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Hetero Male Master, 64,  PortsmouthVa, Virginia
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 Dominant Male



 6' 2"

 205 lbs






Actively Seeking:

Submissive Female



 Curious About:


 Lifestyle BDSM


 Amusement Parks

Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to read.

Im here for one woman. Ill know her when I meet her. I dont share my partner and she will not share me. With that said.........

Because of my experience on this site I will require an early validation that you are what you represent. I will as well. I will not, under any circumstance, send money, buy plane tickets or advance money for any reason. I will however reimburse expenses once we are face to face.


Im still free spirited and a product of the 60s with a passion for life that would at the drop of the hat put the top down or jump on my motorcycle and head out for a weekend get-a-way, music concert or skinny dipping under the light of the moon.

I am a romantic. I need and desire the romantic side of a relationship as well as The kink and BDSM. I want to love my partner and be loved by my partner, without love to serve or be served is but a fraction of the potential.

Career wise I have too many to list. Ive started over, reinvented myself many times. (I am in the midst of building my next venture and it should be rewarding on many levels as well as being quite an adventure that I would want my partner to be a part of.

I must enter here that I work in a vanilla world and my friends are not aware of my lifestyle choices. You would also accompany me in my in my work environment so well spoken and having some class is a requirement.

I love music. Im good with my hands (I dont mean that way--although Im good that way too),can fix about anything,rebuilt my Harley from the ground up.

I like kicking around in jeans as well as getting dressed to attend the theater or a night out.

I dont play by the rules, but Im not wanted for any crime......yet.

I love to laugh yet the serious side of me is serious. Im looking for a deep relationship that goes way beyond the bedroom.Another thing is worth repeating, I am monogamous and expect my partner to be. This is non negotiable.

Ill describe who and what Im looking for..........

1.) A woman I can be proud of that not only desires to serve, but has a drive to learn, grow and experience life outside of the bedroom. A woman with pride and confidence that knows what she is looking for and will not settle. She is straight, educated, with a great sense of humor, honestly enjoys sex and a deep desire for this lifestyle. Age can be modified depending on maturity, life experience, lifestyle experience and goals in life (career etc).... Beautiful would be a bonus.

2.) I prefer some one with a slight to average build with small to average breasts.

3.) Single

4.) Good personal hygiene

5.) Excellent cook........(I know Im dreaming so this might not be realistic)

6.) Ethnicity, eye color or hair color are not an issue.

7.) Non smoker,drug and disease free as I am.

8.) Experience would be nice.

9.) Emotional connection is a must. (Otherwise its just a hook up and not what I desire, Ive had my share.

10.) I AM looking for a long term, loving, well rounded and fun relationship.

My expectations are high, and yours should be also.

If you want to know my sexual likes and dislikes, ask.

Oh, there is a solid reason why you only see half a picture now. You will understand why if we proceed past this point.

You may show initiative and write first if you have more to say than hi or how are you.I will respond to everyone even if its just to say thank you for your interest.

Ill stop now.BTW Im not 50, not even close.I put that there,not to mislead you,but to have piqued your interest by what Ive said, not by a number. Im 68 and enjoying it for all its worth.

P.S.....Dont let the dust on the bottle fool you.

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