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Hetero Male Submissive, 24,  New York city, New York
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SUBMISSIVE MAN SEEKS FEMALE LED RELATIONSHIP Ideally this is going to be a long term commitment, based on love and affection, with D/s as an essential ingredient. My ideal partner is naturally dominant, however not necessarily the whip-wielding and leather-clad dominatrix type (although this might occasionally be very enticing), but rather somebody who is sophisticated and elegant, and who bends me to her will effortlessly. A smile, a glance or just a faint whisper of yours should be enough to bring me down on my knees and submit. Submissive fantasies surfaced from very early on in my childhood. When I was in second or third grade an attractive female classmate of mine, became the main protagonist in my submissive imaginations. She, sometimes accompanied by her girlfriends, humiliated me in my fantasies. But it was a loving kind of humiliation since she simultaneously consoled and caressed me. The scenes included cfnm and cbt, and where eerily close to standard D/s practices, keeping in mind that I had never heard of any of those at that age. But until this day, I never acted upon my true submissive nature, and I hope to find the right partner to introduce me. I am not in a hurry to make a commitment, but I would like to be partnered in the course of one year. Relocation within Europe or to North America is possible, given a realistic time-frame.
I am physically fit, do not smoke (as should you), rarely drink, and I am on a Mediterranean diet (vegetables, fish, poultry, ... no red meat). Due to allergies I am incompatible with mammalian pets. D/s-wise my main interests revolve around body worship, giving extended massages, cfnm, chastity, mild cbt, and especially wearing your bite marks all over my body. Here are some of my thoughts with regards to our possible D/s connection: I love to please, become part of your daily body care routines and massage you whenever you feel like it. I will mix the carrier oil with your favorite essential supplements and begin with a regular massage, and if you are in the mood I will gently massage your vagina, first the labia and the area around the clitoris and mons pubis and then the interior, intermixed with a lot of oral stimulation of the clitoris and the perineum and if you want oral rimming. On other occasions you might want to assume a more active role, and tease me, while I am wearing a chastity belt. The belt could be equipped with spikes. After a little tease and torment we could move on to more serious interaction. You might yank me around utilizing the leash that is attached to the collar around my neck, while simultaneously whipping me with a device of your liking. It could start as a slow dance ritual and build itself up into a frenzy and ultimately we both would fall on the couch or bed, exhausted and content. After catching my breath, I would thank you for this special treatment by worshiping your body thoroughly. Starting at your feet I would meticulously cover every square inch. Later you might take me hard with a strap-on or a feeldoe. I could be in the doggy position facing a mirror. Click on the 'View Full Profile' button below to read the rest of this profile.












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 Submissive Male

 New York city 

 New York

 Willing to Relocate

 5' 3"

 129 lbs






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Dominant Transgender

Dominant Female

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