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Former pro-domme with a "damsel in distress" fetish... Possibly looking for rope/gag friendly types into this sort of role-play to create actual scenes. If you are fanatic for "rope and gag" or "true crime" scenes we might just get along... I am interested in the potential of setting up bondage based robbery scenes...write me if curious. I prefer to explore the psychology over the sex so look for a "sex slave" elsewhere. ? I used to be a professional actress as well so I can really put on a show with these scenes and like to explore creative avenues when possible. ?Robberies, kidnappings and burglaries make fun backdrops for bondage and I enjoy getting held up, tied up and gagged. ? Exploring this interest conceptually and literally...
Not currently seeking anyone. If you don't like that/can't handle that/are going to negotiate a meeting/think you have a right to demand I meet you because I am on here you can please kill yourself before you decide to message me.
I got married recently so...keep that in mind.
I might not give you want you want when you write me or even respond to you.  Freaking out and calling me names won't change anything. 
I am moving to Chicago in two months!!!
Any question I post here is rhetorical question. Just to be clear.
Most men need to learn to be polite and offer to say "hello" before they offer to do bad things to me. This is why most of you will NEVER tie up a woman.
"Gag talk". Men who have this fetish are jerks. It's really sexy on both sides though. Sexy jerks.
I am looking for bondage not drama. Keep yourselves together.
Don't e-mail me about rape fantasies.

How did I go from a fearsome dominatrix to letting men pretend to rob me, tie me up and gag me in my underwear and being a damsel in distress wiggling and mmmmphing instead of commanding?


Good question...

If you cannot apply a proper gag...don't even try.

Chain mail only insults yourself.

I am not looking to be your "sex slave", "rape victim" or "submissive". I mostly dislike sex in these scenes but prefer a sexy edge. ...and yes, I am very selfish.
I am very picky about my partners in these scenes. Don't be overconfident. It creepsme out.
The same obsession I have with gagging subs is now reflecting i my own interest in being gagged. It'S somewhat defensive and neurotic.
Rudeness via e-mail will not be tolerated!
So many people e-mailing might take a while to get back to you!
Just exploring this site for now... Keeping a low profile. More looking for role-playing/damsel I'm distress scenes... Not interested in "Dom" and "sub" BDSM...