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Hetero Male Slave, 31,  Sweden
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slaven87 - slave

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I dont know why i have to say this I AM 100 STRAIGHT so males dont contact me, ok! Can add another thing too, im not in to findom of course i can buy you dinner and flowers if we meet, that just common sense but i dont send any thing to any one before i meet someone. Now, since this has been made clear please read my profile ) Oh just a fast update, i prefer real time not online. Hi let me first say that im a bad speller when it comes to english but it isnt my main language either, its swedish, but i speak and read it pretty well. I hope you can overlook this. At the moment i am back in sweden but i still work in another country, norway by the way so its not too far. But i have lived and worked in other countrys as well. Im well traveled and been around since i was 19. I moved back to my old home town in october 2014. At the moment i work 12 days and then go home for 9 days. The company i work for is very flexible when it comes to travel so i can relocate to almost any country in europe if i should find a reason for it. A litle about myself. I a positive man who likes to travel, i enjoy life and can be impulsive some times but without that i wouldnt be as well traveled and have as many life experiences as i have. Im not scared to try new things and i make friends easily. most of the people I meet remember me. When im home in my free time i enjoy relaxing with my friends and family. I also enjoy cooking, watching movies and dont say no to a cold beer with good company. I also realy like to just be home cooking a wonderful dinner for someone special and have a cosy time. Many have said that i am like big cosy teddybeer. I like to hug, kiss and hold on to someone at night. When it comes to the more kinky things i like ( i dont think that any of my friends would ever think that i would like to be submissive) Im very much into the dirty tings (no consuming scat) i think making a list would be easier Things im really into Im a realy big fan of facesitting Ass worship (maby even a dirty one) can do it for hours Pussy licking im very oral and have heard that im good at it too I could do it for hours! (I would love to try it when you have your period a little dream of mine) Spitting Pre-clean up ( licking clean before shower) every part of your body I really like to smell you and lick you when you are sweaty Food play Blindfolds, Ropes,handcuffs Light-medium CBT Nippel torture (medium) Snot Humiliation (in private) Mild-medium pain Commanded Role play Curius about and would like to try After bathroom clean up fit your ass and pussy Drinking golden or just get it over me Eating or suck a just used tampon Hard limits Permanent damage Bi or any thing close to gay, I cant even eat my own sperm Needles I am probably missing things but im very open minded and willing to try a lot. As long it isnt any of my hard limits. If you would like to know me just send me msg. I love traveling so if you like me and maybe would like to see me after we start to know each other i could probobly travel ) I would love to come see someone and have a good time outside and have a nice play time inside can actually be funny some time ) Im much bether in person than i am at writing because of my dyslexia p










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10/1/2015 11:15:23 AM
Well i gues i have to say this to im not intressted in any findom ore any thing about pay before we meet ect... Im a normal man i have never been paying any girl that i havnt even meet ore seen. Of cores i would love to buy you roses and dinner and things like that when we meet but not send a deposity to some one i havnt even seen ore talk in real to.

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