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Dom type sort of available - Poly strings firmly attached For me dominance is all about the
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Dom type sort of available - Poly strings firmly attached

For me dominance is all about the care and guidance, looking after the needs of the submissive as much if not more than my own. Without that level of interest in the well being of those in your charge it would be easy to slip into outright abuse rather then a consensual fun relationship. The Daddy role fit's this nicely, yet that isn't the only type or kind of relationship I would consider I am currently responding the title 'Sir' for example which gives me plenty of warm fuzzies. The idea of having a slave does have a very great deal of appeal to me. I am fit, and like to maintain that regularly and I like to keep myself and my apartment clean. I have been described as 'A twenty thousand piece jigsaw of a picture of baked beans.' which I believe was supposed to be some kind of compliment. Suffice it to say I am strange and complicated.


I am an Englishman living in the vast and empty wilderness that exists mostly devoid of jaffa cakes, which is profoundly disturbing.

I am an odd mess of wordy weird wonky wilful wild winsome wonderings on the wayward and wanton wiles of a wagish world.

Messages and offers of European pastries gratefully accepted.

I am currently in a poly relationship with a very charming, pretty, and extremely sexy young woman of a bi, switchy, poly bent. So yes, she is greedy as all hell, but that means I am still available despite being in said relationship, with the possibility of even further threesome based insanity or possibly a full on poly family if the stars are just right. This would be great of course, yet not a simple matter and would require full disclosure and open communication from all parties from the start. As a couple we are open to playing as a pair or by ourselves with others.

If any of this grabs you and resonates please contact me and introduce yourself.

Thank you for your kind attention.



My fet profile is somewhat more verbose and more informative. Should you wish to seek me out it would be wise to read there. The username is the same, just throw that in the search function to find me.

If you do, feel free to fling me a fetmail. I almost always respond to those, I wind up with a lot of spam from scammers on here for some reason and so the signal to noise ratio here means that genuine mail might well miss me.

Journal Entries:
1/6/2017 3:47:14 PM
To Use a Thing Well

To use a thing well,
You must grasp the thing,
Take it in hand and feel it,
Listen to it carefully and hear it closely,
Know in your heart the smell of it,
Familiar with the heft and the weight of it,
See the ways it lays and what it will do,
When you apply it and demand of it,
To use a thing well,
We must understand it,
Take the time to study it,
To let it know it's worth to us in time and energy,
Show it that we care,
And that we need it,
Deeply, and abidingly and well,
With every interaction we can.

Are we really talking about a thing?

10/3/2016 2:19:05 AM
Well... I keep winding up with spam messages, which is funny, they all seem to ignore the fact that they are thousands of miles away from me and cannot possibly be of any real interest. The whole nature of spam, of sending out as many messages as possible to all and sundry in the hope of having a reply show up, is depressing enough to think about. When you throw in the fallacious and fraudulent nature of the intent behind these things you wind up with a clear and true picture of the heart of the individual making the attempt.

Let me be clear.

If you are not from Ontario, I am not going to be interested in meeting you or paying for you to come here or having any kind of relationship with you despite my 'poly' status. I am not up for online stuff and unless you are local, things are just not on the cards.

Even if you are local, well, that isn't an automatic way into my life either. I am choosy in who I allow close to me and believe you should be too.

Telling folks to not spam me is apparently futile as idiocy is idiocy and as it clearly abounds there is no stemming the tide and I am not Knut. So spam away. Just know that you are wasting your energy and your life on a meaningless pursuit. Breath and calories and thought that could be put into something meaningful and real and worthwhile.

So keep spamming and I will keep banning for all the good it will do. I pity the lot of you. But please, I would ask that you learn some basic spelling and sentence structure. I know, I am not perfect in either of these damn things, yet I am forced to endure the most broken, pidgin and hideous attempts at English on an almost daily basis on Collarspace, and hilarious as some of them are, they really are terribly sad.

6/1/2016 5:47:14 AM
So I seem to have found my way into a relationship with a fantastic young woman through an unwieldy and long winded set of circumstances involving barbecue skewers, an un-conference, head scritches, munching, being genuine and open and showing heart and care and vulnerability. Details are unlikely to come to light in the near future without flip charts and multicoloured sharpies...

However, we are Poly, so if you are local and interested in me I am still, in theory, up for grabs, though there might be an audition process involving at least one monologue from modern theater and at least one show tune. Oh, and all that getting to know you fun stuff that involves meeting somewhere and talking for a good long time before going for a long walk and continuing the discussion before finally both parties decide that they like each other enough to discuss actual play. After that, who knows what could happen.

Fantastic young woman is also bi and switchy so there could well be a possibility of couple based dominance if that should appeal. However that audition process will be longer and likely involve a deal more musical numbers and almost certainly some interpretive dance.

So yeah. I have been surprisingly happy and spry lately, with a spring in step and hat worn at a certain jaunty angle. Shockingly happy in fact. It should not be allowed.

5/5/2016 3:20:58 PM
I am really not interested in being scammed.

No. Really. Seriously.

Look, I am not making this up, why in the hell would I?

Yet, despite nothing in my profile reading 'Please scam me, go on, you know you want to, in fact, if you message me I will be nice enough to right off the bat tell you everything ever about myself including all the information necessary to empty my extremely capacious and truly monstrously large bank and investment accounts of the unfeasible and mind boggling amounts that I, in my hubris, keep there.' idiots insist on sending me messages that are not just obvious scams, but are really rather dauntingly inept.

I have to wonder who in their right mind can't tell that someone asking for several thousand US up front, who isn't from their local area, who isn't personally known to them, who has no real text in their profile, is legitimate and above board.

I feel a little sorry for them, obviously, but mostly because they clearly lack for common sense.

However, I have a bit of that. So please, quit with the copy paste scamming attempts, the only result is me feeling abundantly sorry for how pitiful you idiots can be.


4/21/2016 2:48:33 PM
So, there was this new box in my 'Who's Viewing Me?' section today. Turns out that on Collarspace you can subscribe to the journals of folks. Whose crazed idea is this? I write a journal entry just to try to distract myself from something or other and raise my spirits a little, a bit of levity for the day, and BAM! There is the unexpected result of someone, somewhere, appreciating this enough to want to subscribe to my words.

I am flattered. So thank you.

What worries me is the expectation. Do I have to now be funny again? Because, well, is there a set amount of funny before we go more than a little dolally and wind up drooling into our wheatabix? Because I don't even own any wheatabix, and the only cereals in the house are the awful sugary things my previous babygirl left behind. I don't know as I can manage to be funny or poignant or relevant or affecting on demand. Well written and well thought out prose is something that most certainly occurs to others, yet I fear is likely beyond my ken or skill.

So I am forced to question the motives of this soul that clicked this mysterious 'subscribe' button. Are you trying to drive me off the deep end? Because as hilarious and fun as this would be, because who wouldn't want three square meals a day and all the lithium that you can be forced to swallow by a big three hundred pound gorrilla of a male nurse called Cecil I don't really want to wind up in the nut house. Don't ask me why the male nurses in these places are all called Cecil, I think it might be a union thing, making it easier on all the other staff at these facilities perhaps. They already have all those details of the patients and each other to memorize for instance so having all the giant burly male nurses on pill duty with the same name saves a bit of brain space is likely no bad thing. It surely couldn't be just down to co-incidence. Perhaps there is some sort of behind the scenes type conspiracy, likely cloning. This needs looking into.

I am roving off topic again. There might have been a point in here somewhere, only I did that joke last time and to use it again would be stretching things to breaking point. Then again there is certainly something to be said for the 'running gag' though, this being a kink site, the term 'running gag' takes on new meaning actually.

Okay. I might not be here all week, but nevertheless, don't forget to service your Master or Mistress.


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