Vertical Line


I am looking for a Dom/Strict Daddy. I just turned 22 years old...send me a message for more information...also, to let you know I already have a "daddy" that lives 6 hours away from me...I will explain that later...
Still haven't been able to get online...sorry to all of you that have sent me messages.  I am using a public computer, so I got to go.  I will send letters to you all later.
Sorry again!!!!!!!
I haven't been able to get online, so I will get back to you that sent me messages as soon as I can.  Sorry.Daddy, I don't want the spanking...please Daddy not the belt that hurts Daddy!!!!!!  PLEASE DADDY!!!!!!!

ok, maybe I am too much of a brat...but does that mean that I can't have a Daddy to "love" me enough to punish me for my own good????

Me?  A bad Daddy's little girl...OF COURSE!!!!!  if intested e-mail me