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Hetero Female Slave, 32,  Missouri
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for the first time in over 3 years im going to put something on here ... i am collared. i have been collared now since march of 2014 and though i didnt think itd last, it has, and i am so happy. believe it or not... my master turned out to be my best friend, so he knows me well and takes care of me. for now, my profile is complete, and i hope it will stay that way for a long while.

ok so im changing my profile.. finally after i donno how many yrs. i have been trying to explain what i want in a Master. finally a song came out.. i couldn't believe it.. so if you are seeking to chat with me.. and need an idea of what i need who i am and what i like watch this- then msg me and btw if you are over 35 dont bother. i am not into the older Tops. and looking like him .. or somewhat like him in the video doesn't hurt

i m a girl that has a burning in my belly that wont stop and i wish none other to serve and serve well.... I believe that a slave should know her place and i make my life a study that i may better be prepared for my Master. slavery is not a form of being forced into a lifestyle that one is not respected and made to work , but i believe that being a slave is a freedom that is only given when ones Master claims her as his own. all the pain and discomfort will come when ones behavior acts up and is punished. if a slave stays true to their heart and serves Master with all their soul and body then nothing will come but happiness and joy that Master is be owned,protected and loved being secure in ones heart with her Master she will do anything to see Him smile and to be proud of His property. that should always be the desire of ones heart for with out Master girl is noting nor has purpose..but beware i am a sprite and will cause mischief










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Journal Entries:
3/5/2012 3:21:23 AM

and again things change. lies and pain. the love left me. went mia and disappeared 2 weeks ago. i tried to hold out hope, but alas no go. he was supposed to be here yesterday, again no show. needless to say i have been .. crying. i cant believe that i trusted him. i dont think i will do that again.. its not worth the pain.

1/28/2012 4:31:10 AM

wow what a change of events. through trolls and hills my life has been a up and down. things happen so much and so fast, and then i find myself at the feet of Eryn. He has done so much for me and teaching me things every day. has gotten ppl off my back and.. idk theres a good chance... well hes gonna visit me in march. im not sure if i am excited or terrified lol. pars f me want to run.. a lot of parts do. but some enjoy being able to kneel at his feet and not have to worry about a lot of things. just be. thats all. thought fly through my mind a million a second and i wonder so many things like does he feel the same way, what can i do to make it better.. even if hes lying to me or should i trust him.


so far nolies. no abuse and all i have been is happy. who knows, things may actually be coming together. i love the death outta him just hope that he feels the same way... maybe even a lil bit would be nice.

1/23/2012 2:47:08 PM

so.. finding ppl and getting to know more about me which is good. i have a good friend that has known me for a very long time, and today he sent chills down my spine. i consider him a big brother, hes always watched out for me in bdsm and helped with a lot of things. i told him today that i may have a Sir... and hed have to ask now -jokingly of coarse. he said i dont understand, he doesnt conform to my lil community, to my bdsm if he wants me he will take me as long as i exist im his plaything. he will mess with me at his whim. i think my heart hit my throat. he said that i was in his world and i cant get out until he shows em the door.i asked if i jumped in the rabbit hole and he said i was in wonderland way to long,that the world outside had bruned and was gone. i asked then i should stay safe in wonderland ..  he said to run along hed not want his plaything to get into trouble and to behave myslef.


chills. total chills.


i love my big brother.


1/16/2012 5:22:10 PM

sometimes i think i need to be forced to become bi... men hurt my head....

12/24/2011 12:25:09 PM

my heart love of my life and life itself left me thurs.. we were together for 4 yrs. my entire world has crashed down around me. yes i know that ill get over it i know that it but for now it hurts so bad that i cant move. breathe or eat. i dont even know why im on here typing this, i really dont. no one on this site really is close to me.. maybe i just need to vent. or cry.. or..i dont know really.i guess if things dont get better then ... idk.. i just dont thats the scary part of it all.

3/21/2011 1:47:28 AM

why does a slave willingly submit to a Master?...

12/4/2010 1:35:08 AM

Although the ultimate origin of slut is unknown, it first appeared in Middle English

in 1402 as slutte (AHD), with the meaning "a dirty, untidy, or slovenly woman."[2]

Even earlier, Geoffrey Chaucer

used the word sluttish (c.1386) to describe a slovenly man; however, later uses appear almost exclusively associated with women.[2]

The modern sense of "a sexually promiscuous woman" dates to at least 1450.[2]

Another early meaning was "kitchen maid or drudge" (c. 1450), a meaning retained as late as the 18th century, when hard knots of dough found in bread were referred to as "slut's pennies."[2]

A notable example of this use is Samuel Pepys

's diary description of his servant girl as "an admirable slut" who "pleases us mightily, doing more service than both the others and deserves wages better" (February 1664

). In the 19th century, the word was used as a euphemism

in place of "bitch" in the sense of a female dog.[2]


Similar words appear in Dutch, German and Swedish dialects meaning "a dirty woman," indicating a common ancestor in Germanic languages. The word entered the colloquial Yiddish

as "akhsluttishkha" meaning "a hag

". It exists in Ukrainian too as slutyj as a loan word from Yiddish

or via the mediaeval Scandinavian Varangian

colonists in Kievan Rus'

. A popular theory connects slut to earlier Germanic forms meaning "slush" or "mud puddle," but this derivation remains in question.

she suppsoes that is what she is.. she has been called that many a time.. so now that You knwo what it it you can identify correctly what she is.

6/29/2010 10:55:43 PM
i think im going to... implode. i have so many things go wrong.. so many Men tell me this and that.. soem to fuck.. some to fuck off.. im not sure what to do. i cant find an answer in any case and i am loosing what lil sanity i have left. when you are left with more questions than answers.. when YOU GET BASHED BY FEMALES CAUSE OF YOUR BELIEFS AND DONNO WHAT TO DO.. WHEN YOU CANT FIGHT BACK WORTH ANYTHING.. AND WHEN YOU ARE TOLD YOU ARE WORTHLESS NO MATTER THE CONSEQUENCE... WHATS A GIRL TO DO.. SOMETIMES I WONDER.. IS THIS LIFE.. WORTH IT.. IS FETISHNESS WORTH IT.. IS BDSM WORTH IT. 

11/18/2009 1:58:19 AM
so what is Domination? what is that feeling that a girl should feel when her top says "no" or "come here" or ever her name? have iut become numb over the yrs to it? or am i now fearless? only a few can even think about giving em that .. odd.. tingly feeling that flows through me but.. what is going on? i want that sub feeling. i love to take care of my Man.. so .. why haven't i responded liek i should have.. or once did?

11/18/2009 1:58:10 AM
so what is Domination? what is that feeling that a girl should feel when her top says "no" or "come here" or ever her name? have iut become numb over the yrs to it? or am i now fearless? only a few can even think about giving em that .. odd.. tingly feeling that flows through me but.. what is going on? i want that sub feeling. i love to take care of my Man.. so .. why haven't i responded liek i should have.. or once did?

10/30/2009 1:13:08 AM
and my day week gets worse. no one wants to seem to talk to me. i say hello to friends.. or at least i thought that were.. and they sign out.. or leave. what am i a plague? if i am that bad.. then .. why add me in the first place? idk.. is life supposed to be this hard?

10/29/2009 1:50:35 AM
i know times are hard. money is an endangered species anymore. but for once.. why cant i feel comfortable in my life? i mean bills are paid true.. and i have a roof over my head i suppose i shouldn't complain.. but.. itd be nice to buy something that looks good.. or .. hell that i cant even wear..ut because i like it. whats so wrong with wanting something .. different, new, exciting. somtimes i feel like Cinderella.. the one that didnt get the fairy godmother.

7/15/2009 3:33:10 AM
bdsm is not about pain. its about being open . completely vulnerable to another person if you can learn to be that completely trusting to another person it changes you.

10/25/2008 4:46:25 AM
ok for all of you out there, im blowing steam. ppl msg me waning to talk. thats fine. but for the love of Zuse Himself, READ MY GURAM PROFILE. its not that hard. a few words expressing my inner most sanctum.... i ask ppl if they read my lil statment and then i get back " im not playing games what is it.... " DURP! hello.. if you would have read it you woulndt be comming to my feet beging me to be your stupid slave. i need to set a office up and hire a secratery.... if doms would actually use there inteligence and eyes insted of relying on slaves to do so for them.. they'ed save there selves a LOT of heart ache and maybe even stop calling the good slave fake! note to all Men ( considering that is all i have ever gotten.. come to think of it, no Mistress ever has come to me asking to collar me .. maybe females actually READ THINGS....) start acting your grad grade leval and maybe you wont be laughed at?

10/17/2008 1:10:59 AM

ok so many wanted me to update my journal, i do apologize to all who enjoy my stories for nto doing this sooner. this is not by any means a story but it is quite interesting. it also proves that one who is quite skilled and driven can be quite the.... jester of the court lets say.. the conversation continues.....

*spriteful, I am searching for a woman that truly craves to be property, to me this means you can finally let go of the control that keeps you from your dreams, and become an object owned, trained, shaped, and modified completely. You can be free of your control aspect, resting in your owners commands, living in your owners design, is this what you crave? If so I am looking for someone that truly understands this. Someone that dreams of being trained in steps from an object, to a dog, to a 100 different archetypal dolls such as French Maid, valley girl slut, sexy librarian not as play acting rolls but trained to walk, talk, and become each completely on command for a 10 minutes or 10 years until the next command is given, Until finally you will trained in movement, dress, walk and talk to become the perfect Barbie Doll slave. If you dream of being trained with bondage, discipline, and humility training to this level of detail and perfection, and if this touches on your dreams, then read my profile. If this is all what you crave, then let’s talk, I have pictures available if we are compatible.

*did you read my profile? that will answer most questions.

*I did read your profile, did you read what I wrote, is it what you crave?

*my Master.

*Do you mean that you have a master? This is not at all clear from your profile. If so I will leave you be.

*if You read the entire profile it says clearly at the end. Master wanted it that way cause ppl never read the profiles. that is why i asked... did you read my profile.

*Yes, a cleaver trap indeed, I did read the profile, written in semi pros and in the words of someone that is preparing for a master, not preparing for her master. So that when you get to the last statement, it does not nessacarily play correctly within the context of what was read before. In other words easily missunderstood as you intended it to be. All I can say is this little one, feeling superior because you have trapped someone is not the same as being superior. If you were truly a superior member of the community, you would take what you have, state it out loud, and then if someone does read your profile you would be of assistance to both slaves and masters. Your way you just continue to spread the ill feelings between the masters, wanna bee masters, slaves and wanna bee slaves on here. You also need to consider that your judgments on the wannabees are simply that judgments. They are trying the best that they can to live their dreams. You who have your dreams through your master, can choose to look down on them, or to be compassionate. The thing that you may want to consider is this, the only real way to affect change is through compassion, and caring, especially for those within the community.

*first good Sir iam never nor will ever be supirior. my palce is at my Masters feet. that is where i am the happiest. i never nor will ever look down on anyone and to your long winded msge about a trap it is not. it is merely a percepion of ones opinion. how you take it is how you will understand me. i do not know how you got that i was trying to be supirior when in all reality i jsut asked if you had read my profile before msging me. if you skimmed over it then that is fine, but it would be your loss of information not to take heed to a entire profile before you msged a person. i have been in bdsm more then most and in all honesty and no offence, your views on my profile and what feelings that you think i spred ( your msg, let me be add is the first ever considering this a trap, in all the years i have been on this site) is a moot point, because no matter what you say Master has priority over your opinion, now if you wish to express your concerns to Him feel free, he reads everything in my box. i hope you have a wonderful day good Sir.

11/5/2007 2:33:47 PM
yet another story to add to my collection.

...... It was a very, very warm summer afternoon, and the air was
heavy in the house. One of those days when you don't really feel
like doing anything, because it is just so hot.

Plopped in the couch with your head tilted back and your
eyes shut you just lay there and somehow wish for relief from the
heat. You hear me walk across the room... 'Try to lay perfectly
still, don't move at all...'

Now this has you a bit confused, what did it look like you were
doing? It was almost a little annoying....

....... at that very instant just below your neck a single drip
of water touched your skin. At first instant it felt white hot,
but as your nerves settled just a bit, and the cool trickle found
its way along your searing skin, a smile swept your face, and you
knew the challenge was on.

Another drop, and then another plummeted to your body, knowing
exactly where each had landed because of the electric jolt of
sensation that it brought. The world left your thoughts, and soon
the short time between drips seemed like forever.

All of your body was alert, as if your ears were straining to give
you some warning as to when the next was to come...

Standing above you I see your body thru the thin material of one
of my tank tops... a thin trickle of water.... the outline of your
breasts and the rise and fall with each breath.

Very silently I turn my hand, and the dripping stops. The silence and
the wait become an eternity.... your senses calm and the heat begins to
settle back in.....

Just below your ear, on the left side, just barely below your ear,
you find all of your senses focused as the melting ice touches. Slowly,
slowly down it crawls, leaving larger amounts of water now to flow down
your body. Tracing just inside the neckline of the tank top I travel across
the top of your left breast and down the center. Hesitating there
I draw a line strait up to your chin, and then follow your jaw to your
right earlobe. Your skin screams as the frigid water melts against
it, the exact line of travel etched in your mind. Down again, across
your right breast, and returning to the center...

The water begins to soak the shirt, clinging tightly to your beautiful
form. The heat that was a curse has gone away, and the cool cloth
brings very welcome relief. It was a happy, cool, sloppy wet, and as I
lifted the ice your eyes opened slowly with a sparkle of having been

Pulling a pillow to the floor, I take your hand and tug you with me.
The light breeze of the fan in the window makes your shirt feel cool
against your skin. Sitting up I ask you to close your eyes again
and I bring my hands to your shoulders. With my thumbs I slowly begin
to find the muscles of your back. Small, firm circles allow me to
outline where one muscle meets another, your head slowly moves forward
in complete relaxation. Firmly my hands move down the length of your
back, working against tension in your body, helping you to focus on each
layer of tissue as I work it with my hands. Gradually I reach your hips
with my firm caress.

Very, very slowly my fingertips find the end of your shirt. With
an almost timeless motion they begin to lift, the air finding its
way to your skin. Relaxed you find yourself lost in the wonderful feeling
of being romantically disrobed! With each movement, the water
on your skin and the breeze almost makes you shiver. But it is so very nice.

.... one arm and then the other, and soon it was cast aside....

The skin of your back, so wonderfully tan. My hands return to your
flesh, the wetness making it easy to slip between my fingers. Your
breaths are deep, and my mind roars in thought of your body. The thought
of your breasts, and the warmth and trust it takes to have such a wonderful

You feel one hand leave your back, and the clink of ice in a glass
behind you. Your breath draws deep in the knowledge of what is to

My hand touches your shoulder, wet and chilly, but alas, no ice!
A little relieved and disappointed at the same time you exhale and
again relax to my touch. Gently I pull, and motion for you to lay
on the pillow.

As you recline before me I smile as my eyes devour your sight.
Lowering, a trail of gentle kisses starts from your neck, and as I
travel down, your eyes close by themselves. Ever so lightly, so that
my breath touches you more, my kisses travel over the softest skin
of your left breast. Almost teasingly my nose finds your nipple
and in small circles outlines it. Very, very slowly I open my

.... your chin draws back and your breath is deep as the ice
touches your skin. Eyes flashing wide you writhe as my tongue searches
your skin over and over and the cold rushes thru your body. With a
smile so large it is almost a laugh you realize how you have been
tricked again! Relentlessly my tongue chases the frozen water around
and around.... Finally it is gone, and the warmth of my mouth begins
to take the chill away.

As the frenzy wears away I begin to slowly caress your breast with
my tongue, taking a long time to circle around and around.....

As I sit up again to look at you, I find a wry grin and that same
sparkle in your eyes!

10/6/2007 7:39:13 PM

yet another story i recieved.. thank You

I come to you in a room lit only by candles, you are on your knees, eyes cast downward awaiting my direction.  I lift your chin forcing you to look at me, tears streak your eyes because you know that you have been bad.  I silently lift you to your feet and sit in a chair that I have placed in the middle of the room. Bending you over my knee I cuff your hands behind your back, gently I stroke your buttocks and the back of your legs.  Your mind screams in anticipation wanting to get it over with, wanting to feel the pain that you so deserve but knowing that my will is to see you struggle.  I spread your legs slightly dipping one finger in to find the wetness that has already started growing there, deep into you I place 2 fingers, you moan despite yourself.  I place those fingers against your lips and tell you to suck them for me like a good little girl should.  You open your mouth and suck my fingers deep into your throat, knowing that before the night is out you will have my cock in that same place, gagging you into obliviion.  Sucking on my fingers make you more excited then you can stand and you raise your ass up to my  stroking hand.  I laugh at you "Oh my poor baby is so ready for her punishment"  "Yes Master" you whisper to me, "please punish this girl"  I begin with just some slight blows with my hand, catching you first on one cheek and then the other. Over and over my hand comes down causing you ass to turn a nice shade of red.  When I feel you start wiggling beneath me I know that you are ready and I reach over to my table and grab my small handy leather paddle and replace my hand with it.  It stings even more then my hand and before long you are howling for mercy.  "Are you going to behave yourself for your Master'"? I ask. You  beg for forgiveness.  When I think you have learned your lesson I release you and you sink to the floor on your knees in front of me still sobbing.  I look at my feet and you bend to kiss them each one individually and thank me for the punishment.  You tell me that each punishment makes you a better and stronger girl and you will work even harder to please me next time.  I smile at you and kiss one of your tear stained cheeks because I know it's true.  I then go to the toybox and take out some of my favorite toys to use on you.  I will now give you a chance to show me how good of a girl you are ready to be.  I leave you kneeling where you are as I go to the toy box to pull out some of my favorite toys to use on you.  Since tonight has been a punishment night I decide to continue with that and make sure that you know you have been thoroughly used like the good slut that you are.  The first thing I bring out is the arm and leg restraints that will attach your wrists to your sides and your ankles to the head board allowing me full access and you no way to escape.  Then I produce a penis shaped gag which will allow you nothing but muffled pleas which will go unheard by me on this night.  I notice you peeking at me from your position on the floor wondering what I am retrieving so I go ahead and pull out the blindfold and take it over and place it around your eyes making sure that you can no longer observe the weapons which will be used on you tonight.  While I am there I instruct you to open your mouth as I place the penis gag inside feeling your lips and teeth wrap around it, I feel a surge between my legs and know tonight I will enjoy myself with you.  I go back to my toy box even more excited about my plans of use for you tonight and pull out a set of nipple clamps and a belt that I will place around your neck to use for taking away your breath at my whim.
I also pick out several different dildos in various sizes some that vibrate some that are so large it makes even me wonder how they fit, but they always do in the long run.  I place all of my items on the bed and go over to where you are and gently kick you to let you know I am ready for you to move, you know instinctivly to go to the bed and on all fours you crawl to it and climb up laying on your back the way you have been trained to do unless told other wise.  I place the waist band with wrist shackles on you making sure your arms are tight by your side and then attach the nipple clamps, you take in a sharp breath around your gag as you feel the bite but no audible sound comes out.  I take my hand and gently rub around your nipples causing them to swell within the clamps which I know causes you more pain then pleasure but soon you will not be able to distinguish between the 2.  I take my mouth and begin gently biting your breast and stomach placing my legs over yours to let you know you are to be still while I have my way with you.  This is for my enjoyment you are just a vessel that I am using.  I can smell in the air that you are getting turned on desite your self control and I smile to myself at what I have in store for you.  I make my way up to your neck where I lick and suck at it until you are literally twisting your head to try to get me to stay there, I know the feelings are driving you crazy I lick your mouth around your gag and feel you try to lift your body up because you so badly want to feel my lips on yours.  When I have you in the desired state that I want you in I place the ankle restraints on you and pull your legs over your head and attach them to my headboard which leaves your pussy and ass completly exposed to me.  I notice your ass is still bright red from your earlier spanking and I run my hand across the sweet spot where it is the reddest. I know that under the blind fold your eyes have just flow open because you have no idea whether I am about to spank you again or do something even more wicked but you are helpless to prevent any of it.  So you accept your fate.  I start licking and nibbling at the back of your thighs, up and down your legs and even gently rub the bottoms of your feet, the sensations cause chill bumps to rise on your skin.  I take 1 finger and insert it into your pussy to find you dripping wet and you automatically tighten up around me to try to hold me in longer, I chuckle at this as I bring my finger out and wipe it under your nose.  "Do you smell this little girl?" I ask you "I do believe you are wet for your Master"  "I will make sure these slutty holes are well used tonight my little whore" I tell you.  You mmpph me from behind your gag, I tell you I want you sucking on that gag as if you were sucking my cock that was soon going to be replacing my finger.  You nod your head yes in response as I see your cheeks suck in letting me know that you are following my directions.  Next I take one of my vibrating dildo's and ever so gently start to rub it around your clit just enough to cause it to swell and then I move down to your wet opening and slide it in and out lubing it really good before moving to your puckered little ass.  I see you are already twitching in anticipation and I just barely insert it while turning it on full blast.  With my other hand I gently rub your swollen clit but not hard enough to allow you the pleasure of cumming, you try to push yourself harder into my hand but I pull back "this is not for you little girl" I remind you again "You are NOT allowed to cum this night!"  I reach over and grab one of my bigger dildo's and with out removing the one from your ass place it into the wet opening that is sucking in air in front of me, it goes in easliy because at this point you are so wet you don't even need lube, I steady fuck your ass and pussy at the same time making sure not to touch your clit at this time.  I am loving the way you are wiggling in your confines trying desperatly to sneak a feel on your clit.  I slap you hard on the back of your leg to let you know that is not acceptable and you calm down a bit.  I continue my steady barrage on you until I feel like you are stretched out enough for the next onslaught.  I then remove the vibrator out of your ass and replace it with the larger dildo that I just pulled out of your pussy it is slick with your juice and I rub it across your chest before driving it home into your ass.  This time not being gentle.  You brace yourself now because you know that I have only just began having fun with you and the sadistic side is about to begin I reach over and grab an even larger dildo and place it into your swollen pussy and with one quick thrust ram it all the way in, you scream around your gag and raise youself up to meet it. I am now steady fucking you with both of your holes filled simultanously first and then one thrust after another your head is shaking from side to side because the pleasure pain factor is driving you to the brink of insanity, I blow on your harden clit time and time again just to watch it quiver but give it no satisfaction.  When I have had enough of this game I stop leaving the toys inside of you while I pull out my hard cock  and I now place the belt around your neck, you already know what is coming and I feel you try to relax as you prepare to go into sub-space.  I remove the dildo's that are inside of you and climb between your legs as I place the head of my large cock against your opening I wrap the belt around my hand as I prepare to plunge into you at the same time tightening the belt around your neck depriving you of oxygen.   With one quick pull and one thrust I am in and you are pushed into the bed by the force of it. I plunge deeply into you watching your face as your mind tries to distinguish between the pleasure that is coursing through your body and the fact that there is no oxygen being taken in.  When I know that you have had enough I release the belt and your body shakes as oxygen courses through your veins causing my cock to impale you even deeper, your knees are above your shoulders as I thrust deeper and harder into you over and over again, grazing ever so often against your clit just to keep you on the verge of climax but never quite letting you get there, when I think that you have had enough oxygen I take it away again, feeling your body reeling from it all this time you go into sub-space your body no longer being able to distinguish between pain and pleasure you are sailing in a world in which very few people ever get to go.  Over and over I bring you back and take you back in until I know that you are on the verge of exhaustion at which time I whisper in your ear. "Your Master is going to cum now, You WILL NOT cum, do you understand me my little bitch?" you barely shake your head because you are lost in space somewhere but I know that you understand the directive.  I pull out of your wet pussy and slide against your ass, I know that my cock is big but you are far enough under to handle it and I push the head of it in gently to stretch you out, I feel you ever so slightly spread your legs to be able to allow me a better entrance and I use this signal to thrust deep into your bowels, you scream as you bring your whole body into the air to meet my thrust I pull your blindfold off to see your eyes dark with lust staring straight into mine as I grind my cock against you, my cock so deep in you it is hard to even pull it out to thrust in again.  I thrust and grind the whole time staring in your eyes as I feel my orgasm fast approaching, as it hits me I tighten the belt around your throat one last time to remind you that I am the boss and you had better not cum.  After I was thoroughly finished with my orgasm I pulled out of you with a hard sucking pop.  I then place my cock above your face and sit down letting my juices run down your face and around your gag.
"You like that little girl?" I ask you. "You want to taste your Master's cum don't you",  you can't even answer at this point and you lay there staring up at me my cum smeared across your face.   I undo your legs and bring them down just to reattach them to the foot of the bed leaving you still totally restrained.  I then cover you up and tell you that you have been redeemed for your crime and tell you to have a goodnights sleep and I gather up my toys and put them on the sink for you to clean up in the morning and I kiss your forehead and leave you in peace.

7/16/2007 8:45:25 PM

again i cannot take credit for this but its good.

When the Honeymoon is Over

In the beginning, there was sex twice a day, sometimes more. I was bruised all the time from his excessive loving. Everyday was a new adventure in sadism, masochism, bondage, submission and dominance. But we got used to each other, as all couples do, and one day he said to me, as I was reading a book, "Come here, please."

I answered him with a fraction of my attention, absent-mindedly murmuring, "Sure, just a second. I'm at the good part."

So absorbed was I in my book that I didn't hear his approach and I cried out angrily as the volume was unceremoniously snatched from my grasp. Furiously, my eyes met his and something in their expression made my heart climb slowly into my throat.

Calmly, he set my book aside and crossed his arms, staring down at me. I shrank in my chair, my cheeks turning pink as I forgot to breathe. He said, "It looks like the honeymoon is over."

Immediately, I slid from my chair to crawl to him, pressing my cheek to the tops of his feet, "Please, Master, don't say that!" My heart swelled and I could hardly swallow. It sounded like he was starting a breakup speech over just one mistake.

He crouched so he could rest his hand on the back of my neck, keeping me pinned to the floor as he spoke softly, as if reading my mind, "Lately I have to ask you twice because you don't obey the first time. Shh. No. Don't apologize, I'm not angry."

His feet had shifted when he crouched and now my face was pressed against the floor, I could feel the skin crushed between bone and hardwood. He stroked my hair and continued to speak softly, "I am not going to punish you, but it is my job to make sure you remember what you are to me. We will not become complacent." And then he pulled gently on my hair, lifting my face from the floor so he could pull me close and kiss me.

It was frightening in its tenderness, that kiss. His lips were gentle, his tongue parting me so he could slip it inside and caress mine, the fist in my hair holding me still for him. I was breathless as he broke the kiss and searched my eyes, his voice thick, "I am going to hurt you as I never have before. You are going to be humiliated and tortured severely because that is what you need. Do you understand?"

And I did. I knew I'd become comfortable and it was clear to me that I needed something big to sharpen my submission. My voice was scratchy and hard to find, "Yes Master. I understand. I love you."

He smiled and nodded, "Very good," and then he turned and walked away, his fist still tangled in my hair so I screamed and was nearly dragged along behind him to the basement stairs. He hoisted me up on his shoulder and began the descent into his dungeon, the position causing my stomach to be crushed with every downward step so I grunted and blood rushed to my head.

He set me down in front of one of the metal support poles in the basement and, with one hand at my stomach and the other in my hair, he guided me to bend over. Harshly, he separated my long hair into two sections which he held on either side of the pole.

Quietly, he joined those two sections of hair, the pole between my scalp and the mane he began braiding all the way to the end, finishing it off with a hair elastic. I whimpered, my hair tethering me to the pole so any effort to pull away stung my scalp. I couldn't even stand up.

Sulfur used to smell like blackouts and romantic evenings in the bathtub. Now it smells like hot wax dripping on tender flesh. He silently cut my clothes away, tossing them into the dark shadowed corner out of sight, and then he lit a fat paraffin candle.

One large hand rested on my abdomen, pressing up, "Straighten your back, stay still," and I shifted my feet to make a level plane of my spine before freezing in place. The hot wax made me moan as he trickled it in a liquid mound in the small of my back and then pressed the candle base down. There I was, bound helplessly, my hands gripping the pole to take the pressure off my scalp, I was a human candelabra.

I tried not to breathe, afraid the candle would fall to the stone floor with the slightest motion. I had no fear of fire as there was nothing to burn, but I didn't want to disappoint him. He left me and approached the wall where all of his tools hung in organized fashion on display. Upon his return, he held his cane under my face so I could see it and I whimpered. I had experienced the cane only once before, just long enough for us to discover that I do not like it at all.

I like thuddy pain. Paddles and thick heavy floggers work for me but stinging pain overwhelms. Even a hand can be too sharp for me. "Yes?" he asked. "Yes please, Master," I whispered in reply, my voice so small I could barely even hear myself.

He withdrew the thin cane and stepped behind me. I couldn't help it, I shifted awkwardly and gasped as wax spilled down the candle to puddle on my back, but the candle held firmly in place.

Without warm up, he drew his arm back and struck across my ass with the cane, making me see stars and scream. My hands gripped the pole tightly and I pressed my head against it as well, rocking with the pain, the candle spilling again with the motion, wax trickling along my back toward my tailbone.

Silently, he took hold of my hips and forced me back into level position only to crack me again with the cane, an inch or so higher on my ass. I screamed and gasped, breath rasping like a person dropped in ice water. I had squirmed forward again and was sobbing already and yet he mercilessly tugged my hips back in place again.

Over and over he repeated the process until wax had dripped down the crack of my ass to my c**t from my constant jerking, some of it spilled over my sides. My backside was on fire, so sensitized that I screamed even after he set the cane aside and gently touched with his fingertips.

He pried the candle from its place firmly adhered to my back, my groans turning to shrieks as he tilted it to drip wax steadily over my ravaged bottom. It stung so badly and I couldn't stop crying. How it hurt! And then he held the candle beside my face and told me to blow it out. I barely had the breath for it, but I obeyed immediately.

"I'll be right back," he said, "and then it will be humiliation time."

He returned reeking of fresh ginger. Under my face, he held a large knob of the root that had been carved into an odd bulbous shape with a phallus. "This goes in your ass," he said.

I winced as he flaked away the wax that had covered my a**hole, and then he pushed the ginger plug in and I was introduced to a new realm of pain. It stung going in, perhaps because I was a little raw from the wax, but then it began a slow and deep burn inside.

Crying again, I whimpered and begged, "I love you. I love you. I love you please, Master."

And he laughed, the sound both satisfied and aroused as his fingers found my c**t and flicked away the wax that had found its way there. He began petting me, parting the lips and stroking over and over without inserting a finger at all. He kept at it until my clit swelled and my c**t began to drool on his hand, confusing my body with pain and pleasure all at once.

I pushed my hips back at him, inviting more even as my ass seemed to be nursing on the ginger, drawing the scorching liquid along that tight passage, burning me from the inside out. "Please please please I love you please Master please."

"Please what? Tell me exactly what you want in the way you know I want to hear you."

"Please Master fuck your slave please," I begged properly.

He laughed again and I could hear the smile in his voice as he answered, "No." Denial was like a slap in the face, both inflaming my desire and humbling me.

He stopped playing with my swollen sex and came around to stand beside my head, his cock directly under my face. "No touching. You just watch," he ordered. And then he started stroking his cock right under my nose. His big hand moved up and down the shaft, precum leaking copiously.

Desperately, I opened my mouth, I mewled and begged wordlessly for cock, eager to swallow his cum. His voice was choked, the way it gets before he shoots and he hissed at me, "Shut your fucking mouth!"

Again, I obeyed immediately, my whimpers muffled as I pressed my lips together and Master shot his load into my face. My eyelashes were clumped with semen and I exhaled noisily from my nose so I could continue to breathe and keep my mouth shut as he'd spewed some cum there as well. My mouth was covered with it.

He was a little breathless as he reached behind me to press at the ginger plug in my ass, making it hurt more, "I'm going to get cleaned up. You keep your trap shut and let that cum dry on your face while you think about what you are. I'll come back for you."

And that's how the honeymoon ended and how the second honeymoon began.

6/8/2007 5:15:13 PM
hmm ok.. is it me or have the Masters ebcome more and more the same? looking that is.. its wierd.. now my question is.. what does a slave look like.. hmm

5/7/2007 2:55:53 PM

another wonderful story from a Master.. mmmm 

I had known her since she was born. I was just a kid
myself, back then, but there was something special about
her. I saw her grow into a teasingly innocent young
woman and one day I realized that I just had to have

It took two years to get all of the pieces into place.
And even then, the plan was aborted six times before it
finally worked.

This time was the charm.

I drove my 'World Express' van to her house where I knew
she would be home alone. The large crate I was
'delivering' was supposed to be computer parts for her
father. She believed me and let me in.

After she was unconscious I loaded her into the crate
and kidnapped her in plain sight of her neighbors and
every passing car. No one suspected a thing. My felony
looked just like any other delivery you see all day

I drove to a nearby alley, stripped the markings off the
van and then drove my now non-descript white van back to
my house.

Julie awoke comfortably secured into the hanging chair I
had designed for just this occasion. Her arms were
secured to the armrests and her legs were spread eagled
to reveal her body to my prying eyes. Of course, the
obligatory gag and blindfold had also been employed.

She struggled at first, but then tired of the fight and
resigned herself to her situation. I just sat in the
room and watched her for a few hours. I enjoyed the
thought of having her charms all to myself.

She jumped when I first kissed her naked tit and then
sucked the pert little nipple. I could hear her crying
and decided that that just wouldn't do. I used a squirt
bottle and fed her some of the very special stimulant
that I had compounded from a number of items I bought
over the Internet. The gag was constructed with a valve
that prevented her from spitting it out so she had no
choice but to swallow the concoction.

I came back twenty minutes later and observed the flush
to her pale skin with a feeling of success. Her pussy
had swollen up with need exactly as I had meant for it
to do. When the vibrator came in contact with her clit
she about launched out of the chair! It took her another
few minutes to start to react to the stimulation of the
vibrator, but then she began to hump it with her need.

My own need was demanding to be sated, but I had one
more thing yet to do...

I could only imagine her confusion as she sought her
sexual release at the hands of a captor. Yet it was
clear that her liberty was not her first priority
anymore. She whimpered every time I withdrew the
vibrator and then moaned with relief when I brought it
back to her eager slit.

I turned the vibrator all the way up and held it to her
steaming sex and pushed her over the edge. She fairly
writhed with the fury of her release and her red haired
little snatch was soaking with the result of her
newfound lust.

Already naked and hard as a rock, I eased up to her
crotch and touched her with just the head of my
throbbing cock at her pussy. I heard a murmur of
complaint as I took her by the hips and worked my dick
into her wanton body. I met up with a resistance and
realized that the object of my desires was still a
virgin! For a moment, a brief moment, I considered
letting her go. But my cock wouldn't hear of it! I
listened to her whimpers as I butted against her vault
door with my crowbar, and then I seized her tender hips
and forced myself into her silken depths. Under the
influence of my compound I heard her both moan and
whimper from my penetration of her innocence.

I pushed her to where the hanging chair would swing her
body back at me each time I thrust, forcing her to fuck
me. I ground myself into her crotch every chance I got
to try to get a response from her, but all she would do
was whimper from my assault.

The need in my balls wouldn't wait anymore. She screamed
into the gag as I pistoned her tender body with
increasing ferocity. Every time I rammed it home I'd
feel her cringe and that would make me just ram it home
even harder the next time. I finally just held her by
the hips and drove it in as deep and hard as I could as
a river of my cum blasted right into her pussy again and
again. It was the best orgasm of my insipid life!

I held my cock in her crotch as her pussy contracted
around it - milking my cum into her womb. I finally let
it fall out after maybe five minutes and let her body
have a rest. My sperm flowed out of her freshly broken
pussy and freely dripped on the carpet below.

I sat back to gather my senses and think about what
would be next for my young prisoner. I had two weeks off
from work and I knew it would be the best two weeks
vacation that I'd never tell anyone anything about.

4/19/2007 2:05:39 AM
again im ranting.. this is good for it lol.

ok.. why tell me why!!! Men .. You meet one.. talk online.. sometimes get past the online chat.. meet them.. hell even fuk them!! then You find out when You get back they in the length of the plain trip found another girl closer.. local..and you cant move. or get told that they found another.. but You will always have a place in there hearts.. "no matter what Youwill alway be second.. ha ha" and You have to laugh it off.. withthem .. cause You dont wanna sound like a bitch.. or.. i met a girl at work.. and if shes in the life ill tell her about You maybe You can help her learnhow to be a slave..maybe you can train ehr.. liek YOu are some type of teacher.. or user friendly software!!!

so why.. is Men so greedy???? all id like is a good Man that wont think abou teather one of 2 things.. Women or sex .. at leaste not 24/7. and then You read ther profiel.. "i am tired of lies" " i am sick of wman cheating"" i and tired of players" HELLO what about us good ones... the ones that really want to serve as a slave/sub.. that will be good gf/wives/mothers if we already arnt that is..

i think bdsm has "gone to pot" as my grandmother used to say..

4/16/2007 1:19:34 PM

this is a real conversation i had with a "Master" and of Gorean decient as well.. see what You think....
Thank goodness there are girls in MO with good looks and a good attitude , I was getting concerned! "
"lol unfortiunitly i am taken Sir.. smiles.. "
"lucky man "
"yes,smiels why dont you tell Him that.. i donno if He knwos that lol "
"not me I want him to fail. I think I would enjoy meeting his kajira "
"You are Gor?"
"I am an unusual story in 1973 while on a submarine going to the Med I was introduced to lifestyle gor. I have gatherings and plan to do the same after the move. You do a nice nadu in that pic except for the pesky clothes "
"that is tower :| "
"Lol I saw the knees together, I was just going to give you a hard time about why would a girl as fine as yourself be doing tower "
"because i wa snot in a sexual peosition.. ihad no Master i was poseing for.. and no reason. "
"I would love to see you nadu, you are a mans kajira and should kneel as one"
"eh "
"don't agree "
"y not? "
"Sprite, you know why you are a mans kajira. Look at the pictures, full lips, hips and ass made for a mans pleasure. Look at your profile see what you enjoy and desire?"
"blushes.. i have had 2 kids and is fixed now.. so.. that isout of the question.. but.. i.. um..... that is.. "
"On gor the girls have slave wine here we have operations, had a vascectomy myself long ago. That is really beside the point when it comes to pleasure. You look like a kajira that is made to have a master in the saddle between your thighsbor behind you while your in she-sleen. So yo never took a photo nadu?"
"i did but was deleted when my comp crashed "
"That is a damn shame you were designed for nadu and of course sula and shesleen "
"Sir wiht all due respect i wsa designd for wnat Papa wnats me.. anyway.. i amnot paga slave. in trainign to be a red silk. still white.. has nto been taken by her MAster yet.. so tower is aproperate for girl "
"I assume your master is not local then because if he was he would have taken care of that. "
"i gave You His name.. You should have read where Hes from.. not quit observent for one Your age are You Sir "
"sprite, I didn't look because it didn't matter, I just did look however and I was correct. If you are willing to wait for him to save up to come see you I believe the fire in your belly will consume you by then. Howevere I will wish you well. "
"as Youwish. a good slave waits for her MAster.. she does not discount His thoguht nor questions His motives.. i will wait for Him i will not betry His collar and i will kneel at his feet someday "
"Yes she does, every good kajira deserves her master but the nights are long and 100 miles to West Virginia when the flames roar in the belly but no hose is there to extinguish them. I should be out that way in 2-3 weeks.  If you find yourself desiring to serve in the way of the kajira let me know"
"if i betray His trust ad the bond i agreed to that will make me no better the a fake and what gives slave a bad name.. thank YOu for the offer but alas i am His and His alone i will not marr His good name nor will i allow him to question my integraty.. im sorry my good Sir.. i must respectfully decline Your offer "
"It is okay pretty, I am sure he is as loyal to you as you are to him. You are young and have plenty of time to play online before needing to concern yourself with a mans real touch"
"if ones bond is true .. no need to feel a touch.. its the heart and mind more important then the physcal touch.. i would give up any physcal touch inthe world to knwo that Papa love sme .. smiles and i knwo he does "- see what i mean about Tops???? no respect for others.. anyway thougt this was a bit interesting

4/9/2007 2:00:17 PM
ok time to rant again. what is a Dominate? i mean seriously.. to tell somone to do something every once in a while.. to play.. whips, chian hand cuffs.. what? once a week.. twice a month.. what is it.. who are You tothink that You are a MAster? yeah and i want an answer outta this one

4/2/2007 5:26:52 PM
so.. i was sent this story..though i should share..heheh~

I remember vividly the first time I ever engaged in anything
"kinky" in bed.  I was while I was attending college.  It was my
boyfriend's birthday and I bought him a set of handcuffs as a gag
gift and told him he could use them on me that night.  He was pretty
straight laced and didn't seem too enthusiastic about it.  My
roommate had gone home for the weekend so we had my dorm room to
ourselves.  When we got to the room that night he cuffed my hands
before we had sex.  It was the most incredible thing.  I came so hard
when he fucked me.  I thought I had cum before but it was nothing like
this.  I was panting and gurgling and pretty much passed out.  It kind
of freaked him out.  Like I said he was pretty straight laced.  Things
were awkward between us after that and we ended up breaking up after a
couple of weeks.

Bondage or anything like that never really interested me before that
night.  I have to admit though that I became completely obsessed with
somehow reliving the sex we had that night.  I took a strong interest
in BDSM.  I bought a few paperbacks that described really raunchy sex.
The heroine was always severely abused.  I masturbated countless hours
fantasizing about somehow being in the same situation myself.  I even
started a regimen of self-torture.  I accumulated a few toys - couple
of dildos and butt plugs, and an assortment of nipple clips and clothes
pins, a collar and cuffs, and a lot of rope.  But it was always just
masturbation.  I couldn't find a partner.  I only did the
self-torture sessions when I knew my roommate would be out of town.

When I graduated I moved to a big city in the East.  I spent a lot of
time on the internet surfing for bondage related images and stories.
One night I discovered a personals site which catered to the BDSM
community.  I submitted my profile and even posted a couple of pictures
of myself that I had taken with a timer.  I did my little self-torture
routine when I posed for the shots so they showed me nipple clamped and
dildo stuffed.  I blurred the face but my body was clearly visible.

I got some immediate responses.  It was understandable I guess
considering I have a pretty hot body.  I think so anyway.  I've
always played sports and am very lean.  My breasts aren't very big
but they are firm and have a very nice shape.  I waited a couple of
weeks and accumulated the responses until the new responses tapered
off.  Then I filtered through the responses and chose one guy who
looked pretty nice and sent a pretty hot email.  Our meeting was a
total disaster.  He wasn't as good looking as his picture and was
really awkward - a total loser.  He even lived with his fucking mom.
Can you imagine?  He fumbled around, groping me in the parking lot of a
local mall.  After a few minutes of that I just told him it wasn't
going to work out  and got back into my own car and went back home

Well I tried it two more times and, if possible, the rendezvous were
just as bad.  I seriously doubt if these two guys had ever even kissed
a girl let alone had sex with one.  And there was no fucking way they
had ever dominated a woman.  I was so frustrated when I went home I
purged all of the remaining messages and even started to remove my
profile but was having problems with my dial-up so I couldn't get it
off that day.  Well things got really busy at work so I kind of forgot
about the whole thing.

I forgot the whole thing until I got a message that is.  It was early
in the week and the message simply said to be at a local coffee shop
that Saturday at a given time and to have a leather collar on.  At
first I blew it off.  There was just no way I was going into a coffee
shop wearing a leather collar.  But for some reason I didn't trash
the message.  And as the week went on I started to seriously consider
complying with the anonymous command.  I mean I could buy a goth outfit
and the collar thing wouldn't be that out of place.  Right?

Well I didn't buy the goth outfit and I didn't wear a leather
collar but I did go to the coffee shop.  I put on a hot black dress
that I had and put on a choker I bought.  It was a compromise of sorts
I know.  By the time I got to the coffee shop I was a nervous wreck.  I
don't know why.  I had no real reason to believe this encounter work
be any different from the previous disasters.  I bought a coffee and
sat down facing so that I could see the whole shop.  It was very
crowded and no one stood out.  There were a few men seated alone so
that didn't help.  Fifteen minutes passed and nothing happened.  I
pretty much resigned myself to being stood up and began to read a
section of the paper that someone had left on the table when I sensed
someone standing over me.  He appeared to be in his early forties or so
(twenty years older than me), probably six foot, and powerfully built.
I know this a bit of a cliché but he could definitely be described as
ruggedly handsome.

"It's not quite a leather collar.  Is it?" the man said to me
looking at the choker I had on.

His statement caught me completely by surprise.  I felt like a little
school girl as I tried to fashion some kind of response.  "Ummm...
ummm... I didn't have one," I lied.  As soon as I said it I was
ashamed and blushed furiously.  I mean what did it matter that I lied.
I didn't owe this guy anything.

"They're not that hard to find if you really wanted to obey the
instructions," he said taking the seat across from me.  He seemed
very self-assured and confident.  Not like the other bumbling idiots I
had encountered up until then.  I, on the other hand, had turned into a
tongue tied little girl.  I couldn't think of anything to say and
just looked down at my hands which for some reason were sweating
profusely.  "My name's Eric," he said holding out his hand.

"Umm... Faith," I answered taking his hand.

"So have you done this sort of thing before?" he asked me.

"I've meet three guys and it didn't work out," I answered.

"I didn't mean the website, I meant submitting yourself to someone
sexually," he said.

I was kind of embarrassed to be discussing something so intimate with a
stranger and in a public place.  But, when I looked around no one
seemed to be taking an interest in us.  And something about his
demeanor made me want to confess all to him.  "Umm... just once in
college.  It's mostly fantasy," I confessed.

"What was that like?" he asked me.

"What?  You mean college?" I replied.

"Yes," he answered.

"I let my boyfriend tie me up once.  He didn't really like it so
much," I answered.  "I... I came really hard though," I
confessed.  I could feel myself blushing.

"Hmmm...  Well good," he answered and then didn't say anything
else.  Just looked me in the eyes.  His silence made me uncomfortable.
I had to drop my eyes.

I felt like I had to say something to fill the silence.  "I really
want to experience that again," I said blushing.  "I masturbate
thinking about it and have a few toys.  You know.  I few dildos and
clips and a collar and cuffs and such," I rambled.

"So you do have a collar?" he said.

"I... I...," I stammered.  I felt so foolish being caught in a lie.
"Yes.  I'm sorry," I answered.  I was so flustered at this point
I didn't know how to act.  I could feel tears so embarrassment
welling up in my eyes.  I don't really know what was coming over me.

"Don't worry about it," he said.  "What are you driving?" he

"The green Honda," I answered turning and gesturing.

"Okay.  I'll pull up and you can follow me," he said rising.  I
rose in a fog and started moving toward the door.  He followed me
closely and put his hand on the small of my back as we worked through
the crowded café.  I was worried he could feel me trembling.  I was
scared and excited at the same time.  Right before we got to the door
he moved in front of me and held the door for me.  He walked me to my
car then went to the parking lot.  A couple of minutes later he pulled
just past my car in a huge SUV with some construction company logo on
the side.  I pulled out behind him and followed him.  It only took a
few minutes to get to a large house in a pretty affluent neighborhood.
He pulled into the garage.  I stopped in the driveway and walked into
the open garage where he was waiting.

From the minute I walked into the house I was having second thoughts.
"Umm... I don't think this is going to work out," I was mumbling.

He just looked at me for what seemed like an eternity.  "I
understand.  It's a pretty big step to trust someone to tie you up.
Isn't it?" he said.

"Umm... Yeah.  I guess," I answered.

"Well.  We'll go slow.  Maybe just get to know each other a little
better tonight and try again some other time.  Would you like a
drink?" he asked as he walked to a bar.

"Umm...  Yes.  Please.  A rum and coke please," I said.

He poured two drinks and handed me one.  "So tell me about your
encounter in college," he prompted.  I told him the story about
wanting to give my boyfriend a unique birthday present and so on.

"...and now you fantasize about bondage?" he asked taking my glass
from me and returning to the bar.

I didn't realize I had guzzled it so fast.  I guess it was nerves.
It was a strong drink too.  I could feel it.  "Yes.  All the time
really," I answered.

"What kind of things do you fantasize about?" he asked as he fixed
the fresh drinks.

"Everything really.  I've gotten a few books and read them.  I put
myself in the heroine's position when I fantasize," I confessed.

"Bondage?  Punishment?  Humiliation?" he asked.

"Yes... yes... all of those things," I confessed a little
breathlessly as he handed me my drink.  I was getting quite flustered.
He was standing pretty close to me.

"You understand that fantasy and the real world are quite different
don't you?" he asked.

"Umm...  Yes.  I know," I answered.

"I don't do any of that safe word crap.  As far as I'm concerned
a safe word is just a way to top from the bottom.  Once a session
starts I will make sure it goes to fruition.  Do you understand?" he

"Umm... No.  Top from the bottom?" I asked.

"It's when the submissive defines the itinerary for the session and
when it ends.  There will be none of that," he answered me.

All I could do was stammer, "Umm."

"Don't worry.  I won't push you too much harder than you can
take," he said.  "After all.  I don't want to scare you off."
He seemed so confident.  To him it was a foregone conclusion that I was
going to submit to him.

It was starting to seem like a foregone conclusion for me too.
"Okay," I answered dumbly.  I drained my glass.  "Umm...  I
should probably go," I said turning to put my empty glass down.

"Okay," he said.  He gestured to a small table along the wall.
"Write your cell number.  I'll give you a call sometime," he
said.  I wrote my number down and then stood ready to leave.

"Would you like to see some gear before you go?" he asked.

"Umm... OK," I answered hesitantly.

He led me to what I guess was a spare bedroom.  There was a table with
a large gym bag against one wall.  He walked to the table and unzipped
the bag and poured the contents onto the table.  There were several
dildos of various sizes, clamps of different types, and a lot of
leather gear - you know cuffs and collars and straps.  I edged to the
table and he stepped back.  I looked the gear over.  I was pretty
fascinated by the stuff.  I had seen it hanging in adult stores but
never really got the courage up to exam it more than casually.  I
seemed to lose awareness that Eric was there and played with the gear
totally uninhibited.  I was fingering a fat dildo, you know, kind of
feels the texture when it occurred to me that these toys had probably
all been used on someone at one time or another.  It sent a nasty
little thrill through my body.  I was so tempted to hold it to my face
and smell it or lick it to see if I could sense a past user of the
thing.  I put the dildo down and was unconsciously fiddling with a
leather collar while I looked at the rest of the gear.  It was a real
bondage collar, not the cheap dog collar I had bought for my
masturbation games.  It was well made and padded on the side that
touched the throat.  There were several rings along its length.  I was
horny as hell and in a bit of a trance I guess.  Eric broke my reverie
by saying "Go ahead and put it on if you want."  I looked up at
him.  With trembling fingers I tentatively raised it up to my throat.
I realized I still had the choker on.  I put the collar down and took
off the choker.  I put it down on the table and lingered like that for
a few seconds trying to decide if I really wanted to put the collar on
or not.  "Go ahead," I heard Eric say quietly.  I picked the collar
up again and put it to my throat.  I began fastening the buckle to the
back of my throat.  I stood there absently fingering the leather of the
collar.  "Turn around.  Let me see," Eric said.  I turned and faced
him.  For the life of me I couldn't meet his eyes.  "Nice," he
said approvingly.  I stood there for several minutes looking at the
floor - ashamed and horny as hell.  "Take off your clothes," he
ordered.  I looked up into his face for a split second before lowering
my eyes again.  I stood there debating whether to obey or not.  I so
desperately wanted to, but my inhibitions were holding me back.
Finally as if they were autonomous my hand came up to the top button on
my dress.  I played with the button for a few seconds I guess and then
I undid it.  I unbuttoned the next tentatively.  I unbuttoned the rest
and the dress hung open still on my shoulders.  I stood there before
him with the dress unbuttoned hanging open with my arms at my side for
the longest time.  I was trembling and practically panting.  I was so
turned on.  I was afraid my juices were leaking down my leg.

"Get on your knees," he said eventually.  I hadn't even got the
dress off.  Slowly I lowered myself to my knees.  He moved before me
and stood there.  First me head was bowed but then I raised my eyes to
his crotch where I could see the outline of his cock against the front
of his pants.  He saw me eyeing his cock.  "Take it out," he said.
I slowly raised my hands to his fly and unzipped his pants.  I fished
my hand into the front of his pants and felt his semi-erect dick.  I
pulled it out and held it in my hand.  It was definitely the largest
cock I had ever seen.  Semi-erect it was as big as the largest hard
cock I'd ever seen - not that I've seen that many.  It was so
beautiful I thought at the time.  I found myself putting my face to it.
I just couldn't help myself.  It was so impulsive.  I rubbed his fat
cock all over my face.  I felt so slutty kneeling there with my dress
open smearing a stranger's prick all over my face.  Sticky little
strings of precum were adhering to my cheeks and nose.  I could feel
his cock hardening against my face.  It gave me a funny tingle of pride
to know I was responsible for him hardening like that.  I heard some
strange whimpering and mewling sounds and realized they were coming
from me.  I was a total wreck - panting and whimpering.

I wanted Eric's cock in my mouth so desperately.  I licked up and
down the length several times, kissing and lapping all over his
beautiful cock.  I licked at the piss hole to taste his precum then put
the fat purple head into my mouth.  I wasn't really very experienced
sucking cock at the time.  I desperately tried to jam the fat prick to
my mouth as far as it would go.  I gagged, pulled back, then tried
again forcing his cock against the back of my throat.  There was still
a lot of it that wasn't even in my mouth yet.  I repeated this a
couple of times - gagging violently every time as I tried desperately
to throat Eric's cock.  Tears were streaming down my face.  The next
time I tried Eric grabbed two hands full of hair and held my head
firmly and pushed his cock against my throat.  I felt something give
and his cock popped into my throat.  He pushed until his pubes were
pressed against my nose.

"Yeah.  You got the whole mother fucker in your throat now, slut,"
he said.  The sensation of having his cock in my throat was incredible.
His demeaning remark just added to my lust.  He held my hair firmly
and started thrusting into my throat with short violent jabs.  His cock
head never withdrew from my throat.  It was long before I was desperate
to breathe.  I mean his cock was blocking my whole wind pipe.  He
wouldn't let me escape his grasp though.  "Hold still you fucking
slut," he ordered me sternly.  He continued to thrust into my face
for several more seconds.  My eyes were bulging out of my head and
tears were streaming down my face before he finally withdrew.  He
pulled all of the way out of my mouth.

I fell back on my heels gasping and coughing trying to catch my breath.
"Bastard," I said looking up at him as I wiped the tears from my
face.  But I didn't get up.  I don't know why.

He allowed me a couple of minutes to regain my composure then asked,
"Are you ready to try again?"  I don't know what came over me but
I meekly nodded and rose off of my heels to take his cock in my mouth
again.  "It's not how much of my cock you can get in your mouth
that's important.  It's what you do with the part that's in your
mouth.  Just hold a couple of inches in your mouth and suck hard." He
instructed.  I did what he said.  "Yeah.  Fuck yeah," he moaned.
"Suck harder, slut.  Suck it like you're trying to draw my cum out
of my nuts."  I sucked his rod as hard as I could, drawing my cheeks
in with the effort.  "Fuck.  I'm going to make a cocksucker out of
you after all," he said.  "Yeah.  Eat that cock, slut," he
chided.  "Fuck yeah.  Little cocksucking whore.  Eat that cock," he
continued to use the demeaning language.  It just spurred me on.  I was
crazy with lust and desperate for his cock.  After a few minutes of
this he grabbed two hands full of hair and forced his cock down my
throat again.  He thrust several times then pulled out, then thrust
deep into my throat again.  He repeated this over and over.  I was able
to draw air into my lungs when he pulled out.  Finally he jammed
himself into my throat to the hilt and stopped there.  It seemed like
his was in my throat for an eternity and I grabbed his hands and
started to struggle.  "Put your hands down, whore," he ordered.  I
tried to calm myself and put my hands down.  He withdrew his cock after
I obeyed.  I fell back on my heels again.  He stepped closer as he
jacked his cock off.  After a few seconds his cum erupted from his cock
and splattered across my face.  It was such a humiliating feeling to
have him shot his load on my face.  It made me so horny.

"Fuck yeah," he said as he fell into a chair nearby.  I kneeled
there with his cum streaming down my face.  It was an incredible
sensation.  "Come here," he ordered and I crawled the few feet to
him.  He held his hand out to me.  There were a couple of drops of his
cum on his hand.  I obediently licked them off.  I was so turned on.  I
reached up to clean the cum off my face but he ordered, "Leave my cum
on your face, slut."  He stood grabbed my by the arm to help me up,
then guided me before a mirror.  The splatters of cum were on my cheek,
nose, and upper lip.  I stuck my tongue out and licked the cum off of
my lip.  "Get out now.  I'll call you soon.  Be ready," he said
and hustled me out the door with his cum still on my face and my dress
still unbuttoned.

I got in my car and started to drive home.  A few blocks down the road
I pulled my car over into a deserted parking lot.  I scooped a dollop
of the cum of my face and put it into my mouth as I fingered myself.  I
came so hard.


3/25/2007 9:53:47 PM
ok so You have a Dominate personallity.. so.. so do i.. YOucan yell ok.. yes i can too.. what makes You so different from anyother adn why are You messageing me???? and what happened to the .. "a pic is worth a thousand words" wheres the Dominate pictures.. have ppl fallen so far as to not  care what they look like.  slaves and subs should be just that.. a slave or a sub.. Masters and Dominates.. Tops in general.. well .. ACT LIKE A TOP not a pussy push over.. shees the ppl these days.

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