I currently live in the North of England but spend quite a bit of time travelling.
Tend to have quite a few broken bones as I indulge in downhill mountain biking and snowboarding. (thats the boring part over)

Im not interested in time wasters, little girls drunk at home after a quick 50 shades fix.
Ive cone across an insane amount of fakes over the years and can sniff one out from a mile away.

Ill never insist you address me as Sir or Master when we are just talking like most tend too do here. I also wont fuck every girl in fuck or pass
yeah Ill fuck you subslut so hard till your uterus falls out, then Ill hop in my private plane and fly away
Fuck those dickheads.
I also dont have cock pics or a name calling myself Long Dong Silver.

 Age: 28
 United Kingdom