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Allowing your true will to bloom is the great work. Sometimes that involves wearing a skirt. *I have plenty more pictures if anyone is interested.

Listening to other guys talk about their sex lives...I start to see how abnormal I am. I just don't feel the way they do. In some respects I do.....but there is a large chasm there.

The world has become much more magical for me. I've been doing things my way the way I want to do them. Being yourself pays off. I'm feeling very happy these days:)

I keep seeing these chicks that look like boys. They cut their hair short, don't wear makeup, and basically wear men's clothing, and nobody cares. They can even work like that and nobody cares. That irritates me because, culturally speaking, I don't have that kind of freedom. Sure, I'm technically free to do it....but ...c'mon. I would be considered a pervert or weirdo. And then people would ask me "why would you want to do that?" People always want to question the motives of transvestites....or "cure" them. I can stop crossdressing. That's a non-issue. What I CAN'T do is erase the urge to. And it's not simply about clothes. If it was natural for women to wear silver spacesuits.....then that's what i would have a desire to wear. Because clothes are really irrelevant. It's the expression of something internal. It's the expression of a type of energy that exists in my psyche. People who think i'm a freak are just ignorant to what i'm dealing with. They're not stupid.....they're just ignorant the way i'm ignorant on the subject of how a car engine works. And most people are not very curious....they assume they already understand something when they have no idea.

Saw a large 6'5" transvestite last night. Unmistakebly a guy. Talk about cognitive dissonance. You gotta have balls to walk around like that in the bible belt. I saw a little girl staring at him.....hahah...she knew something was horribly wrong. Good for him though, just be yourself. Do what thou wilt.

The transvestite gets no love.

what does it mean that so many transvestites present women as slutty whores?

Fear is the mindkiller.

As the petals of the heart flower open....its fragrance intoxicates all those around it. Every subconcious saturated with its radiant light.



Haven't been on this site in awhile. Not much has changed. I took a sabbatical and gave vanilla life a shot. Don't think I'm ever going to fit that equation. I tried though. Really gave it a shot. I'M WEIRD!!!!!

Ok, rule #1.....if you're going to be a transvestite you have to be commited enough to shave your man-hair. There's no getting around that. Seeing a hairy trans is not the highlight of my day.
I put some new pics up of my perverted self. check 'em out;)

So....there's always good lessons to be learned. today's lesson is: Don't waste time pursuing dead-ends.

I wanna know what love is. I want you to show me.
So...yeah. This site has been kinda whack. BUT, i've added some more pictures anyway. And, i'm still holding out for the perfect collarme Soulmate. NO MEN! Trans and Dommes only. Thnx.
I've added some new pics!!! They're really not as sexy as i'd like. But, hopefully in the near future i'll put up some better ones. I'm really trying to get my femme look up to speed. Any trans out there that want to give me any tips.....feel free:)

BTW: If you're an old straight guy....don't message me. I'm really not interested. The only thing that interests me are sexy trans and dominant Women.
Well...i'm not having a whole lot of luck making friends on this site. I guess i haven't been trying all that hard either though. This site has made it pretty clear to me that Tulsa is wack. totally wack.
Ok, so i figured out that there aren't really any interesting people in my immediate area. So, i'm really interested in chatting with other transgender in ANY area. I think it would be cool to discuss these things with like-minded individuals that are my age. I'm not into "straight" men so i'd really rather not be messaged by any. But, if you are trans, then feel free to message me.