Vertical Line



Living in South Wales, Cardiff area.

Submissive, reliable, honest slavesissy. Educated, trustworthy, focused, harmless.

Blonde, partially shaved, healthy (blood and bone merrow donor, reg. check-ups)

Looking for a Domme or Dom (Couples as well).

Bi curious or heteroflexible rather then bisexual.

At home i can be usefull. Cooking, ironing, doinglaundry, cleaning. Minor repairs, house maintenance,painting, gardening, shopping and so on. I can pay my part of bills, i can provide other services (sexual incl, if needed)

Im social drinker, social smoker (electronic cigarette only), i do not use drugs (any drugs, ever...)

I have very low needs. I can live in cellar or similar conditions.

247 control of many if not all aspects of life
forced crossdressing/feminization
prolonged bondage incl. winterbondage
high heels and corset training (w/o full xdressing)
heavy collars
forced bi
prison-like existance forced (AB)DL
forced wet and messy - WAM
forced disability - pretender and wannabe

to be continued......

Questions are welcomed.

Darkest minds as well.

I do not have a lot of experience serving Dom males, but BDSM well over 12 years of ACTIVE lifestyle.