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NOT LOOKING FOR ANYTHING...NOT LOOKING FOR MASTER AT THIS TIME.very sexy. The new inproved me so far...BTW i have lost 86 pounds since this picture was taken and have gained 48 tattoo's and one piercing....I am seeking a local Master in or around Daytona or Orlando. Seeking a strong Dominate Biker Master. Take me for a ride and i will service you anytime you like.... i am a pain slut and just dream of finding a Sadist who can control and give me the pain i am seeking. although i am looking for a Master not a one time session. i also do erotic massages too. i am bi and i love fisting alot.so who wants to play with me?. i have 50 tattoos and piercings.All i ask is you be honest and keep it real. I don't have time for game players. Why do most Doms on here request the barbie slaves. under 110 ten pounds. From my understanding is that a slave is a slave regardless of pysical apperance or gender. if Doms would just work with a slave He may be able to help her with her health issues and enrich her life. Everyone is not perfect btw. I also sell vacation packages to Florida if you would like to come visit here.

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10/19/2007 5:29:14 PM
I pretty much mellowed out on heavy pain since i have been doing my tattoo's. I would love a Master that could get inside my head and Mentally Dominate me and control my mind as well as my physical body. I am a strong person and completely independant but i have submissive needs to serve and to be controled , i crave it.

8/24/2007 5:02:35 PM
It seems pretty  much the "Masters "here on line some of them don't think much. I had thie email about 10 of them . He said i commmand you to email me now. and ranted and raved 9 more emails whining because i didn't answer his cry's. GEEZE I think i want a more Mature person.

6/17/2007 7:02:25 AM
i am still looking for room to rent. hopefully with someone that needs a pain slut to abuse.looking in altamonte springs area.

5/21/2007 3:12:01 PM
would like to find a room to rent in central florida 

3/2/2007 5:32:39 PM
still seeking a Master . but would love a tattoo artist for a Master. love my new addition to ink and needles. I am not skinny but you would find me a fun person to play with

7/8/2006 12:33:08 PM
Still searching for the Master of surprise. one that can be exciting,Sadistic,with a keen sence of humour. one who likes big slaves who might be able to help slave get into better shape. 

6/15/2006 7:33:47 PM
its my birthday today and i didn't get a spanking

5/16/2006 9:52:57 PM
i had a great session tonight with a Dom and Domme. i really enjoyed someone hard and someone a little softer. i am bruised head to toe but i feel so focused.

5/16/2006 5:23:51 PM
i find it so erotic to be used by a tattoo artist in the back room and to get ink on my body. feel so submissive laying under his needles.

2/12/2006 5:22:30 AM
i met another false Dom who moved here from Kansas.his name being Sir Benn. stayed with me for 5 days and borrowowed money and never did repay me. he didnt know the first thing about BDSM and is what i consider a Mootcher. beware ladies in Florida he's looking for a place to live free.

8/7/2005 12:54:10 PM
It's very hard for me to find a real Master.

3/4/2003 1:13:14 PM
this is first day i am joining i hope to meet caring happy and trust full Master.

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