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Hetero Female Submissive, 28,  Fullerton, California
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11-07-2013 Just so everone knows my Master is Jasper2711. Yes I am owned.

3-26-09 new photo of me in Cancun thats me in the center.

5-22-07 The photo is of me in Cancun November 06. I am the one standing in green. Hope you like. Also my Master is Jasper2711 and he is on collarme. As of 10-01-06 Ok I am not seeking a Dom but feel free to write and be nice. I just had a talk with a Dom who for some reason can't under stand what i said above??? What followes is what i was looking for. i am now with a Master jasper2711 on here and he will decide if i am to be with others not me. I do hope that is clear. However that said i do like to talk to people on here so please fell free to write me but PLEASE be NICE.Never know what to say on these sites. i want to meet with a male Dom who is into heavy bondage. i love to be bound helpless left that way for hours all the while being used as my Dom sees fit. One time I was bound, blindfolded and gagged. The Dom then proceeded to cut off my clothing taking his time. It seemed like it took forever before I was naked. i would love to experience that again. i am more into bondage and feeling helpless more than pain. i would like to one day be used as a party favor and be passed around to all who want to use me. That about it i don’t want to leave so ca so be in the orange county area. Only replies with photos will be answered.











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Journal Entries:
6/3/2007 1:48:55 PM
06-01-07 Ok i don't know if they will let me post this we will see. But Doms like this one is why some of us subs are scared to meet with you. This guy is why. Please take the time to read his note to me and my reply. 
From NBMaster
Hmm well I tried writing you back from my phone while in Mexico this week for the Baja 500, though it doesn't appear it went through.  To quickly comment... I have no problems whatsoever getting a sub though most on here are very weak, insecure or dramatic so I actually have more luck introducing girls into the "lifestyle" that I meet on a regular basis (bar, friends, etc.).  Also, I am VERY confident I have accomplished more and am more successful at 26 than your "older man" is and if I ever was that old going after someone half my age I would hope all my family and friends would lose all respect for me.  I am very confident in myself and absolutely love my life, I will never need to go for someone half my age who obviously thus has very life experiences in order to make myself feel good.  Have fun with your man... hopefully you won't waste too much of your time with him.

Here is my reply .

Well I have finely run into the most conceited man on here. I think I will post your email and this reply on my journal so that all will have a good laugh. First not knowing you or just what you do for a living it is impossible for me to judge just how successful you are. But is it not the same for you? How could you ever possibly know how successful I or my Master are? But you have proven like so many others who call themselves Doms or Masters that my means of flushing out the bad ones works. The very first thing I look for in a Master is does he respect me. Does he respect others around him or does he need to put me and others down to make himself feel important. If we were to meet I am being asked to trust you long before love could ever have time to come into the picture. A trust that would allow you to have me bound and completely in your control. How could I ever trust you when you don’t even respect me. Don’t respect my choices and defame people I am with. People like you scare me because your lack of respect and persona of no one is better than me gives you (in your mind) the ok to do as you want. You are above it all. People like you end up hurting or killing people like me. So in closing please let me and my Master be. And step back and look into yourself and make the changes needed.

3/29/2007 5:54:14 PM

It’s 6 PM Saturday night and as instructed I walk into Masters garage. Right away I notice the hand cuffs hanging from a chain attached to the rafters. On the floor is the spreader bar and in the chair is the note with my instructions. It reads “remove your shoes and attach the spreader bar to your ankles. Put on the gag and blindfold then apply the handcuffs securely around your wrists and wait for me”.

Of course I do as the note instructed. And as I am making ready my excitement builds. Between his travel and my two jobs this is the first opportunity I have had to meet with Master for play in many weeks.

Ok so there I am just hanging around Masters garage (literally hanging) waiting for him to come and get me. After a long time (I know it was a long time because my arms were staring to hurt) I felt my blouse being cut up the back. Then up each sleeve and then gone next my bra and I feel the cool air on my breasts.

My skin is now crawling with anticipation waiting for his touch. I can feel every slight draft every movement of air. Then his hands are on my breasts the first touch always makes me jump. Something is different this time I think his hands are smaller and much softer. Ok how can that be, this is not Master and my body immediately stiffens and my senses come alive.

My skirt is being removed and now I am naked, I feel the same hands on me, first my hips then my legs and on to my shaved spot. They are exploring me and there is nothing I can do about it. Soon a thin finger is going inside of me and I now know for sure this is not Master.

But Master is there because he is speaking in my ear and at first what he is saying is not registering. Then I hear him say are your arms hurting you? And I nod yes. I am told not to move or remove the blindfold and of course I will obey. My hands are un-cuffed and I am allowed to lower my arms. But as soon as they are at me sides they are grabbed and tied behind my back.

I want so to ask who this new person is but the gag won’t allow it and I am left wondering. I am so surprised that Master would again allow an outsider into out play time. Last time was because I was no doing as I was told but I am sure I have not been bad since then.

Again the small hands are on me and felling my body everywhere even in my butt. This touching goes on for a long time with Master joining in at times.

The spreader is removed and I am guided into the house. Once in the house I am told to drop to my knees. Once on my knees Master is again at my ear and I am told not to say a word and I nod yes. The gag is removed and I know what is coming I feel Master moving close to my face and I open my mouth to take him in. But what I fell is sure not built like Master or any other man it’s built like me and I jerk back but someone is right behind me. I now realize that I am being made to service a woman and I am not going to do it.

She has my head in her hands and is pulling me forward and I am resisting with all my might. I keep turning my head from side to side until she gives up. There I think I have won and she will go away. I still don’t speak I know better Master said not to and I know he means it.

The gag is force back into my mouth and my head is forced onto the floor. This puts my butt in the air and I feel something being pushed into my butt. That’s when I feel the wire on my leg and I know it’s the electrical butt plug and that is when I realized I am going to do as she and Master want.

Another lesson learned is be careful of what you wish for, for one day you will receive it. Master and I have been talking about including other people in our play and I said that when he thinks I am ready then please make me do it Being forced to do what Master wants is a big thing for me Its why I got into this BDSM thing for in the first place. We did talk about me being with another woman and even though I am very strait I sad that I am not completely against it. That I would leave it up to him to decide if he thought that was something he wanted to introduce into our play.

Master is at my ear again and he is asking if I want to lick this nice lady and after a few seconds I nod yes. The gag is removed and I taste the lady. She is very excited and I make her orgasm in just a few minutes.

I am turned around and Master is in my mouth and the woman is playing with my breasts. I am getting excited and can tell Master is too as he is getting very hard. In a short time he pulls out of my mouth and I am lifted to my feet and guided to a bed. Master picks me up and sets me on the bed on my back. My legs are forced apart and tied to the bed and she is on me. Her tongue is in me and she is doing things that I must say is making me crazy.

I feel Master getting on the bed and soon he is back in my mouth. I climax and then climax again and once more and at that time Master cums in my mouth and for the first time I don’t mind at all. I swallow all he gives me and climax again.

I am allowed to rest, I am given water then wine and hand fed cheese and crackers. Master is the only one that is talking. The woman is silent and I know better that to ask any questions about her.

The leave me bound and naked on the bed and go into another room to watch TV. Every so often one or both would come in and use me. One time she was on the bed with me on my knees my head between her legs and all of a sudden I felt Master on the bed behind me. He put some lube on and in my butt and then he entered me while she kept my head deep between her legs. I must admit I did climax more than once.

This went on all night and well into the next day I did sleep for several hours between times.

In the morning I was hand fed breakfast then Master gave me a shower washed and dried my hair and the woman helped him brush my hair. It was just wonderful.

Late in the morning Master asked me if I wanted to meet the nice lady that had given me all those orgasms and of course I said yes. He took off my blindfold and there sat someone I knew very well. She said the this hole thing was her idea and Master was good enough to let her do it. I felt very uncomfortable and somewhat humiliated taking with them. I was still bound and naked and they were fully dressed. I knew Master was enjoying me feeling this way.

After a while Master led me to the garage and untied my hands and told me to get dressed and go home. Latter that day the lady well she is a very close friend asked me to dinner and we talked about what was done with me. She said that if she never has another chance to be with me like that she is happy. I have very mixed feelings about it but if Master tells me to do it again I will as long as I am bound and have no choice.

That is what this is all about for me no choice.


1/17/2007 11:43:23 AM

Ok I have been asked why I have not posted any more meetings with my Master. Well we have not met to play since before the holidays. Why? None of your business, ok it just worked out that way what with the holiday hub bub and all. We have met for lots of lunches and dinners but no play until this last Saturday.


This meeting was so much different than my last one. For starters I arrived at the restaurant on time in fact a little early. We had a wonderful dinner lasting a good two hours. When we left he put handcuffs on me just as soon as we left the front door of the restaurant. He walked me to his car and guided me into the front passengers’ seat. My ankles were placed in leg irons and I was blindfolded. Next thing I knew we were at his home and I was being carried inside. He put me down on my feet and told me to stay put. I felt a chain being placed around my neck. Master said stand on your toes and as it did I felt the chain tighten making it near impossible for me to stand flat footed. The cuffs were taken off as well as the leg irons. He put a gage in my mouth and I was told to strip.


Ok now if you have read my journal you know that I am very inhibited. I would much rather Master cut or rip my clothing off while I am bound. But for some reason he wanted to watch me take my close off. And seeing I was having to stand on my toes and was getting tired and did not want to strangle I striped.


Once naked my hands were tied behind my back wrists to elbows. Master likes it this way because it’s very restrictive and there is no way I can protect any part of my body. The chain is loosened and I am allowed to stand flat footed, but the chain is still keeping me standing and in one place. I am told to spread my legs wide and I feel the spreader bar being installed.


Soon I feel his hands on my breasts slowly massaging and pinching my nipples. He is standing right behind me and I can feel him getting excited. He has never used my butt, however I have been instructed to insert a butt plug and keep it in for at lease one hour a day. I have a feeling he is going to use it soon maybe even now. He asks me if I have been using the plug and I nod yes. Good girl, then I have a larger one for you to use. We will get this butt opened and ready for use in short order.


I feel his hands slide down and then a finger is inside me. I am very wet and getting so excited. I tend to orgasm fast and he has said that he wants to control when I orgasm or whether I orgasm. We have talked about it and I have told him that I just can’t control it even though I have tried. He can feel I am getting ready to orgasm and he knows that even if he stops touching me now that I will simply continue on to an orgasm. That just the way I am built. But I feel this sharp stinging cold down there and that turns any thought of an orgasm off. He has shoved an ice cube inside of me, and is holding it in.


The spreader bar is removed and my feet are tied together both at the ankles and the knees. As the ice cube malts I can feel it running down my legs like I am peeing myself.


The chain around my neck is removed and I am forced onto my knees, the gag is removed and is replaced with his thing and he is very hard. He forces it way in and down my throat so far all I can do is gag. He is raping my face and I know he is going to cum and make me swallow it. I still have a problem with that but it is getting easer each time he dose it. I still don’t like it but what is a bound girl to do? Yes I know swallow and ask for more.


No, now he is out and I am pushed to the floor. I feel something being fitted to my ankles and I remember this from the time he hung me upside down. Soon I hear the winch motor and feel my legs being pulled up. I am being dragged across the floor and being lifted up side down. Ok I am hanging upside down and again he is at my mouth with his thing and I take him in. I am told not to let him come out of my mouth no matter what or he will use the tens unit. Now that is something I don’t ever want him to use on me ever again. So I try to hold onto him but things are at a strange angle because of me being up side down and my teeth keep touching him and he keeps telling me to stop it.


After a short while of him telling me to stop biting him he pulls out of my mouth. Ok this is not a good sign not good at all. He then gags me and says I don’t want anyone hear you screaming and I am now scared.


Soon I feel the ice being forced into me in both bottom holes. Now that is cold but I managed to not make to much noise. I had no idea how uncomfortable that could be and how long it takes to melt.


Just when the cold is starting to dissipate I am jolted with a stinging on my butt then one after the other. I am being wiped and it stings like heck. I have never felt anything like this. I try to tell him to stop but I am gagged and can’t speak. My butt is burning and still I am being hit. Now on the insides of my legs and that is worse. But the very worst was when he hit the bottoms of my feet. Now that made me jump luckily he only hit me there a few times. Ok now it has stopped and I wait for whatever comes next. But nothing I am left hanging there bound, naked, gagged and blindfolded. And they call this playing???


I wait for what seems like days for him to come back and take me down. But when he dose come back he says that he is going to use the larger butt plug on me. He is putting the lube on my butt and then I feel the tip being inserted and soon I am being stretched and stretched and it is starting to hurt and I am about to use my safe signal and I feel it go in. And I know it is not going to be fun when he takes it out.


Ok now he removes the gage and yes his thing is at my lips and again I am told to not let go. I feel his tongue on my clit and he knows that I will orgasm very fast and I can feel it building and yep there is the ice again. He dose this several more times and each time I am about to go over the edge he hits me with the ice. Now I am getting frustrated and I really what to orgasm, that is all I can think about. I am not paying attention to him and what I have in my mouth when all of a sudden he is cuming and I hear don’t spill a drop. Swallow all of it and I can feel it running out of the corners of my mouth before I have a chance to swallow. If it weren’t for the blindfold it would be running in my eyes what a mess. I manage to swallow most of it and am told to lick him clean, not an easy task hanging up side down.


He is gone and I am left here hanging. This is the longest he has kept me hanging but I feel fine except for the frustration. And my bottom end is still stinging from the beating, all the ice and the butt plug. And I am dreading when he takes that out.


I hear to winch motor and feel myself being lowered, I feel him holding me as I am being lowered and soon he sets me on the floor. The leg cuffs are taken off and he picks me up and stands me on my feet. My hands are untied and the ropes are replaced with handcuffs. Its time for a rest and I am guided to a sofa and am told to sit. I have forgotten about the butt plug and get a surprise when my butt hits and sofa, makes me stand right back up. I am told to sit and I manage to do it this time but slowly.


Master tells me to sit with my legs spread open so that he can see my sex. How humiliating and he knows it and he loves to do this to me. I am fed some cheese and given a very strong gin and tonic (my favorite Drink), and allowed to rest.


He removes the blindfold and we talk about what was done to and with me. About the prospects of me realizing my fantasy of being a party favor and being passed around and used by several men. Master asks me if I thought I am ready for that and in my mind I think No but to him I say if Master thinks so then I am ready. I am so happy when he laughs and says no you are far from anything like that.


All the while we are eating and talking he is playing with my body. But not enough so that I would orgasm just enough to get him hard again.


I am soon told to slide off of the sofa and on to my knees. He then tells me to put my head on the floor and keep my butt up in the air. He needs to take out the butt plug. I am sure this is going to hurt. But he is forcing lube into and around the plug and when he eases it out it’s not near as bad is I thought. Oh the stretching hurt but it slid out fast. He told me that he has bought me an inflatable plug that I am to use every day. He wants to use my butt the next time we play and if I am not ready then I will be very sorry. I have no idea what he would do and I have no intention of finding out.


He blindfolds me again and takes me into another room. I am forced back onto my knees and am again servicing him with my mouth. I feel him getting hard then very hard then I am pushed onto my back and he is inside me. Just like that, I still have a hard time with being just taken. However I do get over that as my climax is starting to build and this time he lets me have it. Let me tell you it was worth waiting for I thought it would never stop.


Soon we are in bed, me still bound and naked him spooning me and playing with my breasts and I fall asleep. Yes he dose take me once more during the night. And yes I do get to service him with my mouth as we eat breakfast. After breakfast he showers me and brushers my hair, I am lead to the garage and am set free to dress and leave.


I must say that this was one of the best nights I have had with Master but then they seem to get better each time.


12/4/2006 1:10:19 PM

I am sorry to say that this play session did not go as I hoped it would, because of my thread of miss adventure and deceit. Let me explain or better said Master is requiring me to explain. My girl friend took care of my cat for the two weeks while I was on vacation. To repay her and thank her I took her to dinner on Friday evening. Well one thing lead to another and we stayed out far too late and I drank far too much so she made me stay over at her place. I could not walk never mind drive so she took my car keys and drove me to her place leaving my car at the restaurant. Not a problem because I didn’t have to meet Master tell 2PM on Saturday I had plenty of time to get my car get gas as I was about out and get home to get myself ready for our meeting and play time. Well it started to fall apart when I slept in until about 8:35AM and had a very hard time getting my hung over butt out of bed. By 9:15 we were on our way to the restaurant so that I could get my car. It’s there and no damage so all is well, about the time I started the car my cell phone rang and it was Master. He said that I was to meet him for lunch at noon at a restaurant by his home and then just hung up. Ok this in not good not good at all, I live about an hour away from him and I am at least 15 minutes from home from where I am now. That means I have to get home get ready get gas and get to the restaurant all in 2 ½ hours. Heck I can’t make up my mind in that amount of time. I charge on home, jump in the shower and start scrubbing most important is I have to shave down there. And I have not shaved there for at least 5 weeks because I had to share a bathroom with my mom for two weeks while in Cancun and was not in a position to explain why I was keeping myself shaved. Ok girls’ what’s more important shaving or makeup? As a result I did a poor job on the shaving and not much better on the makeup as time was running out. Ok it’s now 10:50 and I am out the door with my bag (change of clothing and all the things a girl needs) and jump into the car knowing that I had pulled it off. Except I am out of gas no not out completely but not near enough to get me there. Got to make a stop for gas that will cost me lots of time. No line at the gas station and life is good again except the pump I stop at is out of order so I have to find another open pump. All things said and done I lost time and was going to be late. I called Master and told him what was going on and he just said ok and hung up. Ok he is angry but he will get over it. I arrived about 20 minutes late (I hate to be late it makes me crazy) and I could tell Master was not happy with me. All I got was a peck on the cheek. But lunch went fine lots of talk about my trip to Mexico and all. Because of me being late that made lunch run late and we were not done until about 1:30. Master told me that I had better head over to his place and get ready for our play time. That he would wait for the check and meet me there at a little after 2PM. He asked me if I got his instructions and were they clear. I said I did and yes I understood them. For clarification here is what I was instructed to do. I was to go into the garage via the side door. I would find a white matt on the floor on each side of the matt there are ropes connected to the floor. Above the matt hanging from the rafters is a chain and padlocked to the chain are handcuffs. Also on the matt there is a blindfold. I was to take off all my clothes, tie one leg to each of the ropes with my legs spread wide apart. Put on the blindfold reach up and apply the handcuffs to my wrists. Not all that complicated one would think. Ok time is short so I start getting undressed about then I notice the side door is open so I run over a shut it. I go back to the matt and pickup the blindfold and put it on the chair I then tie the ropes around each ankle with my legs spread about 6 inches. I then check to see if I can reach the handcuffs and I can easily. So I thought I have better retie my legs because 6 inches is not spread as wide as I know Master would like. This time I spread them about a foot. Still not as wide as Master likes but good enough (I am running out of time). I then reach up and snap on the cuffs, adjust them a little tighter and am all set for Master. About then I realize that the blindfold is still on the chair and there is no way I can get to it. Also I am still wearing my panties. That’s when I think I said the F word several times. Well nothing to do about any of this and Master will just have to live with it. About 10 minutes latter Master arrives when he sees me I know I am in trouble just from the expression on his face. What I saw was more disappointment than anger but there was anger because he picked up the blindfold and put it on me then just ripped my panties off. One pull and they were gone and he then slapped my butt not hard but it did get my attention. He said munchkin (that what he now calls me) what are you thinking about? I said I am so sorry Master but I was still running late and one thing lead to another and I just screwed up. I then felt his hand between my legs and he said spread your legs as wide as you can munchkin. He then said I am glad to see you have kept yourself shaved as I told you to. Yes Master I have. Are you sure about that he asks? Yes I am sure I say. Because way down here and with that he pulled on some hair that I must have missed you have some very long hair. And if you had been shaving like you say these would not be here would they? So I will ask you one more time have you been shaving like you were instructed to? No Master but I have a very good reason why I could not shave. He said nothing there was just silence for a very long time then I felt him untying my legs, he opened the cuffs and told me to take off the blindfold. He gave me a t-shirt that was hanging by the washer and dryer and said here cover yourself. I put on the t-shirt and he said sit and I did. He then looked me in the eye and said munchkin I am very disappointed in you. I though you wanted to be a sub, you said that you would follow all my instructions but here you are a complete screw up. Your late, didn’t follow my instructions and lied to me. So as I see it you have two ways you can go from here. One is you get dressed and leave and don’t ever come back. I’m sure you will find a Dom who will put up with your silliness but I am not that Dom. Or second you can decide that you are willing to accept your punishment and will be committed from this point on to being the best and most obedient sub possible. The choice is yours. Well by this time I was crying because he was scaring me. I can’t believe he would make me leave but he said it plane as day. If I stay and that is what I so very much want to do I had better look at being a sub in a different way. And you have no idea how much I wanted to ask what my punishment was to be. But I was certain that would be a BIG mistake.  He said you decide, I will be back in ten minutes either you are gone or back in your place on the matt. Well I can tell you that I was on that matt legs tied so wide apart I could just barley reach the cuffs blindfold on and waiting for my Master to return. When he did he patted my butt and said good girl do we understand each other now. And I said yes Master I do understand and will do whatever you require of me and I will do it right the first time. Good now lets get rid of that unsightly hair between your legs. My feet are untied and then retied together the padlock holding the handcuffs to the chain is opened and I am picked up and carried to another room of the house. My feet hit the floor and I and guided to a sitting position on what feels like the end of a bench. I am told to lay back and as I do my arms are raised above my head and are locked to what feels like a chain above my head. Masters hands are on my hips and he pulls me along the bench until my butt is at the very end. I feel a strap being pulled across my hips and being tightened down. Then the chain attached to me cuffs is pulled and I am now stretched out quit tight. Another strap is cinched down just under my breasts and then another one on my forehead. My feet are untied and are retied so that my legs are spread wide apart but bent at the knees like how you are when in the doctors’ office. Well I am about to be shaved and he wants to have a good view of the area he will be working with. Big surprise not shaved but plucked. Yep he is plucking the hair out one at a time and it hurts. Well I start to complain and try to jump around but he just keeps on with the plucking. After a while he stops and tells me to be quiet then I feel him straddle me and hear his fly unzip and know what is coming. And sure enough I feel him at my lips and I open my mouth and let him in. Make me hard munchkin and as I suck on him I feel him growing and getting hard in my mouth. Soon he is stiff and that’s when he is out of my mouth and inside of me. He is thrusting deep into me much harder that he has ever done before. And I can feel his excitement and know he is going to climax very soon and so am I. I climax and as I do he pulls out of me before he dose. You like that munchkin? And I say a very big yes. Good now we need to get red of this hair and plucking is far too slow don’t you think? Yes Master I say. Then I feel something being applied down there and realize it is tape. He is going to rip the hair out. And I know it will hurt like heck when he pulls the tape off. And sure enough rip and dam that hurt. He then did it at least 4 or 5 more times on different parts of my bottom. He then declared me hair free and to be sure there would be no infections from the places where the skin was broken he swabbed me with alcohol NOW that will get your attention it sure did mine. Again he is straddling me and I know enough to open my mouth and he said munchkin finish the job and soon he is very hard again and I know he is going to cum in my mouth and I had better swallow it. It took a while but he did cum and he did make me swallow it. He made me hold it in my mouth forever show it to him then swallow it. I am sure paying for my mistakes but I think this should do it we should be even now. After he made me lick him clean he said that it was time for me to take a rest. I was untied from the bench my hands cuffed behind my back and lead to a big easy chair. I was still blindfolded and was told to be sure to not close my legs. He gave me a drink of water then he was gone I heard him leave the room. I must admit I had a hard time keeping my legs spread after a life time of conditioning to keep them closed I had to concentrate or I would find them closing. When he returned the blindfold was removed I was told to stand and follow him. We went into what was a one stall garage on the other side of the house. It was setup as a workshop but also served as a dungeon of sorts. He told me where to stand and I was made to spread my legs quit wide and they were tied in place. My hands were un-cuffed and retied behind my back wrists to elbows. This is so very restrictive but I love when he ties me this way. He then showed me a hook it was about nine inches long down the long side and about four inches long on the hook side. Also the hook end was rounded not a point like a regular hook. I think it was made of stainless steel. He asked me if I knew what it was used for and I said that it was used to hook in the handcuffs to lift me on to my toes. He said close and he then got out some lubricant and coated the hook with it and told me to bend over. Then I knew where he was going to put it and I got scared. No way was I going to bend over and let him stick that hook up my butt no way. Or that’s what I thought he grabbed the back of my neck and squeezed and I bent over just like he wanted. I felt it go in and was told to straiten up slowly and as I came up he slid it in all the way. He then hooked a rope to it and fed the rope though a pulley hanging from the ceiling. The rope was so tight and the kook so well implanted I was not going anywhere. He then showed me another hook this one much smaller maybe four inches long but with two hooks spread apart about ¼ inches. This one had to go in my front hole but why were there two hook parts. I soon found out when he slid them into my nose yep in my nose and it too was attached to a rope to the ceiling. Now I was a peace of meat in the truest sense the hooks were so tight I had to almost stand on my toes to ease the pull on my nose. Then he said oh yes I forgot to tell you we are entertaining this afternoon. Our guests should be here any time now. I about fainted and my stomach did flips, I was sure I was going to loose it. Is he really going to let other men or woman for that matter see me like this? I would be one thing if I was just bound but to be standing here naked with these hooks in me is beyond humiliating. I could not believe this was happening to me. He then asked or would you rather leave and go home and I said no I must stay I have to stay please let me stay. He smiled and said good munchkin. A short time latter the door bell rang and he left to answer it, soon he was back and with him were two men. One was about 5’9” and at least 300 lbs. the other was well over 6’2” and weighed about the same. I wanted to die to roll up into a little ball and disappear. But that was not to be. I was to be humiliated and Master was doing a good job of it. The shorter man asked if they were allowed to touch me and Master said I don’t know let me ask her. Munchkin would you allow these fine men to explore your body? Ok I know a rhetorical question when I hear one and I also know he is going to let them handle me maybe even have sex with me so I gave the only wise answer I could. That is not my decision to make it is yours Master. He smiled and said good munchkin then to the men he said you may touch her any way you like. The shorter man was into butts because that the first thing he went for and loved squeezing my butt cheeks. The other man was into breasts and he was sucking on my left on while sliding his finger into me. He whispered something to Master and Master smiled and said she would love that. Next thing I know he is on his knees and spreading me open and his tongue is inside of me. My brain is screaming no but I am not going to say a word of protest to Master. He wants to teach me a lesson and I will be dammed if I am going to quit. My brain is still saying no but my body is telling my brain to shut the F--- up this is felling wonderful. I have one working on my clitoris the other sucking on my breasts and I am about to orgasm. Dumb question but have you ever had an orgasm bound the way I was? Master saw what was coming a grabbed my head so that I would not tear my nose off. After the fourth orgasm Master told the big man to stop and let me rest. By rest he meant to just let me hand there without anyone touching me. After a short time I was able to catch my breath Master told the two men to take me down. He said take her into the bathroom shower before you pull out the hook in her butt, it may get messy. To have the hook out of my nose was like heaven and as they walked me to the bathroom I was sure getting the one in my butt out would feel about the same. The guided me into the stall shower and forced me to my knees. I was told to bend over and place my head on a towel they had placed on the shower floor. The shorter man pulled the hook out of me and I know other material came with it because I could smell it. I think I died right there I was so humiliated that I started to cry. The shorter man patted me on the butt and said don’t let it bother you this happens all the time. But not to me and I think I have reached my limit. Before I could get the words out they just cleaned me up, washed (scrubbed) my butt with soap and a wash cloth. I was dried picked up and stood on my feet and made to lie on the bed. I was sure that they were going to take me right there and right now. But no the bigger man said Master wants you to rest for a while and with that he untied my hands from the wrist to elbow position and retied them crossed at the wrists behind my back. Such a big relief for both my butt and my arms. I think I fell asleep because the next thing I felt was Master shaking me and telling me to get on my feet we still have guest an he has a job for me. Yea I bet my job is to screw the guest but my shame is dissolving and I am determined to weather this storm and prove to Master that I can take his punishment. We go to the kitchen and I am fitted with a tray, my hands are tied to the handles on each end of the tray. Two belts are attached to the tray one that is fastened around the back of my neck and the other around my waist. He places two full glasses on the tray and I am told to take them to our guests who are in the den watching the USC/UCLA game. I deliver their drinks and suffer their hands on and in me and return to the kitchen. Master places plates full of snacks on the tray and I am told to follow him. He goes into the den and guides me into a spot between and just in front of the men but I am facing away from the TV. They can easily reach the snacks and me. I am told to stay there and hold the try as a table. I am forced to stand with my legs spread between these men the whole time they watch the game. I never know weather they are reaching for a snack or to touch me. The big man would sit a rub my clitoris tell I would orgasm and laugh at me while I try to not drop the tray. I know for sure that I am going to be the after game entertainment and was surprised when half time came and whet and they did not use me. I was allowed to sit and rest during half time. By the way the men were feeding me snacks and I had a very strong gin and tonic going that they would hold up for me to drink. Ok here is the scary part, the game is over and I am taken to the kitchen. I am separated from the tray and my hands are immediately bound behind me and I am gagged and blindfolded I am whisked to a bedroom and forced onto the bed. A pillow is placed under my butt and my legs are tied spread wide apart to the bottom of the bed.  I resign myself to the fact that Master is going to allow these men to have me. Then everything is quiet and I am left alone to await my fate. I am forced to wait forever or it seems like forever then I feel someone on the bed and I think here it comes. My blindfold is removed and I see only Master and he says our guests have gone munchkin and I am so proud of you. You are committed to me and you are learning what it is like to be a true sub. You must trust that I will always act in your best interest and not let anyone hurt you. You will always be safe with me. I nod and try to smile but the gag is a problem. He then said seeing that you are in this position and I am very turned on by you do you mind if I screw you? Without allowing me to answer (I can’t anyway) he takes off his paints and under paints and I see he is ready he then simply mounts me and dose me. He takes his time and goes maddeningly slow. Slowly in and out soon I am on the edge and I know he is too. I climax and he is out of me and I open my eyes and all I see is his thing and he comes in my face. I feel it hit me and run down my cheeks.  It’s in my eyes and in my hair. He then looks me in the eye and says that’s for not shaving. And he then takes off my gag and I am told to lick him clean and I do as I am told. When I am done the gag is replaced and he is gone. I still have his seamen on my face and have no idea when I will be allow to wipe it off. I must have fallen asleep again because the next thing I fell is master untying my legs and then helping me out of bed. My hands are untied and handcuffed in front of me and a chain is placed around my waist and padlocked to the cuffs. It feels wonderful to have my arms in front of me even if I can’t move them it is a relief. I have to pee and ask Master if he will take me to the restroom and while I am sitting on the toilet he washes my face and hair getting his seamen off of me. When I am done he wipes me and I am taken to the kitchen where I am set on a stool to watch him make dinner. We drink wine and talk all though the preparation, eating and cleaning up of our dinner. No mention of me leaving so I bet I am staying for the night. After dinner he wants to watch a movie, so my hands are re-cuffed behind my back and I am seated on a big pillow at my Masters feet. He likes to run his fingers though my hair. And rub my shoulders and back. My breasts are also a favorite spot and I am from time to time forced to provide oral sex. He says he likes to be in my mouth. I think I like him there too. It’s now past 10PM and I am so very tired that I can’t keep my eyes open. Master asks do you want to go to bed and I say yes Master please. Ok up you go and I am lead to the guest room strange because in the past I share his bed. Before we enter the room I am blindfolded and gagged this is not a good sign at all. I am lead into the room my hands are un-cuffed and he picks me up and places me on the bed. But I am on something hard my arms are tied to each side of the bed, no to a cross that is on the bed. My arms are tied at the wrists, elbows and shoulders. Straps are fastened around my chest and hips. I am told to spread my legs and something is inserted in me and my legs age tired together at the knees and ankles. I can feel a cord or wire lying on my leg and I am sure he is going to use his electric thing on me again. He says to me the thing in you is a vibrator and it is hooked up to a programmable timer. It will come on and go off all night long sometimes it will run for less that a minute sometimes for much longer. Have a goodnight munchkin and he is gone. Ok this is not all that comfortable but it is what it is and I and about dead tired. Soon the vibrator comes on and it is right on my clitoris and I cum over and over again. Finely it stops and after a long while I start to fall asleep and its on again only this time for less that a minute. This went on all night long I have no idea how many orgasms I had but I was a tired munchkin come morning. Just after day brake I was allowed to sleep for several hours. After breakfast we sat in his easy chair me on his lap facing him with him inside of me and we talked. He rubbed my back, neck and shoulders along with my boobs and my clit. I left his home the same way as always in the garage naked with my hands cuffed. On the chair is the keys and I unlock the cuffs get dressed and drive home. I call Master to let him now I am home safely.


Well this is done or all I am going to do for now. Master has read and approved it so i will post it.

 I have new ruled I have to live by but Master said I was to keep them to myself for now.


What did I learn from all of this?


1 I can’t imagine losing Master.

2 I am learning to have a new respect for my part in this life style.

3 I learned that it is not wise to screw with my Master.

11/27/2006 10:39:40 AM
well I am back from my vacation and can't wait to meet with my Master on Sat.

11/7/2006 4:40:08 PM

Ok all you wonderful people and you not so wonderful people especially you folks in Ohio who think I should quit me job and sell my home and move there to be someone’s slave. Are you kidding me? I will be on vacation for the next two weeks so if I don’t get back to you please understand. I have tried to respond to all so it is important for all to know why I am all of a sudden silent. Also I have met a Master if you read this please read the entire journal and see my journey. We are to meet on Dec 2nd for our next play time. I will write about it for those interested.

10/30/2006 4:20:14 PM

I just read this thing and be advised it is long. I learned a lot about myself from this meeting and more about what I want from this life stile. You will be surprised how this unfolds.


I have left a lot out because it was becoming far too long. There were some wild things he forced me to do that I don’t have the words for. Maybe some day.


It’s Monday and I have had two days to rest and recover from my Saturday afternoon meeting with my Dom. If you have been reading this journal you know that this was only my second meeting with him. When I say second meeting I mean second time we meet for play. We have been meeting for lunches and dinners and talking on the phone for several weeks before we ever meet to play. Even though there is a significant difference in out ages we have much in common. But the most important thing is his gentleness. Now don’t get me wrong he can be very demanding during play, but its just his demeanor, the way he is always checking to be sure I have good blood circulation in my arms and legs. How he treats me during brakes to be sure I have enough to drink and eat. But enough of that what you want to know is what did he do with me.


We were to meet at his home on Saturday at 2PM. On Friday late afternoon I got a delivery from a florist a box of beautiful roses and a sealed box in raping paper. Inside the sealed box was a note, a pair of handcuffs, a blindfold and a ball gag. The note said that when I arrive at his home, the garage door would be open. I was to go inside and press the button that closes the door. Once closed I was to put on the gag and blindfold, then cuff my hands behind my back and sit in the chair by the door and wait. Now just thinking about playing on Saturday was enough to keep me excited but with the delivery of the cuffs and other stuff made it almost imposable for me to sleep Friday night.


Saturday I spent getting ready for our meeting. I had to be sure I was shaved the way he liked. I bet I dressed and redressed a dozen times tell I finally settled on shorts and a t-shirt just like last time. Also I was not sure weather he would be cutting off my clothing this time or not so I packed a small bag with an extra outfit.


He lives about an hour away so I left my place extra early so that I would not be late causing me to arrive about a half hour early. He said 2PM sharp so I had to sit in my car a wait for that half hour, one of the longest half hours of my life.


2PM and I walked into the garage press the button and the door closes. I put on the gag and the blindfold and sit down in the chair. I then cuffed my hands and sat back and waited. Well after a while I realized (and I never knew this) was a ball gag makes one drool. So there I am sitting there drooling all over myself. And I knew he would see me this way and I was mortified. I was humiliated to have him see me like this but there was no way for me to stop it. I thought that by the time he comes to get me I would be soaking wet.


I heard the door to the house open and felt him take hold of my arms lifting me to a standing position. He said lets go inside I have a surprise for you. He guided me into the house and into a room where he made me stand. He unlocked the cuffs and tied my hand behind my back. He crossed my arms at the wrests and wrapped the rope around and around then in-between so that it was tight and no way for me to escape. He then made me lie down on my back not an easy thing tied the way I was. He then tied my feet to something that spread my legs wide apart. Next thing I knew my legs were being lifted off of the floor; my feet keep going up until I was hanging upside down from my ankles. This scared the crap out of me. What if I was dropped on my head or something? But being gagged there was no way of protesting I had to just go with it.


Soon he was cutting off my clothing. Like last time one piece at a time very slowly. His hands are all over my body as he is cutting. Soon I am naked and hanging up side down and he is inspecting how well I am shaved. For some reason him being able to look down on me that way was so very humiliating he could see inside of me just by opening me up. And he did several times much to my embarrassment. My gag is removed and it feels so good to have that thing out of my mouth. But I should have known because I feel him on my lips and am forced to open my mouth and take him in. While he is in my mouth I feel his mouth on me and the way he is touching me made me orgasm on the spot. I must of looked nuts hanging there bouncing around having an orgasm but dam it was nice. I must say orgasms while bound are incredible. That’s one of the things I like best about bondage. I am told not to let go of him and I do my best to keep him in my mouth but the orgasm is so intense that it is difficult but I manage to do it. He is very hard and is becoming more demanding going deeper into my mouth sometimes making me gag and bringing tears to my eyes. I am sure he is going to cum in my mouth (something I have thus far refused to do for my boy friends) but here there is no choice. But no he is out and the ball gag is back in and I am left to hang and think.


I feel a belt being placed around my waist and something is being forced into my butt. It is much larger than the last one and it hurts like crazy. He keeps adding lubricant to it and working it further in each time and all of a sudden it is in and there to stay. Next I feel something being worked into me and a strap is attached to the belt that goes between my legs and is holding these things in. I now have one in the front and one in the back. I hear click and then feel a sharp jolt or shock in my butt that makes me jump. Then one from the one in my front hole. I had said that I would like to try electrical play but now I am not all that sure. The gag is removed and his thing is back in my mouth again. He said that the one thing about electric play is that I would do everything he told me to do. Then he said take me deep into your mouth and with that he shocked my front and I forced him down throat and keep him there for as long is I could. He is out of my mouth and the gag is back in.


I feel myself being lowered down and am soon on my back and he is untying my feet. I am told to stand and he helps up. He guides me to a chair and I sit. The gag and blindfold are removed and I am given a big glass of cold water. He feels my hands to be sure they are not cold and that blood is flowing. I can now see the wires coming from between my legs to a small box on the table. He turns one of the knobs and I can feel the electricity in my butt, not bad but I knew he could make me jump if he wanted to. He smiles and says you are going to be a good girl now aren’t you. And for the first time I know I am a captive I know for sure that I will do anything my captor wants.


Its time to rest and I am fed some chips and ice tea. We talk about my work and his. He asks how I am feeling do my arm hurt or do I need anything and I say I am fine.


After a while the blindfold in put back on and I and told to get on my knees. I hear his zipper and soon I feel him at my mouth and I take him in. All of a sudden I get a jolt in my butt that makes me almost jump out of my skin. It was more of a surprise than it hurt. He asks me is it true that I have never let a man cum in my mouth and I nodded yes. So you have never swallowed cum or even tasted it. I again nod my head, all the while fearing where this is going. I get another jolt this time from the front one. So you would not want me to cum in your mouth would you? I shake my head no. You have not listed this as one of your hard limits have you? Now I know where this is going. I shake my head no. He steps back and out of my mouth and he says ask me to cum in your mouth so that you can taste me and you will swallow it. Please no I just can’t do that I say. Yes you can and then I get a jolt from both probes. Before I have a chance to say anything I get another one this time with more force. And I scream please cum in my mouth. And what are you going to do with it? I am going to swallow it. Are you sure you want to do this. And I say please yes don’t shock me again. I open my mouth and feel him enter and he starts to have sex with my mouth. I feel him getting harder and more forceful with his thrusting and the all of a sudden I can taste him cum and am told don’t let a drop spill and don’t swallow. I am forced to hold all he gives me in my mouth tell he is done. He says don’t you dare swallow and he pulls himself from my mouth. Now tilt your head back and open your mouth and let me see what you have in there. This is so embarrassing and humiliating that I was about to cry but I did as I was told. I tilted back my head and opened my mouth so that he could see his cum and once satisfied the said swallow and I did. Very good, I got a pat on the head and a nice kiss on the lips. Now clean your Dom up and I was forced to lick him clean.  The most humiliating part of this is he removed my blindfold and I could see him watch me as I licked him clean.


He stood me up and bent me over the arm of a chair and removed the probes from my body. Its rest time and he untied my hands and cuffed them in front of me. He then put a chain around my waist and pad locked the cuffs to it. I still am unable to do anything for myself because my hands are cuffed tight to my waist. And I have to go to the bathroom. I am lead to the toilet and told to go. Last time this happened I was blindfolded that made it easer because I could not see him wipe me but this time I had watch him do it. I bet I turned five shades of red.


I have no idea what time it is but he asked if I was hungry and to my surprise I was. He takes me to the kitchen and sets me on a stool at the counter. As he prepares dinner we talk and every so often he would stand behind me and feel my breasts or make me spread my legs so the he could feel me down there. He asked me if I had a specific time I wanted to be home. I said no, he said then I can keep you for the night can’t I? I had not thought about staying the night but there was no reason I needed to go home.


He fed me dinner wiping my mouth when needed and feeling my body when and as he wished. I had no say in the matter and was not asked, all I could do is sit there and take it. Better said enjoy it.


After dinner was cleaned up he said how about we watch some TV? I was told to stand and he un-cuffed my hands slid the cuffs and chain behind my back and re-cuffed my hands behind my back.


He took me into his den and made me sit on the floor at his feet. He trend on the TV and selected a channel he wanted to watch. He then stood and took off his paints and underwear. I could see he was not erect and he said make me hard and the only way I could was to use my mouth. So I squirmed around so that I could get him in my mouth and started trying to get him hard. I took a while but eventually he became nice and hard. He then made me turn around and while knelling bend me over and put my head on a pillow he had placed on the floor. Once in position he entered me from the back and proceeded to have sex with me. When he was done he sat back in his chair and told me to turn around and come sit by him again. I was then told to get between his legs and clean him up. Oh yuck I said that I won’t do. He reached over to the side table and got the electric controller and asked if I wanted more of it. I spend the next quarter hour cleaning him and I did a good job.


Soon it was time to get ready for bed. He took me into the bathroom and turned on the shower. We both got into the shower and he washed both of us. He got aroused in the shower and made me spared my legs so that he could enter me. He said that he was going to save what little he had left for latter so we just stood there with him inside me and he washing my back and hair.


Once out of the shower he dried us both and sat me down and dried my hair. He did a good job of brushing it too.


I was then blindfolded and a collar was placed around my neck and I felt it being padlocked on. I was lead to the bed and picked up laid on it. A chain was attached to the collar that I was told was bolted to the wall. I was told that the chain was about 18” long and that I could not get out of bed or even stand up unless he unlocked it. My hands were cuffed to the chain that was still around my waist.


I did fall asleep but every so often he would mount me. He would do it whenever he wanted to. For the first time he made me feel like a piece of meat like I was just there for his needs. When morning came and he woke up he smiled at me and slid under the covers and was between my legs with his mouth and he made me cum over and over. I was one happy piece of meat.


This was the most humiliating and embarrassing nights of my life and all I can say is I LOVE my Dom. He know how to play me and I will be back.

10/20/2006 9:51:56 AM

Well I guess people are reading this because I am getting lots of mail about it. Most are saying how lucky I am to have found a Dom who is so protective of me. And some say how lucky he is to have me. I would say they are both correct. I have been asked who he is and I will ask him if I can tell those who ask?  He has given me the time to think, get my head clear without rushing me to do more scenes. I really like that so guys keep this in mind. We are to meet on Nov 4th for our next play session. This time I won’t need my friend to accompany me. She will know where I am and about when I will be home so I feel safe. Also this time I have no idea what he has in mind for me. But I do know that some of it will be things I have never done before. He knows my limits and I am sure he will respect them. Again I have asked to be bound from the time I arrive tell I leave.

10/10/2006 10:30:40 AM

I have been trying for several days to write this. The problem is I didn’t want this to sound like the stories I’ve read on the net. But there is no way I can do that so here goes. Be warned this will be very long. This is my first meeting with my Dom. If you have read my other journal entries you know that he is much older than me. That we have met often and over time I have grown to trust him. I said that I was going to take a friend with me for this meeting and I did. She wanted for me in the car. I also said that I was going to script the entire scene but after reading several emails from you all I decided not to. I gave him a list of the things I fantasized about and asked him to use some of them. So with that in mind here is how it went. I can say that I don’t ever remember being this nervous about anything as I was about this. Also there was a little fear nixed in with the nerves. I arrived at his home Saturday at 3PM. He asked me in, closed the door and told me to turn around and not move. He took my bag from me, and then handcuffed my hands behind my back. (I had asked to be bound for the entire time I was there). My though was wow this is really going to happen. My stomach jumped into my throat and I though I was going to be sick. He guided me to a chair and made me sit. I felt better in a few seconds and told him so. He then placed a blindfold on me and told me to stand. I felt him tying my ankles together and them my knees. He then picked me up and carried me to another room. Once I was back on my feet he unlocked the handcuffs. He then placed leather cuffs on each of my wrists then each wrist was secured to a board or a pipe with my arms stretched apart. He then tied ropes at my elbows and at my shoulders. This board must have been attached to something because I felt very sturdy and there was no give to it.  My feet and knees were untied; he removed my sandals and made me spread my legs as far as I could. I felt him place cuffs on each ankle and then he spread my legs even farther. I wanted to feel helpless and now I did, completely helpless. He could do as he wanted with me. And I began to feel excited but at the same time I was scared this was very different from what I thought I would feel. Then his hands were on me first my breast then you know where. Then the strangest thing happened he placed head phones on me with music playing and turned on an over head fan on. Then he did nothing for the longest time. I didn’t expect this I was sure he would have been itching to get me naked. It was most unsettling because there was no way for me to know when he was near. The music made it so I couldn’t hear him and the fan made it so I could not feel him come near. Soon enough he was back and I felt the scissors cutting my tee shirt off. His hands on my breasts again down to my stomach then on down there. My shorts were next, cut and gone and the exploring once gain. Then again nothing he just left me hanging there. I will tell you this after waiting for him to do something that when he did touch me I would just about jump out of my pants. Maybe that was the point. Soon I was hanging there naked with him touching every, and I mean every part of my body and inside some of those parts. Every so often he would feel my hands to make certain that there was good blood circulation. And once I was naked and he was done with his exploring he untied my hands and retied them wrist to elbow behind my back. He had asked me to practice holding my hands behind my back so that I could take being bound this way for long periods. My legs were still spread and he put a collar around my neck and then secured it to the thing I was previously tied to. I then felt something very warm almost hot being held between my legs it went away then back again. Soon I knew what he was up to he was shaving me. At one time or another he had said that he liked his subs hairless, and I said I would be ok with that but that was a long time ago and I had forgotten. Once done it was the strangest feeling what with the fan blowing cool air over my now hairless area. His hands felt quit different now when he touched me there. First he started rubbing me down there then I felt his mouth he was kissing my newly shaved area and I had my first orgasm. Being restrained while having an orgasm made the orgasm so much more intense or at least I think it was more intense. My feet were untied and I was allowed to sit for a short brake. This was good because I had to pee and my mouth was very dry. He reminded me of my insistence that I be keep bound for the entire time I was there. So he would have to help me with a drink of water. That’s when I realized that he would be helping me with the bathroom thing as well. After my drink he asked me if I still had to pee and sorry to say I did. I was thankful I was blindfolded because I was embarrassed beyond words when he wiped me after I peed. I can’t imagine how humiliated I would have been if I could see him doing it. That’s silly considering I was naked before him and knowing or at least thinking I knew what he was going to do with me to let this bother me but it did. There are some thing a girl likes to do for her self. I was then marched out of the bathroom the cuffs on my ankles were tied together and I was forced onto my knees and my hands were secured to ankles. I thought I bet I know what is coming next and for once I was right. I felt him pressing against my lips and I opened my mouth began servicing him. I have given oral sex to several of my boy friends before so this was nothing new but being forced to provide oral was a completely different felling like I had no choice in it but I didn’t have a choice did I?  I was there for his enjoyment and I had to do as he wanted. And I loved that feeling I was helpless and as such took no responsibility for what he made me do. Soon I was back on my feet and being lead to yet another place. This time my legs were tied to something in front of me, my hands were untied and I was forced to bend over the thing in front of me. My hands were then tied down to the base of this thing. So I was bent over it with my head down and my butt sticking up in the air. Again I had a good idea just what was about to happen. Surprise again I felt his hand under my chin lifting my head up and he kissed me full on the lips. It was a long soft kiss. He kissed me again very soft but not as long. I held my head up hoping for another one but that’s not what I got what I got was his thing in my mouth. This time he was a little more demanding with me he would force it further in my mouth than before and he made me choke several times. Out of my mouth it went and within a second he was behind me and inside me, no not in my butt. I’m 26 years old and I’ve had my share of sex before always with a boy friend. You know heavy petting leading to sex but I have never ever been just taken. He just took me no asking he just did with me as he wanted to. He keeps moving from my mouth to my rear he did this maybe four or five times. Then he was gone for a long time and I thought we were done and he was just getting dressed. Not so, all of a sudden I felt something pressing against my anis and slowly it was inserted. It wasn’t him because he again lifted my head kissed me. But when he was again inside me it was a very different feeling. And this time I knew that he meant business because he was pounding me hard. Just so you know I had several orgasms during this whole time. When he was though and spent he untied my hands and retied them behind my back. He untied my feet and took me to a place where I could sit and rest. He sat beside me and held on to me. He gave me water and a soft drink and talked to me for a long time. I sat beside him bound and naked gathering myself together. After he was sure I was alright he took off my blindfold and for the first time I saw just how naked I was. I saw how all me pubic hair was gone; I looked like a little girl. And what made me feel even more naked was he was fully dressed. He asked if I was ready to go home and I said no I just wanted to sit and talk. He said that’s ok but he would not untie me until I was ready to leave. And as long as I was there bound he is free to continue to use me. He then said and I believe I will do just that. With that he stood up took off his pants and underwear and sat back down. I could see he was erect and ready for me. He simply picked me up and sat me down facing him with him inside of me. He put my head on his shoulder and we remained like that for a very long time. We talked about how I felt during the scene, what I liked and did not like. What I would want if we were to do it again. I then said that I was ready to go home, he lifted me off of him and led me to a bedroom where he had left my bag. He untied my hands and left closing the door. I got dressed and went out to my car. The strangest thing was how much time I spent with him. I arrived at 3PM and it was 8:17 PM when I got into my car. I know what you are thinking, my friend had to be concerned and irritated that I made her wait 5 plus hours for me. Not so as I learned my Dom was supplying her with snacks and drinks the whole time. And several times even asked her to come in to see that I was ok. Well that’s it I told you that it would be long and that it is. I am still trying to get my head around what he did with and to me. But one thing is for sure I picked a great and kind Dom.

9/29/2006 9:59:26 AM

Hi, to all who have been mailing me thank you so much for your support. To the subs you are wonderful and your advice was and is so helpful. To the Doms who have been talking to me I do appreciate your insight and advice. Ok with that done I have decided to submit to my older Dom. He is about the only one who never said what he wanted to do with or to me until he had a very good understanding of what I though I wanted. I had Doms tell me they wanted to tie me up and cut my hair, like are they crazy or something? Would anyone, girl or guy agree to this?? Another guy wanted to cut off my clothes with a knife then stick the knife handle in to me (you know where). He also wanted to use the knife tip to make scratches all over my body. Scare the crap out of me. Anyway I have agreed to give myself to him on the 7th of next month. My friend and I have been to his home for dinner so she knows where I will be and when I will be home. I guess that is about as safe as I can make it. I am so nervous and a bit scared but this is something I have been dreaming about for a very long time. And now that I have found a safe way to do it I am not going to let this opportunity pass by as I have done before. Well that’s it for now, if anyone is interested I will be writing about my experience that following week. Wish me luck and lots of orgasms.

9/20/2006 4:25:44 PM

What a difference a week makes (I guess that line has been used before) but it is so true. We have had several lunches always with my friend with me and one dinner without my friend. He didn’t know I was going to be alone and I was surprised he treated me as if my friend was along. The best part is we got to talk more about bondage and what I wanted. At first the subject matter made me very nervous even though we had talked about it via email. We decided that I would be more comfortable if I were to script how I wanted a scene to be. That way I would know what to expect. He told me to be careful not to put to much action in as new subs think they can do more than they really can. Not sure that sentence mad any sense. He also told that I need to be very sure that I want to do this. That I am ready to give myself to him. He told me very frankly what he expected of me as a sub. I said if I do agree to do this I would be sure. I am going to meet with him soon and let him have me. I want to thank all the female subs who have helped me along you have been wonderful. To several of the Doms that I have been talking to please be patient. Now I have to write a scene this is going to be interesting. More latter.

9/11/2006 1:47:21 PM

I have been getting mail from several Doms that are very interesting. You know who you are because I have let you know that I am interested. But you guys from out of state please read the profile I AM NOT INTERESTED. Also I am not interested in quitting my job and selling my home just to be your slave. I am a submissive not a slave and I don’t want a 24/7 type thing. By the way for all you subs out there who took the time to write thank you. It’s you who helped me get strait the deference between sub and slave. Ok I have been talking to my older Dom all weekend. One thing stands out load and clear he has never at any time made any demands on me. The only time the conversation turns to bondage is when I move it there. The more I talk to him the more I like him. We will be talking tonight (on the phone) and I am going to ask him to concentrate on what he would do with me if I were to meet with him. I want to know he has heard all that I have said over the last few days.

9/6/2006 2:45:24 PM

I meet with the older Dom for lunch. It was interesting because he was not at all what I expected. Then again I didn’t know what to expect but one always has preconceived impressions from a photo. His photo was up to date so that was good. He looks his age 53 but does not act it. Here are some of the things I noticed; first, he stood when I arrived at his table, take note you younger guys. He knew how to use the flatware (I know but table manners are important to me). He had prearranged to have the lunch check paid for so that there was no decision about who was to pay a little thing but nice. The conversation centered on getting to know each other. He made sure my friend was not left out of the conversation, I liked that she never felt like a fifth wheel. We touched very lightly on the reason for the meeting. I think he was more interested in making me feel comfortable with him than getting into my pants. I like that, I like that very much. When lunch was over he gave me his phone number and said the ball was in my court. I am going to call him and arrange another meeting. My friend has agreed to go with me so that is set.

Well girls what do you think? No I am not going to play with him any time soon. But I do like him.

9/5/2006 3:25:28 PM

I want to thank all the female subs and the one female Dom I have been talking to. Your understanding and support has been great. I am set to meet with my older Dom tomorrow for lunch. I am taking a friend along with me. If I do decide to play how he would feel about me having a friend with me? I know I am going to fast and I will slow down I am not going to agree to play no matter how much I want to. My friend is to make certain of that. I am going to follow the advice I got from a female Dom from Maine take my time and find a Dom I can trust with my life. I wonder if anyone is reading this.

9/3/2006 10:49:08 AM

You can’t believe how many one line emails I get, no wonder subs don’t respond to most of the mail they get. I am doing my best to respond to all the mail. One more time PLEASE SOUTHERN CA ONLY. I just read one from Mass?? Ok enough of that. Well, I have been talking to another sub who gave me her incite into Doms. She is a great help and I hope I can rely on her and others who have written . I am going to meet with the older Dom for lunch and he wants me to bring a friend along so that I feel safe. I hope I like him and feel safe with him I am so scared of meeting the wrong person. How do you gat past the first play meeting?? The first time you let a man (a stranger) you meet on the net tie you up and use your body. I mean I will be letting him render me helpless knowing he is going to strip me naked and make me have sex with him. But that is what excites me soooooo much. Even after meeting for lunch several times. Not sure about this.

9/1/2006 9:42:46 AM

9-1-06. Wow what a difference a day makes. I can’t keep up with the mail because I want to answer each one. Also I want to talk more to this older Dom I mentioned before. Almost all of the mail I am getting is of one or two lines. Some are not even intelligible. How sad that people appear to be so uneducated, if one is going to write to another at least proofread it to be sure it makes sense. Ok enough of that. This older Dom interests me, not sure why? Maybe it’s the way he writes and how he approaches a new person with so many questions. Wish I could talk to other subs to ask how they feel about older Doms. I may try one of the forums. I am going to talk to him some more maybe even meet for lunch. I will let all know how it goes.

8/31/2006 11:55:39 AM

What an experience this has been. First I didn’t get the volume of mail as I expected that’s good. But people can’t seem to follow instructions or they don’t comprehend what they read. I asked for someone close Southern CA. I am not sure how Ohio got to So Ca but I have mail from there. Also got one from Europe figure that. Most people can’t write more than one line how sad. I have met a Dom that is interesting much older than I was looking for but still interesting. We will see.

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