball gag and am always daring Him to use a bigger one, when the ball gag goes in you feel even more defenseless, now you can't move or talk or yell out. The sore jaw later (if I get a sore jaw) well that is always well worth it in the end also.

Now comes the blindfold. Ohhh the blindfold completes it as the sense of sight is taken away from you. Now you are totally helpless. I love the blindfold, you have no clue as to what is happening and your ears try to catch all the sounds of movement. The blindfold finishes it for I love the element of surprise and not knowing what is going to happen next in the scene.

These are the reasons I love being bound, gagged, and blindfolded. To be rendered totally helpless and to get to just relax and enjoy the scene. Nothing feels better to me than that!


4/22/2014 3:52:16 PM

Today one year ago I met my Dom. I am so glad that we entered into each others lives. He has shown me many many firsts and has taken me to new and higher places in this lifestyle. He has given me a love for silk scarves and silk bondage. He has taught me that this lifestyle is not all structure, we like to relax and have fun and enjoy the moment. If you're not having fun and enjoying it then why be here?

To you MBC Sir I would like to thank you for the wonderful journey so far and look forward to a lot more firsts and a wonderful next year with you. I hope we can make the next one as enjoyable as the last...which I know we can ;-) I thank you for the beautiful silk scarves you adorn me with (and always match the outfit or nightie I am wearing). And hopefully we can catch more of our journey on camera for us to look back on and reminisce and the world to enjoy.


3/15/2014 7:03:38 AM

I love when people trash talk you and you did nothing wrong. They believe they know the whole story and they do not. I am not a doormat or even something remotely to that. I speak my mind and do as I please within reason. I may be obedient but I know my place and when I should talk and also know when to shut up.

Trash talking is something I did in High School and probably not even then probably not since Junior High. So when people...adults act all juvenile I just want to tell them to grow up and be an adult. I try not to hold grudges and I try to be friendly with everyone. If people have questions about me or what I am doing they should ask me personally instead of assuming. You all know what happens when you assume don't you?? I thought I could be on and have it all DRAMA free...NOT. I thought we were all adults here and that we should all act like adults here...not the case.

I have learned in the past and just recently to never assume. It is a lesson I guess that we all learn sometimes...and it is not always an easy lesson to learn. So lets all be adults and act like adults. And lets all try not to assume and ask the source first. It makes life a whole lot easier that way.

2/18/2014 7:01:16 AM

I Want!

I want your cock to fill my mouth, pussy, and ass.
I want to feel the full weight of your body on top of me.
I want to feel how tight you tie me to the bed.
I want to feel the biggest gag you can get your hands on...and of course pulled as tight as you can.
I want to feel you slip the blindfold over my eyes to take away my vision of you and your lovely body.
Then I want to feel you take and own my body any way that YOU wish.
Then I want to feel your cum slowly leaking out of me...of the orifice of your choice of course.
I want to lay there in the afterglow of our session and reflect back to what just happened and how much we enjoyed it all.
I want to feel the aches from the bondage for a few days...for the memories of course.
For 10 months now I have enjoyed this and YOU.
I still WANT you in these ways...always MBC Sir.

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