Thank you for your consideration.

I am single, and I live alone. I am drug and disease free, and I have no mental health issues. I seek a master who will ultimately know me better than I know myself and someone who I can trust and have a complete sense of security in so I can serve without question. Dedication to a master means everything to me, and to be without is definitely challenging in my life.

This does not mean I am suited for just anyone. I am a firm believer in compatibility first and having a foundation to build upon. In this BDSM world one size does not fit all and just because I am a submissive slave does not mean just any Dom or master can pluck me out of the crowd and put me to their use. That may work for some but I don't think it would be sustaining and I am looking for that sustaining committed relationship. More about me, i would consider myself liberal politically, pro-choice, i trust the science of medicine and i'm fully vacinated and boostered as prescribed by my physician. If you are a Fox news junky, sorry, but we will likely not get along well together and if you lean convervative politically, same thing, we will not likely get along well together. In no way do i challenge or disrespect your choices but they are just not for me and it's best to put that out front and center. Outside of that, for sports, if you live in the US, me being from Minnesota, i'm fully aware of the choke the MN Vikings football team display every season. Enough said. I try to be socially aware of the world around me. I like to read, mostly history, politics, true crime and biographies. Most recent movie watched was Oppenheimer. J. Robert Oppenheimer was a complicated person and i've read several works about him I like to explore what i don't know and study it probably more than i should, but it gives me an understanding. I don't consider myself a doormat, sometimes a dingbat, but not a doormat. I wouldn't consider myself intelligent but i know enough to keep up in a conversation and ask questions to further wonder why and how. These are good things. I'm a lover of the writings of M. de Sade. I loved the writing of Justine and 120 days of Sodom, i've also read the biography by Maurice Lever, which was exceptional. My ideal of being a submissive slave comes from both these writings as well as my upbringing. I recognize my place in life as a slave to man. Not just any man, but the right man and Master who understands the responsibilities and complexities of this. It's more than just sex, it's more than just a beating or spanking, it's more about a mental connection and bond and something that cannot be broker. Sure, it can be fractured, we're human after all, but broken? It would take a deep and foul error to break it. Yes, i've been there before. Yes, i loved it. I loved feeling owned, i loved knowing i was being watched and looked after and i live giving of myself without question. If anyone wants to truly understand or have a glimpse of my feelings in this, i invite you to read Justine or 120 days of Sodom, or very simply watch the movie 'The Story of O'. That's an old mid 1970's film but it's very fitting to my mindset. The author based her writing of this on her fantasies from ready M. de Sade's writings. It's powerful and meaningful to me. I'm not a 'slap and tickle' kind of girl, to this i mean, i'm not one to be impressed by sexual expression. I know what i'm capable of, i know my experience and i know who i am in this. I look for someone who is emotionally secure in their sexual mind as well as their mind in general. I've been with some where everything is a fucking joke. I don't take any of this as a joke. I love to love and i need to love, and yes, i need to be able to love in giving of myself. It's what i know and what i need. I know it's not for everyone and this is ok. I am no longer looking because I have been found, captured, and taken as a possession.
 Age: 26
  New York