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Looking to for somebody that would be interested in tying me up and training me.
Nothing better than seeing a girl in bondage and gagged unable to escape struggling and I wish that to be me.

Want to be bound and dressed for a Domme or another sissy for some bondage training.

Willing to try most things related to bondage.

I have always been interested in being dressed as a maid, locked, bound and ready for maid service.

Feminization, Tight clothing, tight bondage, hoods, cages and sensory deprivation are among some of the things I would like to work my up to doing.

I am interested in finding a Master or Mistress to tie me up and use me as their maid and bondage toy.

Im shy and am a little apprehensive about making first contact but I always willing to chat so feel free to drop me an e-mail first and we can see where things go.

No scat, cutting, needles, branding, animals or public

I do not own a web cam so please dont ask.