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Pan Female Slave, 35,  Georgia
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i am a bi slave female seeking Dominant male to enjoy company, and possibly a long-term relationship. i am new here and was in a long term M/s relationship, which was 24/7 and was raised in the lifestyle to be submissive. i am not in "need" of someone to care for me, however, i would prefer to be owned and assume the natural role for which i was created to serve, as slave. i speak several languages, am artistic and trained in all performing arts from average to above average. i originally came from eastern Europe (my citizenship is here) though i am a quick study and enjoy learning.  To me the brain is not only a magnificent creation, but to feed it continues the hunger mine craves.  I am able to have children, though this isn't necessarily a prerequisite.  i am also a lactating slave, which is useful for a number of obscure reasons perhaps, but in a "pinch", there is always cream for Your coffee.  i believe it is an absolute responsibility for a female to always take care of her body, mind and soul in order to be at the peak performance level.  i was born, bred and am a pure slave.  i have been told that if one must ask what a pure slave is, then one probably doesn't know how to nurture her into the best she can possibly be as a slave.  i do not have boundaries regarding religions or such, as i am a more scientific minded person for the most part. i am able to run a business, home, dinner parties on a large scale, political engagements, and i am disease free and clean. i also love the ocean, most sports, and i dig Harleys.  i think that should cover enough about me.

(Originally i placed this next statement here but feel it should be clarified) This is not intended nor meant to be disrespectful towards Sadists', but i am a loving woman that doesn't want to be injured by someone that has anger issues. (specifically: if You are a poser, a person with anger issues, a male that wants to play Sadist or Dominant and doesn't even capitalize the D in Your title, switches or anyone that doesn't meet this profiles' original description ((including couples)), and wishing to abuse a woman and are a self professed "Sadist" please pass me by. True Sadist are very capable of great control and understand innately the limits of the edge when working a sub/slave for their mutual pleasure.  Many of my best friends are true Sadist.  Normally they are of a professional stance within their career, meticulous care is taken to detail in their personal appearance and have a deep romantic vein within their soul.  i do hope this clarifies my original statement which is intended to dissuade contact from posers whom diminish the fine art of Sadism.)

What i seek is a mature, intelligent Dominant male that values a pure slave, not someone that simply claims to be one and is here to pretend. My true soul is a slave and is where i am able to flourish.  i am very capable and have been a professional within the work environment as an adult, but i simply wish to be that which i was raised to be.  Though it is a Masters' choice of all decisions, to be clear a poly home would not work for me. i lost my former Master by alcohol and thus it was a painful loss. After healing from it for a year i am trying to open myself to the realization that it is now time to move ahead and find someone ultimately to love, nurture and serve; in turn it would be nice to feel loved again. i am deeply devoted when under ownership.  There is nothing within me which would have ever thought i would be in this existence much like a boat adrift on the sea without anything to guide me in unchartered waters.  i am unsure what to write in this so if You have any questions please let me know. If You are just looking for a fly by night, please pass me by as i am a nurturing and rather deep person.  Thank You.

(addendum:  i am being contacted by people who are not reading this writing it seems.  i am NOT interested in a poly home.  i am NOT interested in anything other than friendship with dommes' and if you are a sub or slave seeking an add on for a toy within your Masters' home, that would not be me.  i know who and what i am.  This is a life to which i was born, raised and truly have little respect for those that are posers.  This is a lifestyle that in many areas' of the world is highly evolved into a place of the higher class.  Therefore, please only contact me with sincere, original writings, or sincere request for friendships.  This was added not with any negativity, simply to allow anyone reading my profile to understand what i am, and thereby i do not waste Your time.  Many thanks!)












 Female Slave


 Willing to Relocate

 5' 7"

 135 lbs






Actively Seeking:

Dominant Male

Friends Only

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