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I am an intelligent, good-looking, tall woman. But deep inside I know that I'm a worthless cunt, a slut, and I'm only worth something when I'm useful. I want to be possessed, owned and controlled. I have a slave mentality, so my Master's satisfaction is my most important need. I am very primal. I crave humiliation and degradation. I also crave attention and care, so it would be good if You were at least a little Daddy Dom.

I am looking for a unique Master who can properly balance the world of BDSM and the world of vanilla, fantasy and reality, desires and respect. The most important thing is the mental aspect, everything is born in our minds and the body just follows it. If we add emotional involvement to this, a D/s relationship can be an amazing adventure, based on deep feelings, giving fulfillment that many people dream of but will never achieve. More photos in my profile.
 Age: 27