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Feel free to contact me nicely for any any reason-I relish meeting new people and am not single-minded in pursuit of sex or relationship. I am serious about the latter though. I am physically big and strong but after 30 years in charge of classrooms and people I find I can command more with a raised eyebrow than a raised voice. Induce shivers as much through psychological insight as intense physicality.

Not a pure sadist but not afraid to let loose. either. Mae West was asked whether sex was dirty and she said when done right it is. Damn straight.

Looking go be adored, to nurture, and grow. Heterosexual one-to-one partnership is probably my default mode, but Im not wedded to it possessiveness. Quality and constancy of relationship wins all. I wont lie. Its not worth it.

6-1-195. Very physically fit and active. Thick 712 World historian who has lived in Africa, Germany, and read and traveled extensively. Closed mindedness, negativity, bigotry, and lack of self-awareness wont work, though if youre want to learn I can teach you almost anything.
If you can't properly use grammar and language, then how can you be expected to properly use another person?