Vertical Line


Slave, by choice, into pain. Had 30 day contract, and the situation did not work out for Master/slave, allowed freedom. Need to relocate and live-in with new Master.

I am not good at making decisions, would not do well on my own, have speech problems and very poor with verbal communication. Never had a job. Not a dummy.

Big breasts 40DD, 38 hips, big clit, nipples, areola normally can't climax unless placed in bondage and used/abused-pain for long periods of play, except, Love to suck cock (worship), (teeth removed, don't have gum problems any more), swallow, deep throat watersports, that is the only other time I can climax, will rim and follow the crack with my tongue and lips (worship).

Have some BI experience, and service as required. Don't like a big fist up my butt, toys ok. Ask for the rest, but let me know what you want, before asking questions.

I would like a Master that takes me out, lets me on the internet/telephone, and we do some normal things outside of home. I have no picture to send, do not use internet chat, and can't give out phone number.