Vertical Line


Hello. Dominant/Master/Owner seeks house slave for realtime, 24/7 live-in ownership. Pictures are available for exchange via e-mail. I am a professional, educated, dominant/fetishist/sensual sadist and sodomist, 50, seeking realtime ownership. I believe that ownership of another human being is the highest form of intimacy two people can achieve. You will be fully owned, fed, clothed, supported, trained, disciplined, protected and cherished. Your health, safety and welfare will become my primary responsibility, in exchange for your slavery and servitude. You must be comfortable living as owned property. Contract enslavement at first, lifetime ownership possibile. Absolute surrender is required. You would live in gorgeous waterfront luxury, beach, pool, ocean, etc. This is not an opportunity for every sub/slave. My chosen one will occasionally accompany me on trips, and would also be responsible for maintaining Master's household. SR