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hotnaughtysexyme begs to be sculpted into YOUR object!
it is most definitely REAL; it sincerely hopes that You are too!
loyal, obedient, passive, silent slut seeks Strict, Extremely Sadistic Dominant for R/T T.P.E.

seeking REAL contact with an experienced Dominant Female or Femdom Couple, presently equipped to keep a trained slave in a 24/7 lifestyle, service-oriented domestic situation

verifiably REAL inquiries will be acknowledged and obeyed...if there is Sincerity and M/mutual Respect involvement in the BDSM or kink community desired, but not necessary; however, could You Please prove that You are safe, sane and consensual?

as its photos demonstrate, not only is this slave equipped and prepared to serve unquestioningly, but also quite eager and thirsting to learn from Those Who thrive on the Stricter aspects of Old Guard protocol and Who desire true Victorian-style domestic servitude (it promises You that You won't be disappointed, as slave ALWAYS strives to give You its VERY BEST! it wonders if Your Eyebrows are arched in Interest...)

seeking a 24/7, "safe" environment it would Truly feel itself in a place where this object may do its best to dress stylishly and attractively (in a multitude of outfits and hairstyles)
in exchange, it would focus on providing You with attentive Service and bring a Sadistic Smile to Your Face
it knows that it would also feel content and comfortable if You would allow this "pretty painslut" to slowly expand its high pain tolerance (no-word-of-a lie!)...behind firmly-locked doors and sound-proofed walls
it begs to SERVE You; it pleads to WORSHIP You; it yearns to SUFFER SWEETLY for You....

the following proposal is simply an outline of the Total Power Exchange, Dominant/submissive dynamic that it seeks:

The "Slippery Slope" of Permanent Enslavement and Behaviour Modification--A Proposal:

first meeting
> slave is told to disrobe
> discussing the Dominant's Philosophy and Needs > offer of a position > afterward, slave would make necessary preparations to "exit" its existing lifestyle

second meeting
> slave is made aware that signing a Contract is binding and irreversible > Dominant would make whatever necessary preparations > ceremonial Collaring (and/or tattooing, branding, piercing[s])
upon assuming its role
> inescapable physical and mental Bondage > continual, repeated wearing of hoods (claustrophobia would help to reaffim its helplessness and keep it on its toes) > futile struggling (would help bring about compliance) > cries for help and perhaps panic attacks > resignation and temporary acceptance > craving human contact and human touch > random Discipline and Corporal Punishment > learning to absorb various levels of continuous VERY REAL Pain
after a week or two of Service and Suffering

> trying to bargain for its release > continuous, unrelenting agonized Suffering > necessary mental breakdown, conditioning and neural reprogramming
> traumatized, soul-crushing acceptance of Permanent Servitude
after a month or two of Service and Suffering
> complete unconditional willingness to submit and Serve > further behaviour modification and/or body modifications > Always attentive to its new Owner > anticipating Their Needs before They think of them > continual, gradual intensifying of Pain so that slave relies upon it for mental "escape" > extnended periods of "sub-space"
after a few months

> zombie-like compliance and carrying out of tasks > ongoing slow building of limits of Pain and personal growth that slave didn't believe that it could achieve > continual, detailed instructions to do its best to perform daily tasks perfectly > ritual markings, further body modifications and permanent adornments (such as peircings or welded metal Collar or shackles) > Your creation of the "perfect" slave > indefinite, irrevocable Servitude
the aforementioned is the sort of Training, Pain, Behaviour Modification and Confinement that this object seeks

if you find the previous proposal compelling to You Personally, then if it Pleases You, Please read on at Your Leisure, Ms/Madam/Sir

this slave is in a Very Serious Phase of it has been spending a great deal of time planning and thinking about how to restructure all facets of its career and dress to lead its life in a permanent D/s, BDSM context

(do You have any "practical" suggestions for careers or work environments where "public collaring" is [somewhat] "socially acceptable", lol)

making the transition--as slave is sure that Y/you can understand --is not always easy...especially given the circumstances of co-workers, family and friends...however, this is a life path that it cannot put aside "for another day" life continues to happen and choices must be made

however, it's not so much embarking upon a T.P.E. or 24/7 lifestyle that is the difficulty; the crux of the issue is in ultimately deciding as to where in the world to "set up shop" and live permanently as a slave (particularly as this slave finds it difficult to pursue things in its current surroundings)
contrary to what O/others say about "time wasters" on this website, the P/people that this slave has met have been of a "Superior" quality (play-on words intended) slave's difficulty sometimes lies mostly in deciding where exactly it should go (for example: stay in Canada? head to the U.S.? venture overseas to Europe, Asia or Australia?)

so, in other words, slave would Please like You to know that it is "Totally" Sincere, but sometimes finding the "right" course can be difficult
slave also earnestly solicits enquiries from experienced Dommes...hoping that You might assist in determining its "path"... and that You might be able to offer a real-life domestic situation that would help to "persuade" this slave to come to You and follow You for a length of time of Your Choosing
it Truly believes that a good dialogue/conversation is always a "good start" between a legitimate lifestyle Dominant and a potential submissive! ; )

also, slave is certainly is willing to "pay its own way" at all times (it acknowledges that no One "owes" it a living!)...and slave agrees that it is reasonable to turn over ALL of its earnings to its Owner...not only out of Respect for You, but also for its Owner to use these funds-- as They see fit--to be spent for the maintenance of Your "newest possession" and its new surroundings

thank You So Much for taking the time to read this slave's profile...and
it Genuinely promises to do its best NOT to disappoint You, Ms/Madam/Sir


obedient, sweetly-suffering, sensuous, feminized slut seeking Sadistic Owner capable of providing ritual discipline and torture, confinement, continual penetration and chastity

slave is an object for Your Complete Enjoyment and Adoration...


permanently collared (locking perhaps);
always dressed in some feminine article or feminizing device (clothing, make-up, fetish gear);
always refer to "itself" as "slave", "o", or "it"--or in the third person--when speaking, writing, typing (or even thinking!);
adorned with multiple piercings, tattoos and/or a permanent mark of Ownership;
always fitted with gag or other device for oral penetration;
penetrated anally on a daily/semi-regular basis;
ritually whipped, candle-waxed and/or tortured in Your Presence;
kept hairless (from eyebrows down)


You identify with Your cultural upbringing or traditions and wish for slave to study, adopt and worship Your values;

You are well-educated with refined taste and style, or (if not academically-inclined) experienced in the world of sex, BDSM and/or business, and You are wanting to serve as its real-life Owner full-time and wishing to build Your Own stable or retreat or "Eden";

You speak fluent English, perhaps in addition to other world languages, with a definite love of language, linguistics or the written word;

if born-female or have undergone gender-reassignment surgery, You are raven- or auburn-haired, "exotic" eyes, sensuous mouth, buxom with curves (or "slim", or preferably height-weight proportionate);

most importantly: You are sadistic, libidinous with a caring personality and "open-minded" philosophy..and ultimately VERY CONTROLLING...allowing slave no room to elude Your grasp


will serve at its Owner's Whim, spiritually at Your beck and call near Your Captivating Feet;

perform domestic duties (such as cleaning, cooking, entertaining) at least 3 times per week, but preferably 24 hours per day, 7 days per week;

when not working or performing duties for You, honestly and thoroughly immersed in attempting to create written or artistic works of "beauty" for its Owner to be entertained and Pleased by;

attentively cater to its Owner's personal hygienic, fashion and sexual needs (wiping You after using the toliet, performing oral sex or other sexual acts on an "as-needed" basis);

if time allows, earn (or help to earn) a living for You and "it"


will sublimate and/or replace sexual desires and needs with an intense Desire and Passion to serve You;

will replace sexual desire for others with an intense Desire and Passion to serve and worship Only You;

will become a beautiful, fully-feminized (including voice-training and breathing; perhaps hormone therapy or gender reassignment) or at least, a fully-domesticated object and "artist"/"songbird", skilled in all aspects of BDSM and tantric/sexual arts;

will become a bisexual "play-toy" and "object of desire" for You

(Please note that the aforementioned is only how slave has envisioned the manner of its servitude...after much self-reflection and careful thought what it has written is more than a fantasy to slave, this is a soul-searched reflection of slave's future reality)

this slave would like to offer You a Sincere, Most Genuine Thank You for reading about slave's inner-most Hopes and Desires, Ms/Madam/Sir!

hoping that "it" shall not disappoint any way (Your Satisfaction is the MOST IMPORTANT thing to this slave!)

a bientot

p.s. this was the result that it received from an old "Quizilla" self-test that asked the question: "what kind of slave are you?"
you are a slave. you may well have been born one; anyway, that's how it worked out. you may or not like acting submissively, but if you don't have an Owner, your life just falls apart, and you will do whatever it takes to find and please One.
comfirmed rubber--and Pain--slut

there's no doubt: this slave is a complete rubber--and Pain--slut: it Loves constriction & predicament Bondage Too Much to not pursue this 24/7. still keeping its options "open" for 24/7/365 servitude within a House of Domination; desiring severe speech restrictions & regimented, Controlled Discipline prefer to be treated as an object with NO limits; self-identify as a futanari, "gurl", rubber doll, gimp.  willing to find creative mean$ to "pay" for its incarceration/captivity/servitude. any ideas? : )
to A/all of my F/friends in the United States of America: no matter how distasteful that U may have found the Presidential Election Race, Please take time today to matter how U vote! PLEASE?!

just remember that it's up to U/us in the Western World to prove to those forces around the world that would like to divide U/us and ultimately see U/us fail, to PROVE that we can resolve O/our differences through debate, casting O/our votes and doing so peacefully.

today is not just about voting for the candidate of Y/your choice: it's about honouring the memories of those who died to preserve our freedoms and to demonstrate that Freedom, Justice and Democracy are concepts worth preserving...if not dying for.

the Best of Luck matter what Y/you believe in! xO <3

p.s.  ...and thank Y/you for voting! : )
fishing lures like this are all too common; the ONLY antidote is a sense of humour, imho  ; P...

Received Mail from Louise1211: "would you like to be my salve ?"

its reply: "Dearest Mistress Louise,

thank You for Your (brief) message, Ms.

yes, it is true that this slave is in search of a permanent slave position, Dear Lady.

being a slave--in the Truest sense--is a very desirable goal for this object / maid / painslut.

however, spelling errors, a painfully-embarassing inattention to detail and one-liners are not very attractive to T/those conducting a serious search...and potential match.

if You are in need of a "slave": yes, it believes that it is a good candidate.

however if You are really in need of a "salve", Please try Polysporin, Ms.

sincerely, respectfully, obediently,

slave siano in Vancouver  xO"

this slave's personal rule of thumb in gauging whether it's worth pursuing a new R/relationship are the  "3 b's"...and each must be demonstrated on 3 separate occasions:

1. brains

2. (inner) beauty

3. benevolence

if one has ample proof of the "3 b's" over 3 different meetings, then one can feel safe in giving in to the following b's as well  ; )

4. (biochemical) bonding

5. beguiling BDSM-play

6. (E/each O/other's) bodacious bodies

call this slave a prude, but in this day and age, it's permissible to be reckless with one's body, but one must take precious care of one's own heart!

a word to the W/wise...

posted by "seekingreality" in collarchat on august 11, 2011:

"A sub isn't submissive to the world, and a Dom doesn't dominate the world.  Until a Dom and sub mutually agree to rules, they should each give the other the same respect that you would give someone in a vanilla setting."

EXACTLY (!!!)...perfectly well-stated

this is a kink-based, social networking site...Please don't check Y/your M/manners at the "Enter key"

"wanna-bes" who dream to be like "kawaii nihon-jin" perhaps should actually go and live in japan...where the locals will roll their eyes and refer to You as that "gaijin doukeshi"...  = "j-pop america fun time now!"


to find O/one's true self is to be O/oneself...imitation is the sincerest form of flattery...except when it borders on hackneyed stereotypes and borderline racism....



a rampant ego, an elevated sense of self-importance, unhealthy narcissism, blatant materiali$m and an internal struggle to find self-worth amongst numerous peers does not make a Mistress/Master...Self-Discipline, Refined Grace, a Well-Attuned Sense of Empathy, an Introspective Spirituality which has been Oft-Tested by Objective Experience, plus Genuine Generosity Truly defines "Mastery"....

the former "persona" is simply the definition of an "enfant terrible"; whereas the latter is someOne worth knowing and this slave's polite and direct opinion...WORD!

today/tonight is the spiritual beginning of some changes that it needs/desires to make its in its quest to be a perfect object/maid/painslut...

with some secluded time alone--an empty old house, a couple of recommended novels, a bottle of potent red wine and some of its favourite tv shows and its favourite music playing in the background--it wants to go deep inside its brain and visualize the thing/entity that it will become for A/all of the W/world to see...and to read about, D/dear R/reader

this is the perfect venue for what--over the next 24 months-will happen to and transform it into the thing that Fate wishes it to become...and, hopefully, Fate will fill its orifices with as much as it can take... : )

the "careful caterpillar" emerges from its protective coccoon to become a "butterfly slut/paintoy" permanently chastised and wanting to eagerly Please T/those it reveals itself to...

encouraging words--as well as suggestions/recommendations to change its outward "feminine"appearance and its internal/external behaviour, ie. to become a better "feminized object"--are Greatly Appreciated!


Genuinely, Sincerely,

 slave siano a.k.a. slave joan

if Y/you were at the Sin City "Release the Beasts" event in Gastown on 23 May, hit it up!  slave was dressed as "joan"...dressed in cherry red and black...with a cute, cute cat!!!

slave is curious to know more about W/who was there, to help expand its friend network here (if You reply, slave is almost certain to add Y/you unless Y/you are unPleasant)

Please let it know W/who You are, how You were dressed, what is Y/your Kink, and any thoughts about the "Sin City" scene (pro or con)...and perhaps any thoughts that You had about the "red and black" cat!!!

thanks...and all of Y/you...Please have a Great--and Safe!--Summer

Let's paint the world KINK!

this slave hopes that Y/you are A/all Sincerely having a reinvigorating and peaceful easter long weekend...Please use whatever time you have to meditate and contemplate about what things that You are Sincerely desiring in life...and how You WILL Genuinely ACHIEVE those things in Y/your L/lives...

and, oh, yes...PLEASE STOP objectifying W/women just so that Y/you can have Y/your selfish, ego-gratifying orgasms at the expense of Truly Beautiful--both inside and outside--P/people...

and, OVER-ALL, JUST PLEASE QUIT BEING SUCH DAMN WANKERS (go read a book or something that expands Y/your M/minds instead of Y/your P/penises!)

congratulations to Team Japan for kicking the asses of the big-egoed, self-absorbed, blase and out-of-shape americans in the semi-final of the world baseball classic on sunday night (22 march) in deserve the victory!... and by the way, it would be generous of those in the united states if they graciously acknowledged the Japanese for their accomplishment...maybe "america" would have won if only they had barack pitching for them......


postscript: no common purpose, bud selig...and a lack of a salary cap (thank you, new york yankees!) are just a few of the reasons as to what is ruining what used to be your game, uncle sam...and what's up with "america the beautiful" in the seventh inning stretch during the mlb playoffs, anyway??? includes a canadian team too--the toronto blue jays--you xenophobes!  (ha!..."WORLD series", my ass!!!)
in society--around the world--W/we are in the grip of a tyrannical enemy known as "snarkiness"  "snark" sometimes passes itself off as "fashion", "social taste", "the freedom to choose" or "being too cool for Y/you"...

L/ladies and G/gentleman, this slave is one who is determined to stand up to this social disease...

commenting on O/other's shortcomings, failures, or inablities to live up to T/their promises--especially when the P/person making the biting comment may have T/their O/own "failings"--is NOT FAIR unless it is balanced with positive criticism or suggestions as to how that I/individual, of W/whom "the critic" speaks, may try to improve T/themselves or T/their actions....

although, slave does feel that it is E/every P/Person's right to point out such "failings" or injustices with I/individuals or in the safe anonymity of "it's just socìety/ a societal problem", it does also feel it is not entertaining, humourous or cool to make O/oneself feel better by criticizing O/others--especially when what is being criticized are physical or personal characteristics that the subject in question cannot help (!)-- simply to make O/oneself feel Superior or to be part of some exclusive "cool clique"....

Y/you may not even be aware of it, but if You look at media in general--including this website--just because P/people may now have a keyboard and a mouse...or sometimes even a microphone or a videocamera...everyO/one feels "entitled" to pass judgment on O/others in society (particularly celebrities or politicians): A) without having done any research and not having all the "facts", and B) when T/they T/themselves...if T/they actually put T/themselves out there in society and tried to make "social change"...couldn't do any better T/themselves!!....

being a "snark" is just plain, ill-informed, anti-social should be O/our duty--as a world community--to speak up and "call out" T/those W/who say things simply out of a sense of disempowerment or "mean-spiritedness"...sadly, this so-called "social commentary" does not make the world a better place...only a more cruel and cynical environment where good, fresh and pure ideas die quicker because the soil is poisoned by skepticism or cruelty....

if Y/you are a P/person such as this...if this commentary makes Y/you angry...if Y/you think that this slave is talking about Y/you...then simply "move on" it wants to have nothing to do with "toxic I/índividuals" like You....

if You don't like something in "society", get involved, become a volunteer, learn about the political and social systems that might be in the way of the change that You would like to see, and 'most importantly, DON'T GIVE UP!!!! matter the adversity that Y/you might face over what could be a LONNNGGG, LONNNGGG time   Don't sit there and whine/whinge: DO SOMETHING about it!....

or simply SHUT UP and GO AWAY back into Y/your dark little least until, by some miracle, "The Light of Human Kindness", might decide to shine on Y/your self-centred, narcissistic, cruel and cold heart....

the war on "snark"...locally, nationally or world-wide on cyberspace...begins with Y/you
have car, will travel!!!  not adverse to travelling incredibly insane distances (1,000 to 2,000 km in a stretch is not uncommon...i'm not entirely crazy...i just love to i love to brood over the uncertainty of what awaits me when i arrive to meet a prospective Owner!)

(that means i can travel anywhere from northern cali to southern alaska to as far as denver or chicago or montreal [and hopefully eventually boston and nyc...depending on time and location)

also, flying to where You are is not out of the question...i am a person (thing?) of some means...and i really dont' think that i'm that hideous...(btw, did i tell You that i AM 100% real...and can be incredibly funny (or deadly serious, if You want me to be)

i love to session with Those Who are Pro-Domme...or not!  (believe me when i say that You will not be many Who have met me have been VERY pleasantly surprised)  are You "The One" (no pressure!) with the Collar that fits perfectly tight around my neck, Dear Lady? 

most of the People that are on my friends list are People Who i have already met...or They are People Who i would like to meet (or be used by) before i die (and hopefully, not at Their Hands!...a slut like me has to be careful out in the "cyber-world")

hope that Your Search on here is not as negative as some have been reporting and that You find (someone like me!) who/that (?) You are looking for...Peace!

after receiving a grand total of 4 responses to my previous (and first!) journal posting, here is a copy of a response that this slave sent to another CM member...because being a thoughtful individual, i wanted to "clear the air" about a few things...which just happen to be some of my core beliefs  cheers!

dear mt,

Please do not consider this to be condescending, but if a Mistress takes offence to a personal issue between this slave and Lady ****...well, that's unfortunate
if They feel that a slave has no right to express their frustration with a person who is a so-called "dominant", but is instead a rude "princess"...well, They are entitled to Their i am to mine

just because i am born genetically as a male, it does not mean that i have to put up with bullshit from arrogant, self-serving females; just as sub females should not have to put up with the same from arrogant, self-serving males...rudeness is rudeness...regardless of gender

in an egalitarian/"just" which W/we "really" live in, there should be no such thing as the "fairer sex", should there?...or that would be discriminatory, wouldn't it???

this is a social networking site...not some uber-D/s world...fair comment should be allowed in a democracy, shouldn't it?

however, in a BDSM/TPE context,...true, it is the Dominant Who makes the rules, so why even protest?  i wouldn't behave in this way in THAT situation...but i have chosen to behave this way in this (almost) "real world" situation

basically, mt, with those who have bothered to comment on what is a private matter between this slave and Lady ****, public opinion, for what it's worth, has been:  2 assenting, 2 dissenting of what i wrote
(all i wanted was the right to fair comment anyway, since it was this so-called "lady" who blocked me even before i could reply to her initial i wanted to prove to Lady **** that she SHOULD BE CAREFUL about her behaviour in the future because not all subs are passive and that there are, in fact, some people who may be smarter than her and may be capable of socially-sanctioning O/others--such as "Her Rudeness"--by thinking outside of the box...)

if people want to insert themselves into our personal dispute, that's their prerogative...i posted my opinion not so much to generate discussion or attention as to simply "out" Lady **** for her childish, petulant behaviour...i think that she should stand as an "object lesson" as to what a Dominant should not be...and if people want to judge me harshly, then go ahead...i'm not the "bad person" here...

i feel even more strongly about this particularly if T/those who judge me harshly do so because i appear as a male...or assertive...or both...(i can hear those close-minded individuals who detest "xy-chromosome recipients" universally reacting: "ohmigod, did HE actually use the sanitized word "b*tch" in that journal entry?!") 

unfortunately, such "uppityness" does "piss off" those feminists who think that male slaves--or even all slaves/subs--should be seen and not heard...but then again, this brand of feminism is outdated in a day and age of so-called "egalitarianism"...and if this brand isn't outdated, most would agree that "affirmative action", which feminism truly is, does nothing but serve as a lightning rod that draws public discontent to those who try to defend the almost indefensible--meaning "feminists"--anyway

(a side note: there is a difference between "Female Supremacy" and "feminism"...this slave would think that Female Supremacists would have very little to do with feminists as the latter tend to be obsessed with overthrowing systemic patriarchy while the former blissfully live Their Lives comfortably knowing that They have been right all along!!!)

i am a gentleman in real life and i try to act chivalrously...and i am capable of acting lady-like in my other persona...but i firmly believe that a person has a right to be judged not by how they appear, but by how they act and how they treat reality...and not in cyber-space

if there are T/those out there W/who are so grievously offended about what i wrote about someone who calls themselves a "Dominant", then T/they can simply go and take out all of T/their anger with my "insubordination" on T/their doormat, whipping-boy i am not one of those

with me, wYsiwYg...and if someOne doesn't want this slave as it is, then that's too bad...i'll keep holding out hope in finding that "superior-intellect" Domme Who has a sense of humour and thinks that this slave is--believe-it-or-not--"funny"...(you know, sometimes there is something about "being Canadian" that denotes being overly-serious and dour about things that are laughable...with many never seeing the joke...AT ALL!) 

so despite those W/women who do not agree with my beliefs, i'll continue to hold on to my democratically-preserved belief that not all Dommes are insensitive and self-serving...after all, it would appear that i have a 50/50 chance of being right

good luck in your journey and sincerely, thank you for your feedback,

slave siano a.k.a. sub_jeanne

p.s. blame the message, but don't blame the messenger

this is the response to a very well-thought out and polite missive that this slave sent to another Domme on this site...just thought that Y/you all might be interested to read it as being submissive does not mean that one cannot be assertive and defend what is dear to it...

Her Reply:


Thank you for the letter...I think?

Except it wasn't a letter, it was a novel.

Before you even WRITE, let alone send such a burden, THINK.

Now go and read your tedious, desperate book, and see ALL of WHY it is so very wrong.
Maybe, if you can see yourself from a Lady's eyes, you will succeed.

good luck,

do not contact me again.


this slave's rebuttal
To "Lady" in vancouver,

this slave is usually very humble...but in this particular case, You are SO RUDE!!!
i have never said this to anyOne before on this website (or other websites for that matter), but if You are intent on smashing other people's egos, dreams or aspirations, then You are not a caring, sadistic Dominant, You are simply a self-absorbed b*tch (something else that i have never said to anyOne online ever)

when M/most P/people begin to communicate on this system , usually T/they are B/Both more than delighted to learn more information about E/each O/other...however, You appear not to be interested in having a slave communicate with You at appears that You are simply searching for a monosyllabic, whipping boy/grunt and You are a Self-Absorbed Sociopath

with karma like Yours, finding truly memorable and intensely satisfying BDSM relationships will be as successful as the typical beer pigs down at the roxy on a saturday night who are trying to find mr. right and get laid

good luck with that!

when a person tells You things that are special and important to them, YOU SHOULD THINK not about the content or the format of what they write, but the intent and feelings that go with other words, You are an Insensitive Clod

(btw, it was more like a novella than a novel...get Your mediums straight, Princess)

once again, good luck with finding "Your slave"...perhaps a mannequin will suffice

 i shall laugh when i post this letter on my profile to prove how shallow and hypercritical an Individual You really are, after You have connived Yourself into thinking that You are someOne "so deep" (ha!)

Please enjoy Your West Coast Pretensiousness to the fullest as toronto has already proclaimed itself the "Centre of the Universe" and You are TOO LATE!

sincerely, respectfully, ASSERTIVELY,

slave siano a.k.a. sub_jeanne

postscript: this slave is not the kind to be negative...You CAN contact this slave again, but it will definitely shun You in particular!!!

[as an aside, She did not have the courtesy to let this slave reply to Her as She blocked this slave from responding...which has never happened to it before...what exactly is She afraid of...the Truth, perhaps?