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I am looking for a new owners I am extremely submissive bisexual and ideal
Bisexual Male Submissive, 57,  Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom
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 Submissive Male


 United Kingdom

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I am looking for a new owners I am extremely submissive bisexual and ideally looking to be owned long term total ownership, not interested in one offs or online real only. Being very bi I am open to being owned by a very strict dominant couple, man or female.

The more dominant and controlling you are the more submissive I become so very much welcome TPE.

I am willing for it to lead to me relocating for 247 365 live in for the right owners.

I have been owned before by a extremely dominant Master who turned me into his sissy, I am willing to be turned into a sissy again if thats what my new owners want.

The profile pic is of me and was taken by my last Master who turned me into his sissy. Since parting from him I have gone back to living as a normal man again I even got rid of all my sissy clothes to try and forget ever being a mans sissy but no matter how hard I try I still cant get out of my head a deep seated desire and craving to be owned again and turned back into a real mans sissy. I have now come to the conclusion my only option is to accept it and seek a new Master who wants to keep me as his permanent sissy.

I even miss not being locked up in permanent chastity as I was by my last Master.

Any man who wants a extremely submissive bi who as a very slim figure to own and trans him into his sissy please let me know.

Would love to be owned by a very strict Master and live as is permanent sissy slave wife in a 1950s traditional household, that would be for me the ultimate. I would also be very interested in being turned into a real pet dog living sleeping acting as a permanent dehumanised pet.

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