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Hetero Male Slave, 47,  Great Falls, Montana
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 Male Slave

 Great Falls 


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A Poly Household

I was a Dom for many years until a several years ago when I began training in the Old Guard traditions and something snapped. Something changed. I am becoming redefined....I dont see this lifestyle as a game. Games get played and then put away. To me its more like a dance. Shifting, evolving, ever-changing, And someone has to lead.

I cant say I will or wont do anything. That depends on the inspiration received. I hope to get to a point and be dedicated enough to someone that I would be willing to do just about anything (insert common sense here). I learned my Sirs Maams and Misss as a child. Their just good manners lifestyle or no. Theyre signs of respect... Im a big guy and I have a few well earned scars. No one would guess that I am a slave in the mundane world. I look like what I am, a vet and an er biker. That being said I have no interest in femiminization or sissyfication. This is for the protection of others as much as myself-its just a scary scary sight. Im just not that kind of man. Im more the type someone would want with them as a bodyguard. The dynamic I can see myself comfortable in would be a Queenknight role but that is of course no longer my choice... I will not respond to the messages I get here saying you are mine now. Join site xyz. Im a slave, not a fool. Want to get to know me? Wonderful. lets talk. One cannot know too many people and knowledge comes from the most interesting places.. This is an adventure and Im living it..... Why did I choose slavery? Good question, thank you for asking. I am by nature an extremist. I do everything 100. When I rode bikes I joined clubs and wanted to be the toughest. When I joined the SCA I joined fighting households and wanted to be on the vanguard. Now, after years in the lifestyle I am learning Old Guard. I enjoy the structure of being a part of something as well as the responsibilities for making whatever that is the best I can. I want to be the best and the only way to do that is start at the bottom and earn everything I get. Every victory, every kindness, every right, every smile I want earn. I want nothing given. IF I ever choose to top again I want to have earned the term Master. If I do not choose to top again I want enough knowledge and skill that I can if needed be the alpa slave and be able to run a kennel for my owner, to be able to make her life easier. Never say never right? I just re-read all this and there are far too many Is in it. Its no longer about me. More to come as lessons are learned. I am living the adventure.

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Journal Entries:
1/15/2018 7:49:40 AM
Note.... When done properly it's amazing how quickly sternness can throw the head into a spin!

10/3/2017 9:01:04 PM
Tonight is a tough night. I've been basically running my business and otherwise playing hermit this year but tonight the feelings that keep me from walking away from submission are rolling around in my gut. Seems the longer I go without "the lifestyle" the deeper the need grows. Will I never be my own man again?

1/1/2017 1:50:40 PM
Home from Standing Rock. Maybe its time to give the lifestyle a try again.

1/23/2016 7:35:19 PM
Still alive gang, I just haven't been hanging around here much. Too busy living but I admit I've had a wonderful conversation here tonight with a fairly amazing person that reminded that this too is a part of life. Some things just can't be ignored. Having a difficult time getting away from this site because of it. Remember, life begins just outside the comfort zone!

7/27/2015 8:56:09 PM
What is it about verbal humiliation? In the "real world" few are brave enough to even think about it. My personality type would not tolerate it, so why does even the thought put a knot in my gut when it comes to the lifestyle. Is it possible to love what you hate?

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