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Pan Male Slave, 37,  Glasgow, United Kingdom
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it's a new year, a new me and time I learned my place in life as an obedient maid very much into the whole concept of hypnosis conditioning and all s of mental control or programming Are there Dom/Dommes locally out there looking for a real Domestic maid for real and regular service? maid is happy to even sign a real cleaning and domestic service contract, will work as a real maid a few hours a week fully secured into uni, heels etc and you get to fully discipline me for incomplete or shoddy work. It is real cleaning , real ironing , real serving etc I seek I will be your real maid trained to exacting requirements. Please no more so called Dom's looking for wank fodder looking to be trained as a domestic serving maid to master or mistress a maids only focus once fully encased in the highest of heels the tightest of corsets and the sissiest of unis, not to forget that all important collar firmly secured in place should be its Master/mistresses next instruction. that instruction the maid will carry out thoughtlessly as the mindless servant it is.












 Male Slave


 United Kingdom

 5' 11"

 80 lbs






Actively Seeking:

Dominant Female

Dominant male

 Lives For:

 Being allowed to wear your collar

 Being allowed to see you in corsetry

 Being crossdressed by you

 Being allowed to be your servant

 Erotic Hypnosis

 Being gagged by you

 Being allowed to do all of the housework

 Mental Bondage

 Being allowed to be obedient to you

 You treating me like an object

 You deciding what I wear

 Maid / Butler Service

 Being allowed to see you in stockings


 Being given corner time

 Being humiliated by you

 Sensation Play


 Anal Play

 Eye contact with you not allowed

 You placing hoods on me

 Being leashed by you

 Being allowed to give you massages

 You spanking me


 Sensory Deprivation

 Curious About:

 Rubber Fetish



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Journal Entries:
6/29/2015 12:31:55 PM
there is something magical about that moment your superior stands behind you drawing the large red ball invader deep into your mouth as stretches your jaw wide, securing it with the click of a lock, all to let you know you are theirs and what you have to say is of no importance what so ever...glorious..

8/15/2013 11:47:46 AM

feeling slightly better and ready for light maid duties

7/26/2013 6:06:18 AM

i recently hurt my back and as such i am currently out of the game for a while whilst i go through some extensive recovery

5/26/2013 9:45:33 AM

i am currently seeking out Dominants that may be interested in having a maid for real domestic chores and what ever else they think of this summer for a 7 - 10 day period 24/7.  This could be perfect opportunity for someone to get their home cleaned from top to bottom. the maid has a full locking uniform, high heel ankle lock cuffs etc so could be easily left to chores home alone the Dominant knowing the maid will be exactly as they left her.  Are there any real Doms out there seeking this?


maid debbie

2/15/2013 12:02:02 PM

currently talking to a possible Master

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