Vertical Line


This slutslave now serves only his Goddess, Mistress Eve. he lives to grovel at Her feet and to make Her life happy. Knowing the he is Her slave and only Her slave gives his life fullfillment and direction
this slaveslut was allowed the honor of spending a day with his Goddess, Mistress Eve last week.  She is so wonderfully cruel.  this time She used Her needles on my ballsac and allowed me to gaze at Her lovely Royal Pussy .  i am such a lucky slut

Her slutslave is so excited.  in just 2 days he will have the honor of groveling at the lovely feet of his Goddess.....

yesterday the slaveslut received the ulitmate honor of being fucked by his Goddess, Mistress Eve.  This completes his transformation to becoming Her total property
myGoddess, Mistress Eve has been having her slaveslut train his own pussy hole so it will accomadate Hee strap on.  he has been doing this on a regular basis hoping to please his Goddess the next time he is allowed to grovel at Her lovely feet
a slave knows that his place in life is to serve.  this slut has ben so fortunate to be allowed to grovel before Mistress Eve and to carress Her lovely feet and legs.  he has found the pleasure of being Her palate on which She performed numerous acts of exqusite pain that took him to a place that had him begging for more.  this slave is so grateful to the one he serves and will always serve, Mistress Eve.  he now exists only to bring Her pleasure and amusement.  the slave thanks his One for this honor
After having been on this sight for so long i have come to envy the many sub/slaves who have found the One to serve.  Being one of those trapped between the vanilla world and the world of Masters/slaves makes me wonder if it will ever happen for me.  i only hope that the owned slaves/subs out there know how fortunate they are and that they thank their Owners everyday for taking the time to craft their steps in life for them.  we need to show the deepest respect to Those that command us in apprectiation for all  the time they spend preparing us.