Vertical Line



I'm a 48yo married pansexual submissive sissy that is looking for a mentor and eventual master/mistress. I think my head is in the right place, I need direction for my body to get there too. I’m enthusiastic, eager and energetic. Willing to try most things once and have a very open mind. My marriage isn’t giving me what I need but for reasons that are mine I’m not willing to break apart my family.

== Results from == 

100% Submissive 

94% Pet 

87% Degradee 

86% Rope bunny 

83% Exhibitionist 

81% Experimentalist 

71% Slave 

59% Boy/Girl 

57% Voyeur 

48% Vanilla 

44% Brat 

44% Non-monogamist 

40% Ageplayer 

28% Masochist 

23% Primal (Prey) 

18% Owner 

7% Switch 

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