Vertical Line


This is rather difficult subject to tackle because in a technical manner this is about consentuality. I bring this up from the get simply because it seems like many woman do not know the difference between a rapist, and a person whose natural personality is to lead, to be Domineering.

There is a fine between being strong willed, and being an imperialist in the sense that one is basically a rapist.

If a woman does not want to submit, and follow orders, then there is very little that a Dom can do, regardless of how much they may think of themselves as being mighty, and the what not.

In the end, a womans submission is based on her respect, and understanding of her Dom. Nothing more, nothing less; but a Dom can not be the magic GOD-like magician that somehow through powers of possession make another serve. What this means is that although there are tools at a Doms disposal for creating motivation, or influence, the bottom line remains that a woman can chose to disrespect, and rebel, for her own reasons.

If you want a rapist, then go seek one. That's not what i am interested in. I dont have time to put a gun to someones head, and make them do as i wish. Either you genuinly desire to serve, or you are really playing a game.

I have been doing this for some time now, and i know the ridiculous games "sub" wannabees are always playing. They are a waste of time. A true sub desires to serve, she does not just want to have a kinky boyfriend to have a few sessions. Either you sincerely want to be in the role of a subordinate, or you dont. It's pretty simple really.