Vertical Line



I am interested in the power exchange lifestyle because of the potential for deep and complete trust and intimacy that is lacking in equal vanilla relationships. I am aware of the burden of responsibility that comes with being a dominant in a power exchange relationship. Another person's happiness and well-being depend entirely upon the decisions I make, and this is a daunting challenge. I am energized by such a challenge and enjoy the hard work it takes to make both of our happiness a reality. So mostly I am looking for the right woman for a lasting, loving relationship, but I will always look to be friends first, and let things develop naturally if they do at all. I like hiking and camping in the wilderness and would love a woman who wants to go make love with me in the desert under the stars. I also enjoy riding horses, but I am too much of a rocker to call myself a cowboy. I enjoy the board games and video games at home, and just reading a good fantasy novel. I like reading all kinds of things actualy and usually I am reading a book of history in addition to my novel. Sexually my tastes are on the kinky side. I do love the look of ropes on a woman's skin. I love the look on her face when I bring her to orgasm multiple times while she is powerless to cut off the intensity of the pleasures. I also like the look of welts raised on her skin, but I do not want to leave any permanent marks to mar her beauty. I like it when a woman enjoys the sting of the whip or the flail so much it makes her want to cum. I like to plant the seeds of sexual excitement in my lover for her to carry with her, so she finds herself thinking about sex all day. I have a high enough sex drive to want it at least daily and often more than once a day, and would want a woman who can keep up with me. Better would be one who I struggle to keep up with her. So if you have questions or just want to say hi, shoot me an e-mail. I am always happy to talk about living life and our desires.
Ladies, show me who you are!  

Something I love about this community/lifestyle is that, for the most part, people really are more concerned about who people ARE...what makes them tick. And how they look is really just an added bonus. Comparing this world to the vanilla world, the people here are WAY better in general and much more interested in each other as people. I think that's the biggest part of kink. The psychology of it all. How it pulls and molds our physical desires...Ever growing, right? The mind plays a bigger part than anything in attraction for me. And that's why my kink/desires run so strong. 

So please, don't think you can get by on your profile just posting a couple sexy pics, and a mostly blank deion of who you ARE.  I skip right over these profiles because it indicates to me an empty head.  I get it, you're hot.  There's hot women everywhere. I can meet 100s of them in the vanilla world each month.  I choose to come here because I want to see your mind and personality.  So SHOW ME that in your profile.  Or you'll probably find yourself attracting a lot of men who just want one thing....  Your body, cause that is all you have shown them.

For those of you who have well developed profiles a tremendous THANK YOU.  Please message me.