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Dom/Slave Couple, 53/39,  South west, United Kingdom
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We've had email exchanges with lots of "keen"'people all which seem to vanish like the morning mist when we actually ask to speak on the 'phone or, heaven forbid, actually suggest to meet in person and play rather than just exchange emails. We are serious about meeting. Anyone else on here real? One more thing. To all the folks who have exchanged messages with us and then suddenly vanished (usually after we have sen pictures) if you don't like what you see or what we do, the polite thing would be to drop an email to that effect. We can play very hard between ourselves but we are sane and intelligent people quite happy to play at whatever level others are happy with but if you would like to watch me work he hard during a scene I'm quite happy to do that too. You won't feel a thing!!!

Hello! We are a DOM Male SUB female couple. HE (D, 53) has been enjoying BDSM for more than 25 years.? Experienced in most elements of play, he can be gentle or extremely sadistic as the situation and the desire of play partners dictates. He particuarly enjoys breast torture and percussive play with whips, floggers and canes. Outside of play he is good company, if sometimes disposed to a little intellectual snobbery!! Always good humoured and fun to be with. He is not bisexual but enjoys dominating both sexes. SHE (T, 39) enjoys pain, being marked, humiliated and generally abused. She can take a hard caning and particularly enjoys anal play. Within her agreed limits, which are very few, she will do anything to please her master. She is natrually submissive and very compliant WE are utterly perverse and completely unshockable. Our only limits are kids and scat. SHE Writes...

We are ideally seeking a couple either M/F Dom with m/f sub however in some cases single females may be considered. HE would prefer a sadistic FemDom to use and abuse T. T would settle for a coffee, biscuits and a bit of gossip. (yes i know Sir, your going to edit my comment at the end) HE writes...(and he gets to vote on this one!) We are seeking Couples, ideally with Domme female or single females sub or Domme. She has had only limited experience a woman before and is not naturally drawn to it. She would find it degrading and humiliating and I seek females, with or without males who will treat her harshly. Ideally people we can see on a reguar basis rather than one offs. There are some very extreme activities we are both drawn too. As for coffee and biscuits? Well, perhaps I will give her what she, biscuits and no pain or abuse for a month. I told you I was a sadist!






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 South west 

 United Kingdom




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Journal Entries:
9/5/2010 7:56:12 AM
I wonder if it would be of any interest to the community if I start posting on here details of all the various profile names who write to you, establish a bit of dialogue and then simply stop responding to further messages?

Usually, this happens when moving from "what might you be interested in" discussion to "let's organise a meeting" or "how about letting the girls talk to each other on the 'phone"

I do find myself curious as to the percentage of fakes/cowards/wannabees/liars there are on this and all the other sites we've ever used.  I suspect its very high indeed.

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