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Hetero Male Master, 29,  Connecticut
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Been here quite some time with nothing to show for it, but still hoping someone here might impress me someday.










Last Online:


 Dominant Male


 5' 11"

 160 lbs






Actively Seeking:

Submissive Female

Switch Women

A Poly Household

 Lives For:

 Intellectual Discourse


 Lifestyle BDSM

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Journal Entries:
6/29/2007 9:29:08 PM


What you are about to read is an actual word-for-word transcript of a message exchange between my slave and a dominant female who shall remain nameless. I got involved at the end for obvious reasons...

Stupid Bitch: hey kid   :O)

My Slave: Hey there :) Love the pictures, your style looks really great on you!
[ Note the politeness, and compliment! ]

Stupid Bitch: Its Miss..and does my pet have web cam and yahoo to speak on

Stupid Bitch: Hmmmm seems like  your legs are always ready to  spread  wide op..
or  your on  your knees...  interesting lil whore you are

My Slave: Your pet? I'm owned :P And yeah, I guess I'm a little whorish for my owner, lol. I can't help it, he built me like this!
[ Please notice how clear she makes it that she is owned. ]

Stupid Bitch: lolol
oh my  dear..... whores arent  build... u were born that  way...lolol give me  your yahoo name and i hope u have a web cam

My Slave: Oh, I wasn't a whore when he first got his hands on me. He just brought it out of me and molded it to what he wanted, lol. It works perfectly!
I don't have yahoo. I'm never on enough to have a decent conversation.
If you were to see me on webcam, you'd see me come in, do a bunch of stuff, run away, and then be walking around doing stuff all the time. I'm unbelievably busy. 
[ Notice how she once again makes it clear that she is owned, and quite happy about it. She also makes it quite clear that she is not going on cam, in a very polite and considerate manner. ]


My Slave: I told you, I'm too busy for yahoo. I would never use it because I can never just sit down and converse or cam. If I got it then you would see -nothing- on the cam because I would be out running errands and doing other things. Sorry, but if you want to talk, here is the best place to do so. [ Yet again my slave tries her very best to be polite, rational, and considerate to this person who does not deserve it in the least. I'm so proud! ]

Stupid Bitch: lol
 the time u took to write this letter u  cold have   signed on to yahoo...  flipped on cam for  10 sec to show me ur  female  sweetie... but  sure  if thats  yor lame story....  stick with it...  its sad how many subbie lil men fake being chicks on here just to jerk o ff
[ Notice first how she insults the intelligence of my slave, after having spent the entire exchange being dumber than a rock. Notice then how she accuses my slave of being fake, despite my slave making absolutely no demands or requests. We're dealing with SERIOUS STUPIDITY HERE, which is why I had to step in... ]

Me: In the time it took for you to write this letter you could have read her profile and figured out that she doesn't have to prove a damn thing to you. She's owned. By me. Or can you not read? The only reason she should be compelled to show you anything on a webcam would be if you were anything even close to what we are looking for. Having read your profile, I think it is a safe bet that you are not. It's sad how many sad little subby men need to pretend to be dominant bitches to trick girls into getting onto webcams to "prove they're female". On the off chance that you are real, I'll make you a deal. My yahoo ID is [ you wish ]. Get YOUR ass on a webcam to show me that you're female, behave yourself, and I might consider letting you get a peek at my slave. If that deal isn't good enough for you, then you can go back to looking for other subs to trick. Good luck... [ Too easy! ]

Stupid Bitch: thanks dude i can post this in my news letter.,,,   it will be a great  joke when people see yoru a  guy posing as a chick..lololol [ Wow. I can't argue with that infallible logic! ]

Me: What a great joke it will be when, at the behest of your claims that we are fake, they visit my slave's profile... only to see her newest pic. Maybe you should take a look before you make a complete and utter fool of yourself in front of all your pets. I'm having LOTS of fun with you.

The moral of this fucked up story is... don't be fucking stupid. Don't make dumbass accusations that can easily be falsified, and don't threaten to make them public. Lastly, do not pretend to have leverage over people you have absolutely no leverage over. You think I give a fuck what you say about me and my slave in your retarded newsletter?

Who is going to take "Leik omg lolol.. tehgaginwhore and posonedprog ar totaly fake!!!1" seriously?

Not me, not my slave, and certainly not anyone qualified to engage in a level conversation with us. If you think you might be even a tenth as stupid as the Stupid Bitch in the above tale. 


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